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Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Mother of All Bombs by High Planes Drifter

The Mother of All Bombs…Oh, Really? Beware the Rant of Mothers

by High Planes Drifter

I cannot let this one slide without a full-on mama-bear rant, lest I defy my soul its voice. Let the record show that I rant not for myself. I know exactly who IAM, what motivates me, and the why of my being here now. So I need no self-defense. In fact, “in my defenselessness my security lies.” - ACIM. Instead, I rant once more for the downtrodden, for the defenseless, for the innocent. I rant for the starving children. And I rant for the good and decent men and women everywhere who suffer senselessly at the hands of greed and evil. I rant for safety and freedom of my brothers and sisters that they may be released from this abhorrent lie. So here goes:

Over the past few days, we’ve heard and seen this MOAB label repeatedly. We’ve (supposedly) also seen the images and the impact of this manmade weapon of mass destruction, again and again and again. Quite frankly, whether it’s true or not is not the only point. The very idea of it makes my heart grieve and my soul indignant.

Even to imagine and then actually create a mega military device, an obvious phallic symbol of uber proportions, a monstrous device that has only one purpose - to do harm to others and to ultimately destroy life itself – and then to actually call it the MOAB, the "Mother" of all bombs, is simply outrageous. And then to assign it gender and explicitly imply that MOTHERS exist by our very nature to intentionally destroy that which we create, and to then further celebrate its destructive force as if it's a wondrous and benevolent thing to behold, as if it somehow makes us almighty and superior, is not only an insult to all mothers everywhere.

But more importantly, it portrays a flagrant defiance against not only the sacred essence of the divine feminine but it flies in the face of the spiritual laws of nature as well. Madmen may get away with this nonsense temporarily, but eventually Truth and Light will always prevail.

Likewise, to bow to or show reverence for; to even strive for such a weapon of mass destruction and then to display it as an honorable representation of our inherent power; to use our creativity and resources to continuously perpetuate such a reprehensible, adversarial, anti-life stance, even as thousands of precious children starve to death every day, OR WORSE, to use images of innocent, exploited, suffering or murdered children to muster support for war, is the height of arrogance, narcissism and a blatant disregard for life, clearly revealing a demented and biased belief system, one with a dramatically skewed agenda.

Further, it is also a deliberate and grave insult to and denigration of - even an outward repudiation of that holiest of sanctities, while simultaneously justifying its actions in the name of God. It is to assume the power of God, but with evil intent.

Such a gesture is evidence of a grave error in perception, a disregard for the Truth and the nature of our very essence. It's an aggressive, oppositional contempt, a thumbing of the nose at the divine Will and the universal spiritual laws that inform and guide our very existence.

And it's the epitome of doublespeak, akin to saying that death is life or evil is good. Topsy-turvy, breath-taking propaganda. In fact it's ass backwards, because energetically ALL things are inherently connected, so what we do to our brothers and sisters, what we do to our Mother Earth, what we do to that which sustains us, to our Gaia Home, we ultimately do to ourselves.

I view this insane gesture as a reversed form of tithing. We are known by our actions, and eventually they all return to us 10-fold. There is no righteous "win" when so much harm is intended. Yet there is a time for righteous indignation. Ongoing, preemptive war mongering is explicit evidence, an open display of undeniable evil in this polarized 3D plane. And if we sit by idly and allow it to continue, we are both complicit collaborators and doomed collateral damage.

I, for ONE, know it's high time to wake up and see this abhorrent, this mindless, heartless, destructive and cruel behavior for what it is - a well-crafted and perverse form of false "heroism", the antithesis of Life, and an abject and evil weakness displayed in a boisterous bravado that will ultimately destroy us all.

So, when is enough actually enough? When do we stand up and declare "No more!"? If not NOW, WHE? If not us, who? Sometimes naughty, defiant and belligerent adolescents need guidance and discipline from wise elders and patient parents. And methinks we’re there.

Yep, I'm indignant right now. Can ya tell? And I’m on my way to the playground right now to set the record straight! – High Planes Drifter

Egyptian Origins 3,500 years ago - Isis is the “Goddess with Ten Thousand Names” and symbolizes sacred union, motherhood, fertility, miracles and medicine, aka the Queen of Heaven, a Protector of Life.

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