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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Erasmus of America; Not Just Hillary


Recently a liberal acquaintance and friend asked me "Just what did Hillary Clinton do that was so bad wrong?" It is apparent that too many of our good citizens---Democrats, Republicans, black, white, brown, even educated college students ---are unaware of the consequences for violating the unauthorized release of classified information. There are three levels of classified materials---confidential, secret and top secret. Top secret being the level of security classification. The exposure of top secret information to unauthorized individuals without the right and/or need to know could cause great harm to our internal and external security systems and the security of our nation as well. The Department of Defense is responsible for granting a top secret clearance, but only after a background investigation of the application by our Office of Special Investigations. Mine was granted on Sept. 10, 1958, District 4, Washington, D.C., required by my own duties.

What did Hillary do? It wasn't just Hillary. It was the head of our FBI in conjunction with the violation of the code ceremony ad etiquette required by then-U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch. She made arrangements to meet with Hillary's husband, Bill, at the predesignated time and date on the tarmac at the Phoenix, Ariz., Airport. Wrong! After their meeting, she stated that she would abide by the decision given to her by James Comey, head of the FBI. Wrong. Collusion!

When questioned by South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, Comey acknowledged that Hillary did use a concealed personal computer to transmit top secret information to persons unknown and did not tell the truth concerning the use of her authorized computer. Treason and perjury. Then the bombshell by Comey, "I cannot find any reason to indict her." Then the most significant and obvious attempt to protect and defend her. He deliberately granted immunity five of Hillary's aides who could be subpoenaed as witnesses to her treasonous activities. This act alone has not been mentioned in any news media. A deliberate obstruction of justice perpetuated by our head of the FBI. Where is our protection? The Democratic Party leaders are destroying the credibility of our security systems. Be honest, Americans, A few of the liberal leaders are a bigger threat to our nation than the paid protesters they are financing. Wrong is bad wrong! - Woody Locke, Westminster 
Comment by Erasmus of America - Apparently classified documents are being leaked out by Democrats in the government to the news media and no legal charges being filed against them for these acts of high treason. Why did Comey not investigate and prosecute them for high treason when he could?

I judge based upon the slanted version of reporting on these claimed and (invented lies?) that many news media are engaged in the legal treason act of sedition trying to overthrow the White House branch of government with a campaign of smears (invented lies) against President Donald Trump and also key leaders of the Democratic Party are engaged willfully in this conspiracy of sedition to overthrow from authority one of the three branches of government set up by the U.S. Constitution which is the White House and President elected by the people of America. When the Omni Law I wrote up and shown on my website is passed as national law as it will be, I will then ask by national referendum for the American people to vote for special prosecutors to be appointed by the civil tribunes set up by the Omni Law to investigate the key Democratic leaders involved in this scheme of high treason and also members of the news media working in conspiracy with them to overthrow one of the three branches of government by a massive campaign of outright lies and false reporting on facts in order to hide the truth from the American people. McMaster who was there at the meeting the Democrats and news media claimed that President Trump gave classified information to the Russian ambassador said that no classified information was given at this meeting and Putin of Russia I hear just supplied a transcript of the meeting showing that no American classified information was disclosed at that meeting. 

President Donald Trump was asking for help from Russia in blocking and stopping these Muslim terrorist attacks from the Middle East and the Democrats and news media call this high treason? And for the few Republican leaders siding with the Democrats on this campaign of distortion of the truth and mass smearing of President Donald Trump for doing what any patriotic President of America would logically have done in the White House at this time, I remember meeting with one of the Rothschilds who boasted that he and banking associates secretly ran America using Wash. D.C. as their front and had key leaders in both parties in their hip pocket and also much of the news media worked for this clique who this Rothschild stated was the secret government of America and including such as the Rockefeller family with them. If any leader in Wash., D.C. got too honest in government they would turn their media controlled news network to smear them until they could not run for dog catcher after that! And also release their corrupt members in Congress against the honest leader in order to destroy him by order of the "secret government of America" as this Rothschild called the power structure that he and associates had. This Rothschild was smart and had me give my word of honor that I would not give out his personal name that I had met with him in this secret meeting that he invited me to near Wash., D.C. I told the family I met with but no the name of which one of the family I met with. Much of my success in military intelligence was that I always kept my word of honor to any source I dealt with in military intelligence and for example, never betrayed the identity of the defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies who turned over to me all the nuclear attack plans of Russia for the annihilation of America. Code name for the nuclear annihilation of America "The Ring of Steel." Moscow military doctrine why America had to be annihilated if a nuclear war broke out between America and Russia was called "The Pearl Harbor Doctrine." With that Putin of Russia knows that I cracked the military security of Moscow at some time in the past. When my Omni Law is passed, then I show the Pentagon how Moscow has America outflanked in nuclear capacity right now and what the quick fix is. If Putin heard what my answer to the Pentagon would be in that day, he would think that I was a real bastard in military and knew how the game is played for real. The Russian clever answer I would show the Pentagon is known only by Russia and also known by me the maverick American who ends up knowing the secrets of every side. I am very lucky at military intelligence or else very good at it. The military security of Wash., D.C. was sabotaged by Obama. Obama having put many foreign spies in sensitive intelligence positions in America I have to make sure before showing this to the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon that no ISIS spies in C.I.A, etc, have access to what I will show to the Pentagon once my terms are met. An associate of mine and I used to watch some courses on how to overthrow foreign governments being taught on the C.I.A. website for the ISIS underground in the Middle East and some within the federal government itself. The C.I.A. boy running this was terribly dumb in some ways and in pride once boasted to me that he worked under orders from President Obama then in the
White House. I don't want ISIS to find out my Russian tricks I got by spying on Moscow and ISIS then try to figure a way to use these Russian nuclear tricks on America instead. I am sure that Moscow does not want to see these tactics taught to other nations such as infected with ISIS and then someday they try this same stuff on Russia to see if they can knock out Russia with these answers.
For the record when I met with this Rothschild, he told me how the U.S.Justice Dept. told him that I was very good in military intelligence - very much the maverick in tactics but I got results and when I said I had the answer claimed, then you could count on I had the answer claimed. He asked me to join his "secret government of America" and promised me a great future with them if I joined with them. I did not join them. but he wanted me enough he talked too much in boasting what they had to work with. For example he said, "The American people are too stupid, too irresponsible, and too morally unfit (did he mean this from a Satanist standpoint? I hear that they are Satanists!) to be allowed to govern America, so they did secretly using the government as their front.) A woman Jewish scholar once explained to me that they came from a pagan German background and only pretended to become Jewish so the Jews would not oppose them as she said. They helped finance the Communists into power in Russia and the Nazis into power in Germany so they could make money off the wars they secretly started and helped finance. 

People support me on passage of my Omni Law shown on my website and now you will control the government by national referendums of the people when Congress won't do a good job for you or else otherwise will not obey your will for America as a nation. The cabal must think that President Donald Trump is too honest and too much on the side of the American people or else there would not
be this war of the mass lie of Hitler practiced against President Trump in the "White House" by the cabal which hates him!

Pass this report around. My website below. Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for that American patriot who really thinks that America should be one nation under God and honest constitutional government for America as well!) 

P.S. Get rid of this self-labelled "Secret Government of America" and your profits can fast build in business, taxes go down or else disappear in America, and wages strongly increase such as through increased purchasing power of money or else increased money you make with a job or income paid from government such as in Alaska because the state government is now making such a decent income off of the state economy or by growth of the state economy. Studied with six of the best economists of America and Europe and there are ways to pay the people income if the state economy is growing and income not produced through taxes. For example some oil rich countries in he Middle East pay their citizens an income from what the government produces from the economy. And there are ways to greatly reduce the cost of national health insurance and services with no sacrifice of quality and this constitutes a pay raise to the people by reducing their cost of living where it counts!
Citizen's dividend is a proposed policy based upon the principle that the natural world is the common property of all persons (see Georgism). It is proposed that all citizens receive regular payments (dividends) from revenue raised by leasing or taxing the monopoly of valuable land and other natural resources. In its modern broader sense, a citizen's dividend is another designation for universal basic income.

Thomas Paine was a major inspiration for this policy. Above material borrowed from
Citizen's dividend

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This dividend concept added to report after original release of report on May 18, 2017

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