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Monday, May 22, 2017

Geopolitical Overview: "Scorpion King" -- May 22, 2017

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Pure evil comes in many faces, but only one scares even Lucifer. That's Benjamin (BiBi) Netanyahu, the current Prime Minister of Israel.

BiBi's a cold blooded military grade killer with an engaging smile. He's very smart, very committed to Zionism and the worst of Satan's select hell fire seed.

And tonight he's the most despised man in the world--as he alone is holding up the RV in the western world. Yup, one man.

Today's press conference with Trump--in his house mind you--was allowed so that BiBi could accept the two state solution publicly on behalf of Israel.

He agreed to this. He even recorded his resignation speech at gun point in that same house only two weeks ago. And still he rejected logic and avoided the topic of negotiated Middle East altogether.

Netanyahu is not just a scorpion that continues to sting, he's the scorpion king that stings to the death and demands other scorpions do the same.

His persistent rebellion was not unexpected to the NPTB. In fact, this is how consistent with how BiBi has always operated.

Verbally BiBi promises the world and physically he denies everything reasonable to everyone rationale. His rebellion against God is absolute, and has been Netanyahu's entire life--he wrestles with God regardless of his personal / family's safety, wealth and legal amnesty.

There's no controlling this rogue agent of darkness as he no longer receives any guidance or direction from his dark nobility Pindar. And all the evil decision makers above Bibi has either surrendered, left the planet or been eliminated.

He is sworn soldier of death and chaos. A true Son of Satan.

On the bright side, only...

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