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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Erasmus of America: The Punishment Must Fit the Crime


Due to the seriousness of worldwide hacking threatening the economies of 70 nations now in a worldwide extortion scheme using Bitcoin as the form of money for the payouts including from Russia which is reported got the hardest hit from this worldwide hacking attack, it is time to upgrade the criminal status of computer hacking in America and throughout the world. As one TV news report labeled this world situation, "Global Cyber Attack."

The older computer systems seemed to be more at risk as the latest computer software and patches to it was apparently protecting their computers from this worldwide hacker attack which has rapidly spread across America and the world. 

I advertised a plastic card payment system I had started across America and was growing until dirty trick operations were used to stop me which ruined me in business at that time. It was based upon a security deposit instead of credit to run it and its payments to businesses. But I launched the debit card concept used by financial institutions after they saw what I had come up with as a new idea in financial transactions in America. I was a finance consultant then and came up with new concepts in how to finance and run a business. One of my specialties was helping people to get credit who were unable to get credit established otherwise for their businesses or themselves. I always believed in common sense answers in financial issues and problems. 

At this time I developed a circle of financial advisers who were my personal friends including an oil broker who told me how Wash., D.C. secretly engineered an oil shortage in America in order to raise the price of oil sold in America. I sometimes used one or several of these connections to help me swing some business deals needing special financing not available from regular sources. I had prior studied with a financial school the ropes of running banks and savings and loan associations so I had insight into how America financed itself from the technical side. I also studied to be a stock broker, but never followed through on that.

Due to more sophisticated electronic banking spreading to all banks, apparently hacking of bank accounts may soon be a thing of the past, but I comment that currency should also be retained as backup money also in case of sudden technical problems with digital money that may arise at some point and not be anticipated at this time. Due to the increased sharing of information from all banks worldwide that is spreading, FATCA should be promptly abolished as federal law. FATCA practices the banking policy first set up by Nazi Germany to block the movement of Jewish money out of Nazi Germany when the trouble for Jews began so the government could later steal this money from the Jews in Germany as they were not allowed to save their money from Nazi confiscation and theft if it remained in Germany. The Nuremberg War Trials of Nazi criminals by the Allies made it a hanging offense under international law whether in peacetime or wartime to not allow citizens of a nation to freely remove their money from the nation they live in if they wanted to. They were going to hang Hermann Goering on this Genocide charge committed in a "civilian" time act rather than a wartime criminal act under international law. However, he hung himself before they could execute him by hanging for this "peacetime" act of genocide conspiracy as punishable by execution for peacetime use of it as well as used in the time of war. Such a policy practiced in peacetime was an act of genocide conspiracy against a part or all of the citizens of that nation targeted by the national government to be controlled financially how they were to be allowed to use their money in their personal and private lives. Also, FATCA has made American money unpopular to use in foreign banks as it imposes on them a mountain of special bookkeeping and additional expenses to carry American money in their banks of their nation. This means an increasing number of foreign banks do not want American bank accounts now. This could throw America into a depression or national economic collapse if such nonsense is not stopped now before it is too late to undo the damage to the American economy through decreased world trade for America caused by FATCA. If American money is made unpopular in foreign trade to use for such trades due to FATCA, then our world trade will shrink to smaller or even a real depression or financial collapse for the American national economy. I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe and frankly know that many members of Congress have a poor knowledge and understanding of national economics as their passed laws and established policies show! For example, by their fanatical denial of legal rights for American inventors, I estimate that the American economy has maybe 20% of the industry it would have otherwise as inventors are your key to the mass growth of American industry otherwise. And the growth of millions of new jobs in America which would eliminate the need for the big welfare state and massive expense of supporting able bodied people with lifetime welfare payments paid to them by the working people of America through taxes and paid for by the taxes on businesses which have to raise their prices in order to cover the higher cost of doing business due to unnecessary higher taxes and higher expenses due to decreed dumb regulations which hurt business in operation.
Time now to knock out the hackers of the internet and the computers owned by the people and businesses. Lets begin by calling hacking for money a modern sophisticated version of "Piracy on the high seas" and punishable by lifetime imprisonment or else execution which traditionally is hanging from the gallows. 

As for hacking without money initially being taken, still treat it as the same punishment as hacking almost always leads to theft or attempted theft of money from you. It is usually the lead act leading to the attack of later attempted stealing of your money once they think they have figured out how to steal from you. Except for legalized hacking under court order to spy on drug rings, spy rings, and that kind of criminal activity, any other hacking should be subject to the law and to the most severe punishment the law can issue. An example of what justifies the most severe punishment under law is the murder of 9 decent church members in this old Black church in Charleston, S.C. by Dylann Roof just because they were Black and so decent as to invite him to Bible studies with them. This was on on June 15, 2015. He has been sentenced to two death sentences, but I think that too light a sentence. If I had been the judge, I would have sentenced him to death by 30 days from then and executed by a firing squad as his act committed also high treason against America by teaching by example hatred between Blacks and Whites in America and tried to divide America by this calculated and ruthless act. I think Confederate veterans in their graves would have approved of such a judgment as they were men of honor and 200,000 or so Black soldiers had served with them in the Confederate Army. The North was ruthless towards the Blacks in the South, not the Southerners. The radicals in Congress bankrupted the South by confiscating all their cotton stockpiles left from the war just lost by the South, declared all the Blacks free of slavery which sounded nice but cost them their jobs in the South and the first winter after that without means of support suddenly cut off from them due to the radicals in Congress who said in Congressional records they would bankrupt the South for 100 years by leaving them nothing in money to rebuild the South with by total confiscation of all cotton stockpiles built up in the South from 1861-5 An estimated 500,000-600,000 Blacks died of starvation and freezing in that first winter that first year of Reconstruction meaning Union Army occupation of the South as they had no means of support and the Northern Government blind to what they had done sent no food nor other help or supplies to the Blacks in the South so they could survive that first winter.

Terrible example what happened that first year without any money to run the Southern economy with, but tolerate these hackers on the internet and they can do to all of America or even 70 nations or so what happened to the South that first year living without money to run society with. People would die like flies and in terrible conditions if we let the hackers sabotage and ruin the world economy now heavily based upon the internet and computer technology. I was a history major at the university and separately rated perhaps the top history student of American high schools a previous year based upon a history test given to the top history students across America. You are reading the real history here, not fake or "politically correct" which means censored where truth is sacrificed to maintain the lies taught in politics and the history courses in the public schools of America. I read the suppressed records of every branch of history I did serious studies in. I got all the facts, not just some and carefully selected to create a "Fake" history of America. I am not fooled by propaganda. How many millions of dollars in bribes did Russia pay to the Clinton Foundation which was for intended bribes and not intended for use with charity? President Trump was not paid bribe money to alter the policies of America from within government, so WHY is all the screaming going on calling for the investigation of President Donald Trump rather than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? And why is there no new investigation into the "suicide" of Vince Foster with two bullet holes to the back of his head which is a weird way to try and commit "suicide!" I heard they dug his body up recently and found he was shot twice from behind his head! Try that stunt sometime and see how difficult it is to do!

If you like for someone to speak the truth in America, put some money behind this drive for the truth by backing the Omni Law Loan Program shown on national website and/or if you lack money to help financially make copies of this report and pass around America and abroad for all to see! By the way, today is the 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima, Portugal. Interesting prophecy from then. The Virgin Mary is reported by the three children to say that Word War I would be shortly over. Wars are a punishment from God for the sins of mankind before God and not repented of. If mankind did not return to God, Russia would be taken over by an extremely evil movement and spread war and persecution throughout the world by false teachings to seduce mankind with. World War II would happen if mankind did not repent of their sins before God and return back to God. If mankind did not return to God and repent of their sins after that, there would be a World War III after that in which entire nations would be wiped out. And Sister Lucia of Fatima once a nun said once when asked, And America would be annihilated then if it did not return to God then. And all of the human race as well on the earth! As I don't fear if I live or die, I am not afraid to say the truth in key issues! I died once, JESUS gave me back my life, I know what death is and also the rewards and punishments in the hereafter. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by the love and beautiful light of JESUS CHRIST that can turn every spot on earth into HEAVEN ON EARTH. I am bribed by the love of Jesus Christ and so I cannot be corrupted by the corrupt of society. Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for that Christian leader who once was given a brief taste of the blessed life in the hereafter! HAPPINESS WILDLY BEYOND IMAGINATION! Dr. Richard Eby who died around 16-18 hours and arose alive again in a Chicago hospital which scared the hospital staff "to death" to use an old saying, said that I had really died. My scientific observations made while I was dead and his medical observations as a doctor while dead were identical. And he never had put into print his medical observations on death while actually dead.) website with two reports on Miracles of God in various branches of Christianity including the Fatima Miracle of the Sun witnessed by a huge crowd of an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 people that day on May 13, 1917 -
If you don't want to use our PAYPAL buttons on website, then send your financial support made out to NIFI, say for OMNI Law, and mail to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 People from other nations may back us as well as we will spread to all nations with time!

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