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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The French Elections, Hat Trick Letter, Lee Wanta, et al

Source: Dinar Chronicles

I have mentioned before that I am a Hat Trick Letter subscriber ..

Have been for a number of years ..

Been familiar and close watcher of Dr. Willie since his first public newsletter ..

I offer an excerpt from his most recent HTL ..

Global Money War Report - April 2017 ..


In recent Hat Trick Letter reports, the French Govt debt situation was addressed. In the HTLetter, a figure of 65% of French Govt debt was cited as tied to the old Franc currency, and could legally revert to it. Afterwards could come a devaluation and debt writedown, forced upon major European banks. Other analysts have stated that up to 90% of French Govt debt is tied to the old Franc currency and its legal framework. The remainder of their official debt would remain within the Euro currency system, under the EU Commission rules. The often unspoken factor in the equation is the German involvement as creditor. With French Govt debt the owners are 90% German banks, so claims the Voice. He always claims the Germans have a special relationship with France. If the French decide to revert in steps to the old Franc currency, they will force debt writedowns at the German banks. The contagion could commence. With so much attention on Deutsche Bank to bring systemic risk to the banking sector of Europe, not enough attention has been paid to France, which might pull the rug out from under the German bankers. They have not been popular lately, after their power asset seizures in Greece, and after their intransigence in Italy to grant some measure of debt forgiveness.

Yeah, I would fair to guess, the French elections are quite key here ..

Understand, this The Voice is Willie's own deep throat ..

His primary source ..

The Voice is described by Willie as an European (at least living and resident of Europe) ..

Gold broker ..

Has contacts with key international banks and financial institutions ..

In a sense, like Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair in the USA ..

But since goes via anonymity ..

Much bigger than Holter and Sinclair ..

However, I know neither Holter or Sinclair possess ..

Personally, in their own name ..


That is ~1/4 of the total proposed gold reserves of the US Treasury ..

Purported to be last accounted at ~8300 tonnes ..

I doubt this The Voice, possess such as well ..

Only one person of record possesses such ..

That is legally, and non-CABAL ..

That would be Amb. Leo Wanta ..

Lets revisit Amb. Wanta once again re: NESARA/GESERA ..

Shall we?

There is really only one American financier who China likes and feels it can do business with. He is Lee Wanta of AmeriTrust Groupe (Virginia, USA). There is a NESARA connection here. A four and a half trillion dollar sum which the G8 nations refer to in their memos as 'The Wanta Plan', has been stolen in America by George Bush Snr, George Bush Jnr and Henry Paulson. More details here. The $4.5 trillion has become tangled up with banking release procedures to do with the much larger NESARA global prosperity programme.


So, the only guy these elders trust is Wanta?

These elders, interesting enough probably associated with the WDS (White Dragons) ..

The WDS having a very interesting history with the White Horse Inn ..

This White Horse Inn (Tavern in Cambridge), quite key to this year's 500th anniversary ..

Back to Wanta ..

Wanta asserts what no one else alive dare assert with authority ..

- Putin, first KGB (training) more GRU as a Lt. Col ..
- Assange fronting for the Mossad
- Snowden working under Carlucci
- SCOTUS a fake court ..
- Hillary guilty under USC Title 18, Section 2071
- Foster murdered via Bill and Hillary under orders from GHWB
- GHWB ordered assassination of Reagan as provincial Director of the DVD

Among other facts that Wanta was Col. Tim Osman's (aka OBL) primary handler for the White House and the Office of POTUS ..

For more about Wanta, I do my own due diligence .. (do check out the dancing girls)

Back to The Voice and Willie talking about DB, and contagion ..

I did my part here as well ..

Some here have asserted we all not just rely on these ...................... gurus

Do our own research ..

I think I have done that ..

So Wanta is key here?

Well, Wanta to date ..

Is STILL a political prisoner ..

He has stated such himself ..

He has to date NOT received his funds ..

They are still in the care of the Argo Trust ..

And what is this Argo Trust?

So, I say we get OUR money when Wanta gets HIS money ..

And not until then ..

Any GURU wish to counter this?

And, with PROOF!

Your opinion doesn't count here ..

Only facts will do ..

The Argo Trust is no matter of faith ..

Accounting is exact math ..

It has nothing to do with faith ..

The only Galactics that have any control of the affairs of earth ..

Are -- the divine council ..

And have had so since the days of Nimrod and the Tower of Babel ..

These are your reptilians ..

These are the -- nachash ..

I welcome any and all rebuttals ..

They must be coherent and offer some proof ..

Hearsay; wild unsubstantiated opinion does not count here ..

It must be of the nature of at least circumstantial evidence ..

That will hold up in an international court of law ..

A court of law bound by -- natural law ..

That is the Laws of God ..

The Creator of the Universe ..

Whoever these Galactics are ..

They are bound via the same laws ..

They make no legitimate laws of their own ..

They must play by the rules of the game ..

They are NOT -- the game designer ..

Only -- players ..


Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas (Facebook; Minds; Disqus)

aka bolo451 (@ wordpress)
aka jcdenton (@ zerohedge)
aka fooser77 (google / youtube)
aka Dread (blogspot / blogger / Google)

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