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Saturday, May 20, 2017

High Planes Drifter: Shifting from 3D to 5D and Above

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Shifting from 3D to 5D and Above: HOW DO WE DEFINE THIS SHIFT AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN? – by High Planes Drifter

I’d like to add my personal perspective to the ongoing 3D – 5D discussion in hopes of adding a little clarity to any confusion or concerns that linger.

Disclaimer: I do not consider my perceptions or beliefs or these words to be “true” in any absolute terms, nor are these remarks better than anyone else’s explanations. I offer this discourse as a sort of op-ed, simply as another point of view that may have relevance to some readers.

So, to begin, consider the various dimensions (or realms of existence) as states of consciousness and awareness, like frames of reference or belief systems, rather than a physical location.

We are all of us, to a great extent, born into this polarized 3D realm as a “clean slate,” as pure, as innocents. And over the course of our lives, we can be and often are susceptible to being defined by the circumstances and belief systems that determine the immediate and prevailing social structures around us. Over time, this narrow cultural indoctrination - often unconsciously – drives our behavior and decisions, hence it writes a “predetermined” and predictable script for our lives.


Yet, at the same time, we each do have the innate capacity (free will) to question the validity of the social boundaries that dictate both mass behavior and expectations, and instead we can reject outright what we see or what we’re being told. Without this instinctual and critical ability to first doubt the legitimacy or authenticity of our social mores and surroundings, we would not learn to evaluate and choose for ourselves. In fact, we wouldn’t change at all. We’d simply become robots. We would become stagnant and lifeless creatures, zombies, and eventually we’d cease to function or even exist. We would render ourselves meaningless, useless and extinct.

The beauty and power of the polarized 3D realm actually lies within its contrast and extremes. Here’s why: an authentic and powerful faith literally springs forth from a conscious and heartfelt doubt, a mindful questioning of what is. In fact our innate capacity to feel and know any extreme state is intimately connected and dependent on our ability to fully feel ALL of them. If we shun one extreme, we likewise shun its opposite. When we reject “negative” feelings, we either project them onto others, or we suppress them internally. And then we suffer the consequences of that festering submission or submergence...until or unless we are able to reclaim and honor and integrate it as part of ourselves. Then we can rise above all of it, into a state of Unity and Coherence and Reverence for All of it, and reside in the Holy Whole of a higher dimensional state of perception.

So our ability to doubt can and often does give rise to a nonnegotiable, an indisputable and steadfast state of Faith. And that state of faith stands alone above all conflict and contrast. But it has to be developed first through contrast, through the fire, by burning the dross on the funeral pyre.

From that transformative flame, a purified fountain of Faith arises, and new realms of consciousness and realities emerge. Love springs forth from hatred or fear, joy erupts from sadness or grieve, forgiveness from anger or revenge. Dimensional shift and quantum leaping is an internal process of reconciliation of a conflicted state of awareness expressing itself outward, primarily through relationships. Reconciliation leads to restitution and restitution leads to resurrection and resurrection leads to the emergence of the Supreme state of Christ Consciousness (a state that we all are innately capable of attaining), into a higher realm of awareness and being and engagement.


So, this is the very essence, the nature of human existence: to doubt, to question, to fear, to feel anguish and sorrow, and to grieve the sense of loss in order to gain a higher perspective in love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, generosity, goodwill toward ALL. This higher state reflects a willingness to delve directly into the sense of dis-ease, into the darkness itself and to discover the pearls and the treasures, the Light, as a gateway into a higher state.

Therein lies our freedom to choose another more humane and joyful way to live and interact and outwardly express better versions of ourselves. In fact, doubt and questioning reflects a state of rebellion against the lifeless, detrimental structure that enslaves us, so that new dreams and visions and perceptions and courage and enthusiasm and passion, hence new realities can override the old meaningless prison, as we consciously emerge in higher, more unified states of being and expand our experiences collectively.

So dimensional shifts are not defined by a physical location. Shifts in being are shifts in consciousness, in awareness, in our state of inner freedom along with a willingness to take action, to grow up, to correct inner errors in perception, to choose something more appropriate and then to act accordingly, to be response-able, to actively engage, to create more fulfilling and joyful realities that reflect our true nature in lieu of the tattered and crumbling and lifeless structures that confine and enslave us.


The shift of dimensions is SPIRITUAL and energetic in context, just as we are. The shift is an ever-expanding internal self-awareness that we each obtain on our own terms through our own self-reflection and introspection. By exploring our inner terrain and connecting to a deeper knowing of who and what motives us, we discover the essence of who we are.

This ever-emergent state of consciousness is a very personal one that eventually generates a steadfast sense of the universal essence of human being-ness, revealing our "true self" or “original face” within the context of the holy Whole, within the 3D plane. That expanding state of awareness then becomes the “stairway to heaven” or the return to and re-membering of God or Yahweh or Tao, or whatever name one uses to describe the existence and presence of the Primal Source Intelligence (PSI…whoa, there’s a curious concept!).

Simply put - there is no wrong place to be. There is no shame in grieving or doubt or anger or fear. After all, why would we be given the capacity to feel these states if they were not valuable and purposeful? At the same time, we cannot sink into or use these states as long-term traps or excuses. We must use them consciously, to grow up. So every circumstance or interaction is merely an invitation to shift awareness into a higher state or point of reference. It’s all simply a wondrous journey, a vision quest, a clarion call toward and into a higher state of consciousness, “A Return to Love”.

In that context, a shift in awareness reflects a state of being and a way of coming to the day, which is the very foundation that then defines our perception, our thoughts, our words, our feelings, our actions, and interactions, an awareness that ultimately ripples out and redefine the world around us, both individually and collectively. And from the tipping point, quantum leaps ensue.

Here we are, right here, right now, experiencing existence as life through the prism of Mother Earth, in this grand and glorious display, this wondrously tactile version of reality. When we are able to observe and value the diverse and melodious forms of life that express themselves in this 3D realm, myriad forms that co-exist and function interdependently in a vast web of life on Earth right here, right now, we can grok the sublime essence of the Holy Whole.


As humans, we do often tend to gather together and mingle with those who share a similar prism or resonance, acquired either through our social indoctrination or by a more aware and expanded choice. And people "split up" all the time. We simply go our separate ways because our field of commonality diminishes or changes over time as we all change and grow.

There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, as we grow and change, we simply move on to other "tribes" or situations that more appropriately reflect our core values or mirror circumstances we prefer over others. We are motivated to seek more fulfilling and more authentic, more intimate relationships, in the present moment. It’s all relational. In the final analysis, t’s the quality of our relationships that ultimately defines our lives. Yet the choice to change or move on does not in any way preclude or prevent us from continuing to love what came before. The love remains eternally because there is no limit to our capacity to give and receive love, regardless of the circumstanes.

Eventually, over time (and sometimes suddenly in leaps and bounds) as our collective beliefs and consciousness shift or expand (or revert) so does the physical world around us, as it reflects and adjusts in accordance with changing social mores and constructs, habits, consensus, power structures, mass media and the dissemination of information and to how we collectively respond.

None of it is real or true except to the extent to which we believe it to be and how we choose to act accordingly. It becomes a type of self-fulfilling prophecy. How conscious and powerful can we be and still remain incarnate? There is no limit, none that I can foresee.

Ultimately, Love itself is the cosmic glue that binds us with others. Under all circumstances, Love defines the stability, the framework, the “truth” of our realities and determines the value of our relationships.

“And in the end, the love we take is equal to the love we make.”

Infinite love and gratitude to ALL – High Planes Drifter

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