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Monday, May 29, 2017

Erasmus of America: Coup Plotters Planning to Assassinate Trump


Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and ... No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lampstand, and it gives light for all who are in the house.

This is not the time to hide my light under a basket and let America go to hell in a handbasket. i spent eleven calendar years in military academies, heavy background in military intelligence, had a mother rated by I.Q. test to be the most brilliant child in American history, and hopefully I inherited some smart brains from her. My success rate in military intelligence indicates that I inherited some very cunning brains for military intelligence work. I had a long record of major successes in military intelligence. What needs to be listed here is relevant as to whether America survives or else dies as a nation. Years ago I cracked the security of the Moscow Institute for Nuclear Studies and got all their nuclear attack plans for the nuclear annihilation of America. To let Moscow know that for real I cracked their nuclear security, I publicly released that their code name for the nuclear annihilation of America was called "The Ring of Steel." And the Moscow military doctrine why America must be annihilated if a World War III broke out between America and Russia was called "The Pearl Harbor Doctrine." Knowing these two top secret code names for Moscow should convince Putin that I must have studied the basic nuclear warfare tactics that he did. One tactic they came up with that was very smart can also be used by America against Russia if required for the national defense and survival of America in a world war. If America sets up this Russian concept of nuclear attack, then Russia would be annihilated as well as America if World War III broke out between us. I happen to like Russia and the Russian people and do not wish this Doomsday fate for Russia, but also I also care strongly for the American people as America is my nation and I cannot stand by while America faces pending nuclear annihilation. I elect I will be prepared to fight all the way for the American people and nation However, but believing in peace over war when so much is as stake for our two great nations and races, I do not want either side to suffer annihilation nor colossal disaster short of total disaster. I believe in peace and trade between us, not total war and total insanity as both nations get annihilated in a total world war. And likely other nations would fall as well with a total world war. One very sobering statistic estimated by military sources is that 90% of all Americans would end up dying if America was hit by an EMP attack of one bomb from Russia, China, North Korea, etc. And for the estimated 10% still alive in America, life would be so terrible as they would wish that they had died with the rest of America. As for the Russian side, they estimate that 100% of all Americans would die if hit by a special form of nuclear attack figured out by Russia years ago during the Cold War.
We have Satanists secretly heavily in the federal government and more lightly in most or all of the state governments. Years ago I had a secret spy in the Satanist camp who was a registered private nurse to one of their top Satanist leaders in America and she reported to me what she overheard due to her Satanist leader patient who was in touch with Satanists all over America. They control huge money in America and mostly through powerful banking setups in America. They own many political leaders in America some in the Republican Party but far more in the Democratic Party. And I have many more spies on the Satanists now than when I just had the registered private nurse reporting directly to me. I almost forgot to mention it, but many are in the news media and many are in Hollywood, CA. 

When Senator McCain was a guest in London, England for example, I had his photo attending as an honor guest at a high social party for the prince of the Satanist Rothschilds in Europe at that time. The Satanists are lunatics but still logical and cunning in their twisted ways of thinking. And they have plenty of money to carry out their insane ideas. Right now the Satanists savagely hate President Donald Trump as he is too honest for them and strangely believes in the American people and America as a nation which the Satanists savagely despise and hate. They want President Donald Trump out of the way so they can engineer the world into a World War III between America and Russia so America gets hopefully annihilated and maybe also Russia if America can hit Russia hard enough back. When their engineered world war is over, they want figures as low as 100 millions left alive on earth whom they can then rule as their global plantation with them as absolute rulers over those humans left alive on earth. Their "god" is Lucifer, not the God of the Bible. 

I am their enemy and know how they operate as I have heavily spied on them for years through connections I recruited close to and working with them. They are using Muslim terrorist leaders to try and conquer America and Europe with from within and when done the Muslims are to be part of the 100 million left alive so they have a slave population working for them with no rights at all except as slaves, of theirs. The Muslims are intended to overthrow Christian civilization in Europe, America, etc. and with the dumb and paid off leaders of the West playing ball with them to allow this to happen. 

President Donald Trump is not perfect. but more intelligent than portrayed by the Satanically controlled news media of most of America. His planned successor if they can unhinge President Donald Trump from the White House is Paul Ryan who I understand is in their hip pocket and will do as ordered by them. Their high figures for humans left alive after their planned World War III they are to trick the American people into by tricks of spy services working for them in secret, their high figures to leave alive are 500 million humans on earth, but really they don't like that many ordinary humans left alive on earth. They seem to like best leaving just 100 million humans left alive on earth and with that smaller human population figure to govern over, easier to rule over as absolute masters over their mainly annihilated human race on earth but some left alive so they have slaves to rule over.Their figures indicate that they plan to kill off maybe most of the Chinese and other races of Asia and leave a few behind to be their slaves. The Europeans are also mainly wiped out as well as those in Africa, Central and Latin America, and Middle East. 

The attack on Syria by President Trump served Western interests by testing Western technology against the Russian defense system for air defense supplied by Russia to Syria and showed strengths as well as weaknesses in weapons from both sides of advanced military technology in the world. Also, the attack by President Donald Trump gave the most credibility to American military policy since President Teddy Roosevelt was in the White House and spoke softly but carried a big stick as American military policy in the Middle East, etc. No one wanted to start a war with that "mad cowboy" in the White House as one of the political bosses in America described President Teddy Roosevelt. 

I have been hearing reports on how President Donald Trump plans to jumpstart the American economy by banking reforms but the Satanist banking clan does not want banking reforms which restore control of national money back to the American people, so the banking cabal is desperately trying to unhinge President Trump out of the White House before he wins and restores control of the national money back to the American people who rightfully have authority for this as the national money technically belongs to them. 
Pass my Omni Law shown on my website which technically restores control of the national government back to the American people by referendum power over the national government so it has to be the servant of the people instead of their intended master. And keep President Trump in the White House as the claims against him are mainly invented lies of the Satanist clan in America. If a change in government, change the government but have this ratified by national referendum and have President Donald Trump move from the old government to the new government but remain President of America which recognizes the authority of the American people to elect the national leader they want for America. Until a new election, he remains the elected leader of America as required by the original U.S. Constitution.

As soon as the Omni Law is passed, I can obtain the legal authority to add the Russian nuclear trick for annihilation of any nation on earth to the national defense of America and then America too strong, no nation will want to fight America in a world war. This is the old Reagan defense policy of peace through strength.

Pass this report around to all Americans and fast as the Satanist clan is trying to crash through to national power by demonizing President Trump through cunning but lying propaganda invented against him and associates. Hillary is a 100 times more vulnerable to criminal charges under federal law, but her immunity from being arrested and prosecuted shows Satanic infiltration and control of the federal government by being the shadow government of America and even PresidentTrump under savage constant propaganda attack has too much to fight to do all that he wants to do for America and the American people.When he is supported enough by the American people, then he can do more of what is required reform from the White House! I admire him for his guts against constant savage personal attack by the Satanist front people of America in politics, news media, etc. My website is
email is The people think I can run this national movement on air, but it takes finances to run a national movement. I have put up a spectacular fight on small finances, but with some support now, the large funds are promised will arrive soon! Put money into my Omni Law Loan Program by PayPal buttons shown on my national website or send it by mail making payment out to NIFI and sent to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679. Say for Omni Law. Christians from other lands welcome to support us. When we win in America which we should, then our Christian economic, political, Christian humanitarian movement will spread to all nations on earth. Remember the Gospel is to be preached to all the world before Jesus returns. And as Jesus said, he who is ashamed of Jesus on earth, Jesus will be ashamed of him before God the Father.

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