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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 20, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of July 20, 2018 Compiled 20 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse R...

Friday, April 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 21 2017

Compiled 12:16 am EST 21 April 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. April 20 2017 The Big Call with Bruce:

1. China released the RV/GCR last night April 19 and it's moving through the system right now.

2. The GCR/RV should be fully released throughout the world by tonight, April 20.

3. As we wait the currency rates continue to go up.

4. Expect substantial screen rates without signing an NDA.

5. Social media coming out of Iraq is about 77% open (as compared to previous 50%).

6. The IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements and another entity's meeting is going on right now in Washington DC. and will go through Sat. They may announce it.

7. It is doubtful the high rates at the redemption centers will be seen after we do our currency exchanges, which should conclude within the next 7-8 days.

8. The US dollar is expected to keep it's value. The Euro may dip.

9. People who have SKRs if not already paid, will have accessible funds by tomorrow April 21. Liquidity may not happen for the larger redeemers until this weekend.

10. The 800#s should be released at the same time as the SKR liquidity.

11. The Prosperity Packages should go out at the same time.

12. Several things have happened today which show the GCR should happen for us by the weekend, which starts Friday afternoon April 21.

13. The redemption centers are on active status.

14. Bruce believes it will be a daytime event and will put the 800#s on his website:

15. Repeat: The GCR happened last night in China. We are just waiting our turn.

B. April 19 2017 9pm EST Real Truth Call Yosef, Tank: Link to Replay

C. April 20 2017 5:41 pm EST GCR/RV Intel Situation Report: C-Section" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Thursday - April 20, 2017

1. The restored Republic military has taken full control of the nearly 7,000 off-site redemption facilities. Now safe exchanges are ensured via military guard. Federal Marshals are also on site with STK instructions for anyone blocking the nation's progress.

2. Wells Fargo = Cabal. Fighting Joe confirmed that not all WF staff were complicit with blocking the RV release, but many in top leadership roles including managers running key urban redemption centers, have acted against America's best interests.

3. Pentagon Chief of Staff Joseph Dunford's staff is listening to all of our calls and reading these posts on line. They know exactly who is helping or hurting the Republic. The exchange situation has deteriorated quickly and communications have gotten very sensitive.

4. The Republic military is now fully engaged and needs this RV to ensure the safety of the country by guaranteeing federal funding via new USNs before next week's budget deadline.

5. There's a lot happening in the world at this hour. The change we seek is being forced into existence in real time.

6. We're told our 800#s are to arrive sometime today, Thurs. April 20 - possibly going into early Friday April 21, with the weekend being out true back wall.

7. There's tremendous pressure now being applied from both above and below the release, as HSBC hydrated all remaining T4 level paymasters last night Wed. April 19.

8. All the funding horses are in the starting gate and ready to run. There's absolutely no liquidity issues remaining. There's no system or technical issues remaining. There's no patience remaining with Wells Fargo co-championing the redemption centers. There's no restrictions remaining on our Republic's military to force the RV release.

9. On-screen rates are sky rocketing, especially the IQD, as the Elders chose to accelerate the largest currency group in order to ascend humanity more rapidly. Dianrians will have as much as $7.5 million USN per each $25,000 IQD note.

D. April 20 2017 ZAP:

1. There is lots of activity at all levels. The currency stuff has started with million dollar deposits given to some exchangers and Bonds are also about to move.

2. We are not affected by this part of the Global Currency Reset process as our funds come from a different source - the Royals have massive funds in their accounts from thousands of years of squirreling it away, to come forth at the right time - which is now.

3. We are here simply to direct funds to the right projects - a huge task.

4. There is a battle to get out the supressed technologies and we see oil disappearing as a fuel, while alternatives take over.

5. The financial system is being revamped and it will become tougher to move money. I expect a brief freeze on any large amount moved while they verify the source of funding.

6. The Fed and IMF figure prominently in this as the USD is under Fed and the Euro under the IMF and European Central Bank auspice.

7. Meanwhile I've experienced two computer meltdowns due to hacking, though the majority of my data has been recovered. Now I'm using an offline computer and using a flash drive to send email transfers. That gives me perfect safety.

8. The funds are finally in transit to the paymaster.

E. April 20 2017 4:48 am EST Geopolitical Update: "Whack A Mole" - Geopolitical Update - Thursday - April 20, 2017

1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week all saw different fires being put out with regards to the global power transition occurring here in the United States.

Deep state agents of chaos surfaced again in a variety of offices and industries to reveal their true allegiances. But this was anticipated and thus handled quickly.

2. Wells Fargo was the latest rogue bank. Yet again. Claiming "systems irregularities" just minutes before RV release yesterday morning, Wed. April 19. Upon system review none were revealed.

3. Advice: Do not reward Wells Fargo by redeeming there. The WF decision makers still cannot be trusted. We hope they lose their license and brand name. But it's doubtful. To big to shame comes to mind.

4. These delays only strengthen the Republic's resolve as redemption currency rates continue to rise and many silent double agents expose themselves at the final hour and then are simply eliminated.

5. Russia and China still control the Republic financially for until their new USN's are released globally, leaders are being forced into declaring martial law just to into fund the 2017 federal budget which comes up for a Congressional vote on April 28.

6. Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are even under soft house arrest at this hour overseas until the RV happens inside the US--not allowed to return. Making their sudden tough rhetoric on Russia and Asia laughable in sovereign circles.

7. People forget the USA, Inc. collapsed back in 2012, as did the USD. And Chinese Sovereign Families absorbed 100% of USA, Inc. debt in exchange for complete control of the restored Republic per an international court ruling.

8. It's taken four years to work through said bankruptcy. As the Republic of the United States re-emerges from its bankruptcy back into a good standing sovereign nation, they will still be controlled long-term by the very structure of this new asset based financial system and consequently by China, with Russian military support.

9. What a sad reality for Americans who are sound asleep to world affairs, they are oblivious to the moves already been made on the bigger geopolitical chess board. To them nothing has changed, when in truth, nothing will ever be same.

10. The days of US intervention and power plays in foreign affairs are well over. And the screams you're hearing from Washington are that of the amnestied Cabal politicians in cahoots with the collapsing military industrial complex... less any ability to start, finance or win a war. The cabal is literally being destroyed one-by-one now whenever and wherever they appear--without the fear of repercussion.

11. To force the banks into RV performance, the national guard has been called up and deployed by the Republic. Many will see them on guard at their redemptions this weekend.

12. A new digital Emergency Broadcast System was also tested in major cities on Wed, and readied for a moments activation should public warnings be deemed necessary.

13. This includes an in-country announcement of the restored Republic and temporary military take-over of the government... and yes a Trump impeachment.

14. General Dunford will keep trying to push the RV through the banks all week to avoid a public display of forced transition, but come the weekend, after markets close, Friday, anything and I mean anything could happen.

15. So much for flash bang distractions, it's gotten to that desperate a roll out stage for the Republic and it's military leadership. But if Fighting Joe wants peace, he must prepare his beloved country for war.

F. April 20 2017 8:02 pm EST Zim Questions One Who Knows: "Newbie ZIM Questions" - One Who Knows - 4.20.17

1. The exact procedure for releasing the 800#s is a "Work In Progress," but when it is revealed, in plenty of time I might add, it will be easy to follow and EVERYONE will be INCLUDED. That is, everyone who is paying attention. How that will happen...? I don't know exactly. I just know that it will, as that is the plan.

2. As far as your appointment/Exchange, call the number when you get it, make your appointment, bring ID and your brief plan for your Humanitarian projects if you have one. Ask for the high rate, agree on rates and terms, and walk out a Trillionaire. Easy.

3. The "Segment Process" for releasing the 800#s is going now! Stand by for your turn.

G. April 20 2017 8:00 pm EST "The Segment Process, stand by for your turn" One Who Knows: "Timing, Information, and Plans" - One Who Knows - 4.20.17

1. All Is Well, and "Things" are in process now.

2. The Roll Out is starting. When it is "public" it is the end of the Roll Out.

3. There are exchanges going on right now during the Roll Out, which is the Early Segment Plan.

4. While you might not have gone yet, and neither have I, when we do go, it will go very fast since so many are already done. We are still "Rolling" in the moment.

5. I can tell you that there has been a big change in the Minion situation. It has become clear to them that their happiness, and safety, lie on the other side of the GCR. THERE IS NOTHING FOR THEM ON THIS SIDE. With this realization, they have actually become the biggest proponents of getting this done. You could say that they want this more than we do. Yes, I know that we need the money, and have lots of issues, but for them, it is the end of the threats from their masters. When this goes, they will be free and safe on the other side, as will we all. They have now realized that they have EVERYTHING to gain by this going ASAP, and EVERYTHING to lose if it gets delayed any longer. For once, we are all on the same team.

6. The bottom line is that we have NEVER been closer to this GCR happening than we are right now. The former Cabal Minions are now working side by side with us, shoulder to shoulder with a common goal, of getting this done, for a better World, and a Better Life for all! For once, they have more to lose if it does not happen quickly, and EVERYTHING to gain if it does happen Quickly. The Energy has shifted and it can be felt all over the World. All this being said... it is going now. When will you see it? Anytime is all I can say. Any... Time.... Now!!!!

H. April 17 2017 1:41 am EST "WW3 Stopped in Syria and North Korea" Fulford Report: "WW3 Stopped in Syria and in North Korea" - Fulford Report - 4.17.17

1. Donald Trump showed his true colours as a Zionist (Khazarian mafia) sleeper agent and is guilty of provable war crimes for his attack on Syria since he attacked a sovereign nation without Congressional approval or approval of the United Nations. Violating the War Powers Act is an impeachable offense, CIA sources note. Pentagon and other sources agree.

2. Trump has been pushed by his Zionist handlers into trying to start World War 3 because these religious fanatics still think they are somehow going to start a war killing 90% of humanity and enslaving the rest. To this end Trump ordered an attack on a Syrian airbase where Russian personnel were stationed. That is also why Trump tried to start a war with nuclear armed North Korea last week.

3. This may be connected to the arrival of yet another bankruptcy deadline for the United States Corporate Government, in this case the expected Bankruptcy of the US Corp. Puerto Rico subsidiary on May 1st.

4. Despite efforts to paint this as a municipal bond type problem, this could trigger a domino effect that finally takes down Zionist central in Washington D.C.–sector.html

5. While it is certain the Republic of the United States of America will get continued support from the rest of the world, the Zionist owned US Corporation will not.

6. This article about Trump’s Zionist handler Kushner shows his real agenda:

7. Kushner is involved with the college-based Chabad Lubavitch sect - an extremely radical organization that espouses dogmatic end-time prophecies that are overwhelmingly favorable to the Jewish race. Kushner is also almost certainly a Satanist because why else would be pay 3 times the previous price to buy a building with the address 666.

8. Pentagon sources note the Big Three (China, Russia and the USA) are cooperating on North Korea, Syria, the Ukraine and Daesh to usher in the global currency reset.

9. Part of this effort is a continued campaign to cut off the supply of drug money to the Zionists (ie Khazarian mafia). To this end they say a CIA complex in Afghanistan was nuked to stop drugs trafficking. Also last week US troops were sent to Somalia to stop Daesh and Israeli infiltration of East Africa, the Pentagon sources say.

10. The key to this is to remove from Khazarian hands their last, and biggest, source of power, that being their control of the process of creating US dollars, Yen and Euros out of thin air. Heinz Kissinger is the man with the master codes that allow this currency magic to take place, which is why he is the most hunted man on earth.

11. Rest assured the bad guys like Kissinger are all being taken down. George Soros, John Kerry, David Rockefeller, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton etc. are vanishing from public view.

12. Now we have also had the first of the long awaited arrests of US government officials on charges of treason. In this case, former Hillary Clinton State Department employee Candace Marie Clairbourne was indicted on treason charges, that is to say taking bribes from the Chinese to provide them with US state secrets. Prosecutors say this will be the first of many who will be brought to justice.

13. Next week the White Dragon Society will hand deliver a letter to a person (not Kissinger) who has the key to start the concrete process of turning this planet around. We are not giving any specific dates for an announcement, though are sure that the good guys are winning and humanity will be liberated.


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