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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Money Trails Reveals the Real Jared Kushner


By High Planes Drifter of Kre8change
Sunday, May 28, 2017

INTRODUCTION: First, let me be very clear about my political stance. I am not now nor have I ever been loyal to a political party. I am registered as an independent and I have voted both sides of the aisle. But I have always been very engaged and active in the political process because I've always felt that it was my responsibility as a citizen of the United States of America to be well informed and to hold our representatives accountable to we the people. And I felt that I had no right to complain if I wasn't willing to engage in the process. That attitude, for me, supersedes party line politics.

Instead, I seek truth. And I have a very high threshold for those who represent us.

In all things, and most particularly in those who seek to LEAD, integrity matters. Truth matters. Being accountable to the will of the people matters. Those at the top of a free and open democracy and society serve at the will and the pleasure of THE PEOPLE. Not the other way around. Yet those in leadership roles always hold the solemn responsibility to set the tone of engagement, be it in government or business or philanthropy/humanitarian organizations. If we don't hold our political leaders accountable, who will?

Naturally, I'm following the current political news very closely, for a variety of obvious reasons. And I know that understanding MOTIVE, the WHY behind actions, is key to understanding the big picture and connecting the dots. And of course we can all most likely agree that there's often a common motivating factor (money, sex, greed, power) behind most of the superficial stories of political discord, and this one is no exception:

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Yesterday morning I had an urge to "explore and sightsee" so I spent about an hour online following this very easy-to-detect money trail and I barely scratched the surface. My sense is that the justice department is very rapidly building an ironclad case before they pull out the big guns.

Here's what I discovered. And there's plenty more where this came from, links within links within links, for those who are interested:

Several years ago, Kushner CO bought this prime piece of real estate in Manhattan at a record $1.8 billion and it is currently fully leveraged.

More recently, Jared Kushner had been negotiating with a Chinese conglomerate for additional funding to salvage the failing project, but the Chinese pulled out in March 2017:

Now we are being told that Kushner has been in contact with the CEO of a sanctioned Russian bank. Why?

And he has also been in contact with the Russian ambassador to establish a backroom, private channel of communications between himself and others in Russia, directly to the Kremlin. Why? Perhaps to make private financial deals in exchange for removing Russian sanctions?

Report: Russian bank whose CEO met secretly with Jared Kushner helped finance Trump's Toronto hotel:

Also, there's a very interesting Kushner family history.

Kushner's New Jersey real estate mogul father, Charles Kushner, was convicted in 2005 of witness tampering, illegal campaign contributions, and tax evasion, and he still remains central to the Kushner company. He spent two years in a federal penitentiary for his crimes. And who did he meet while he was behind bars?

Who prosecuted Charles Kushner?

THE DEEPENING AND WIDENING STORY BEHIND THE STORY: A VERY SMALL PART of the big picture, but enough to raise eyebrows.

"...Finally, Charles Kushner pleaded guilty to retaliating against a cooperating witness in the case — his sister. He did so by setting a trap in which he hired a prostitute to lure his sister's husband into a sexual encounter in a New Jersey hotel where the action was secretly photographed and videotaped. Kushner sent the pictures and tape to his sister as revenge, apparently motivated by Kushner's belief that she and her husband were helping U.S. Attorney Christie and his prosecutors.

"...Who did Jared blame for what had happened? Not his father. "Charlie and Jared blamed newspapers (media) in general and more specifically the Newark Star-Ledger for besmirching the family name," Gabriel Sherman wrote in 2009.

And, the crimes notwithstanding, [Jared] sees his father as a victim. "His siblings stole every piece of paper from his office, and they took it to the government," Jared maintained. "Siblings that he literally made wealthy for doing nothing. He gave them interests in the business for nothing. All he did was put the tape together and send it. Was it the right thing to do? At the end of the day, it was a function of saying, 'You're trying to make my life miserable? Well, I'm doing the same.' "

Five years later, in a 2014 interview with the New York real estate publication The Real Deal, Jared called his father's treatment "obviously unjust" and said the experience had soured him on an earlier ambition to become a prosecutor. "If you're convicting murderers, it's one thing," Jared said. "It's often fairly clear. When you get into things like white-collar crime, there are often a lot of nuances. Seeing my father's situation, I felt what happened was obviously unjust in terms of the way they pursued him."

And now the Trump WH (with Jared Kushner and his family in the background) is doing the same thing! Pushing the envelope in their business dealings. And blaming the press!


Kushner's debt:

"Jared Kushner failed to disclose his ownership of a real estate startup linked to Goldman Sachs and George Soros, according to a report Tuesday.

Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and top adviser, didn’t note on his government financial disclosure form that he is a part-owner of real estate finance firm Cadre, which matches investors with real estate projects, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Cadre’s other investors include Goldman Sachs, billionaire and top Democratic donor Soros and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.

Kushner also didn’t disclose at least $1 billion in loans from more than 20 lenders, as well as various properties and companies he partly owns, according to the Journal, which reviewed securities and other filings.

More than $300 million of the debt was backed by personal guarantees, the review found. Kushner’s lawyer Jamie Gorelick said he reported his ownership of a company called BFPS Ventures LLC, which includes Cadre. The form, though, doesn’t specifically mention Cadre.

Gorelick said Kushner’s stake in Cadre, which he founded in 2014 with his brother Joshua and pal Ryan Williams, is outlined in a revised financial disclosure form that will be made public once it’s certified by ethics officials."

Kushner claims to have sold his share of holdings. To whom? His family — his mother and his brother.

And look who picked up the story and reported this:

(Ah, yes, the Mnuchin connection. AND a long history of his relationship with Soros.)

The Journal notes that Kushner’s Cadre stake “means the senior White House official is currently a business partner of Goldman Sachs Group and billionaires including George Soros and Peter Thiel.” The Journal also reports that Kushner didn’t disclose a number of loans “totaling at least $1 billion, from more than 20 lenders,” on properties and companies he co-owns; and Kushner “has also provided personal guarantees on more than $300 million of the debt.” An analysis of the debt on these assets “found ties to a broad swath of U.S. and foreign banks, private-equity firms, real-estate companies, and government-owned lenders.”

From Jean Eaglesham, Juliet Chung, and Lisa Schwartz reporting in the Wall Street Journal: :

Meet the Real Jared Kushner
He’s a lot tougher than he looks.

Kushner's sister mentions Trump and brother in sales pitch of visas in exchange for real estate investments in us:

Despite criticism from Congress, Trump signed a spending bill that included a renewal of the program through September, although federal authorities have proposed more than doubling the minimum investment. Just one day later, Kushner's sister, Nicole Meyer, was in Beijing courting Chinese investors for a new project funded by EB-5. That's raised complaints about conflicts of interest and new calls to revise or even end the program.


In the first segment of Friday night's "Trump bombshell" report, published almost at the same time by Reuters and the WSJ, anonymous sources reported that Trump is preparing a "war room" upon his Saturday return from Europe to "combat negative reports and mounting questions about communication between Russia." We did point out some discrepancies: on one hand, Reuters said that Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner (who subsequently WaPo reported was trying to set up "backchannels" with Russians in the second Fridaynight long-weekend bombshell) were coordinating the "war room" and the White House's new messaging effort, which also aims to push Trump's policy agenda and schedule more rallies with supporters. On the other hand, contradicting Reuters, WSJ reported that neither Bannon nor Kushner were safe in the upcoming White House spring cleaning overhaul.

Now, one day later and with the latest Kushner story published, the WaPo has also chimed in on the alleged "war room" story with some additional details. While the gist of the story is the same and is a recap of what is already known, including:

... Indeed, which is why, going back to Jared Kushner, the NYT separately reported on Saturday that Kushner "has told friends that he and his wife have made no long-term commitment to remain by Mr. Trump’s side, saying they would review every six months whether to return to private life in New York.


"Love is a form of Light and Light always prevails over darkness. So when we offer love even to our enemies, we destroy their darkness and hatred.”~ Y. Berg

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return." ~ Ahbez

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