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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 16, 2017

Quick Review of the Current Situation:

December 14th

The Galactic's arrived in the U.S. to oversee the RV release. We also found out that energy blockades were put up to prevent leaks of the actual RV release date.

(The Galactic's know the importance of the GCR/RV despite them not having any concept of time, space, and money.)

HSBC tested the new quantum financial system by inviting individuals from ZIM groups to exchange in Zurich, Switzerland.

December 15th

The flow of intel suddenly came to a halt right after the Galactic's arrived the prior day.

December 16th (Today)

Multiple private exchanges worldwide have been confirmed. (HSBC possibly doing more tests of the quantum financial system.)

It appears the transition is now occurring gradually.




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Friday, April 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 14 2017

Compiled 12:16 am EST 14 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. April 13 2017 10:50 pm EST Bruce's The Big Call: The Big Call w/ Bruce Notes by IntelJunkie 4-13-17

1. We are still thinking this would happen this week before Easter April 16. Every indicator is pointing toward an immediate release.

2. Iraq social media is controlled - they are hiding things from being known.

3. The Dinar screen international rate is around $6.00.

4. Iraqi Dinar rates may be traded upward in the first 5-6 days of the release.

5. The new rates could be released overnight tonight.

6. US Operational rates are visible on the 13th (today) and effective on the 15th. They might show up after midnight.

7. We're mostly concerned about the screen rates and the privately negotiated rates.

8. Nine out of ten pieces of information received today point toward an immediate release and before Easter - but it could hold over until Monday April 17 2017.

9. This morning April 13 2017 around 3 am Pacific time everything was done.Tiers 1,2, and 3 have been completed and we're Tier 4.

10. People - SKRs, prepaid, contracts - were told they'd have access to their funds today, though most were pushed off until tomorrow April 14.

11. We are still going to have 7-8 days to exchange before the general public exchanges begin.

12. The public will go to a regular bank, not a redemption center.

13. Zim will have to be exchanged at HSBC.

14. The screen rate on the Zim is excellent and you won't have to sign an NDA.

15. Zim can be negotiated up to five figures.

16. A tranche of money has been moved through for our exchanges (with 82 zeros) over a week and a half ago.

17. The St. Germaine Trust was only to be opened at Easter and Christmas time and that has been opened.

18. We believe the TRNs and USNs are good to go, approved and ready.

B. April 13 2017 5:14 pm EST One Who Knows: "Another 4 Questions" - One Who Knows - 4.13.17

1. When the GCR goes there will be information & instructions at the top of Dinar Chronicles: It will be the biggest news in Dinarland.

2. You will most likely get an official email letting you know what to do and what number to call.

3. The New Powers That Be want us to get done exchanging very quickly so they will make the information and instructions very clear and easy to understand.

4. Do not call the banks. They cannot do anything for you until it is actually going. Until then, they are required to lie to you about the GCR and deny it. It is a secret until it goes.

5. Even when the GCR does go, you DO NOT want to call the banks, since they will be giving you the lowest rates for your currency. For a very short time, you will be able to exchange at certain locations and get very high "Privately Negotiated Rates" so that you will have more money yourself, and so that you can do Humanitarian projects. The information on how to get these higher rates at the exchange centers and special bank locations will be readily available on this website and others. Just keep a watch on this site since we are very close to go time!

C. April 12 2017 GCR Start Hong Kong video: GCR Start! Hong Kong, April 13th, 2017

1. Dan Luth (from Hong Kong) received an email saying the GCR was underway.

2. On April 12 2017 1000 Trillion was released to fund the beginning of the GCR.

3. Some contracts have already been paid out.

D. April 13 2017 11:36 am pm EST Geopolitical Overview: "Rock Bottom" - Geopolitical Overview - Thursday - April 13, 2017

1. The Elders have expressed to Republic politicians and military personal a desire to release the RV come hell or high water.

2. We are told that the RV would be by Easter weekend, which could mean tomorrow Good Friday April 14.

3. Right now the RV is in a temporary delay waiting out the North Korea situation which must be settled for the Elders to release final no return mass redemptions authorizations.

4. The ships headed to North Korea are returning, and Kim Jung-Un is no longer a threat to US national security. A nearly 30 million chaotic mass immigration post a North Korean government collapse would pose serious problems to both China and South Korea, and delay the RV even further.

5. Cabal minions in the Pentagon knew this so they attempted to start two fresh wars, one in Syria between the Americans, Russians and Iranians and another between America and China by threatening to implode the North Korean peninsula. Neither war will happen, but that was their plan.

6. The Pentagon has several military decision makers both loyal and latent to the Cabal agenda of world domination through worldwide war, who are revealing themselves with this fake Syrian chemical attack claim, and thus exposing their hidden positions and true allegiances.

7. There were no chemical weapons attack in Syria. The rogue force in the Pentagon that launched the internationally illegal attack in Syria in response to Trump's surrender has been identified and removed.

8. Many have over reached against their pre-negotiated amnesty terms and are right now either being picked up or picked off per military special forces that are watching them.

9. Jared Kushner and General Dunford negotiated Trump's surrender terms and resignation schedule while en route to Iraq last week.


Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 13, 2017

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