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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jim Stone: LePen Most Likely Beat Macron by 4 Million Votes

Source: Jim Stone

LePen most likely beat Macron by 4 million votes

Here is the math:

33 million votes cast (and counted). 16 million votes cast (and nullified due to damaged ballots, and claimed "forfeited protest votes".)

Votes cast to Macron: 22 million. Votes invalidated by damaged ballots (100 percent of these were LePen:) 15 million. Votes for LePen that were not invalidated by damaged ballots: 11 million. Probable actual protest votes, no more than 1 million LePen: 11 million plus 15 million is 26 million.


LePen: 26 million.
Macron: 22 million.
Protest: 1 million.

But it is a lot worse than that, because there were extra ballots printed for Macron, that went poof into nowhere. So obviously they got stuffed. Macron DEFINITELY, beyond a doubt, did not get 22 million votes.

Macron is openly and publicly stated even by the MSM to be the Rothchild big banker choice. Macron hates France, and did not even honor the national anthem after "winning". It is flatly impossible for him to have been elected. In French elections, any damaged ballot is automatically thrown out as "spoiled". So to steal a French election all you have to do is tear up most of one candidate's ballots before mailing them out. They will then be rejected when counted. This is precisely what happened to LePen. The torn ballots by the millions, which are a confirmed fact, prove the French election was stolen.

Beyond saying this while the MSM refuses to report it, what can I say or do? There is nothing I can do about it if the French just sit there and suck it up.

It took a huge secret operation to destroy that many LePen ballots by hand. Thousands of people had to have been employed to do it. Who could keep such secrets? Only the Jewish community. The only thing that is going to fix the world's problems at this point is wiping out the entire Rothchild family and then calling the Jews to account. We may all be pissed about Soros in the U.S., but the big demon is still the Rothchild dynasty, and it is high time for the entire world to rise up and declare it will not be owned!

Russia is not stupid. They know the French election was stolen. If Russia does not nuke the London financial district with Tsar Bomba in any conflict, they will have missed the mark and failed in the most pathetic possible way.

As a kid, it was hard to envision Russia being the answer. Let's hope to God things have changed that much, and Russia has the balls to do the right thing..

The bottom line is that the electoral process in Western nations has been mostly subverted, with numerous photos of torn ballots in France to prove it. The media silence on the topic of torn ballots is absolutely spooky.

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