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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Neo Conned by Pretty Faces on Fox

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Neo Conned by Pretty Faces on Fox

by Patrick J McShay

One of the top stories on America's number one rated online news site,, is being almost completely ignored by the teleprompter readers on Fox News. I say almost because they do occasionally write a hit piece for one of their paid trolls to attack a big story they want to keep a lid on. A good example is the lame attempt by Fox News resident Communist Julie Roginsky on one of her recent Clapback segments. While evidence continues to come in daily, Fox is already calling this story debunked. Dopey Dem Roginsky dismisses the recent revelations in the Seth Rich murder investigation as nothing to see here, we already know the Russians did it and please don't look any further into this, some influential people are getting really nervous. It was a lot like the softball interview with James Alefantis in Megyn Kelly's ridiculous puff piece on the Pizzagate scandal. Fox's Outnumbered now features a mostly screaming and interrupting Meghan McCain who is suspicious of anyone who doesn't hate Russia as much as she and her Daddy. The McCains prove the nut job doesn't fall far from the tree. This week Fox News ratings plunged to a seventeen year low.

Hannity has become someone Fox viewers who support Trump believe they can trust. Apparently they don't remember when "no bomb" Sean would shout down everyone on his show who had the nerve to suggest that bombs were used to bring down the Twin Towers. Hannity was a dutiful cheerleader for the Military Industrial Complex and their long planned wars.Or as the Pentagon calls this plan for global hegemony, Full Spectrum Dominance. Fox viewers still believe that George W Bush went into Iraq with the best possible intelligence. This is a proven lie. (see the book by CIA Asset Susan Lindauer. She was briefed about 911 four months before it happened) And despite Peer reviewed scientific studies proving the government's 911 Commission conclusions were impossible and defy the laws of Physics many Americans still believe terrorists in a cave planned the attack. Hey Sean, you're not a great American if you lie to us about 911 you putz. The great HL Mencken said, "you will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people".

This plan goes back decades and is spelled out in great detail in Brzezinski's 1997 book "The Grand Chessboard,"a Machiavellian plan to make America the World's only Superpower and to crush US adversaries, who as it turns out is just about everybody. John Kennedy made the mistake of trying to make nice with the Russians and his controllers were not pleased. They didn't like Nixon's friendly overtures to Russia and China and they especially hated his talk of ending the Vietnam War much sooner than the Pentagon was ready to shut down that cash cow. This, more than any burglary or missing tapes were the reason for his ouster. The recent coup in Ukraine was engineered by the State Department under Hillary Clinton and her loyal Neo Con minion Victoria Nuland. When Neo Con Vicki found out that the EU's Foreign Policy Chief questioned the coup and Nuland's tactics she was recorded saying, "Fuck the EU". This of course wasn't touched by the liars of the Mainstream News who breathlessly reported on a Russian invasion of Crimea that never happened. The Mainstream Presstitutes couldn't tell the truth if they wanted to. they can't and keep their jobs. The only real news is online. That is why they are trying to censor books and websites. It's why John Brennan was bad mouthing the RT Network again in a hearing with Congress yesterday. RT has more real news in a day than Fox has in a month. Check out Crosstalk on youtube. They cover subjects that the mainstream press won't touch. A Free Press in America hasn't been a reality in a long time.

Internet Entrepreneur and Hacker has come forward and said he was part of a group of people that worked with Seth Rich to leak documents damaging to Hillary and her brethren to wikileaks. He has released documents to prove what he is saying and more importantly it proves the Russian hacking story is bunk . He recently tweeted back and forth with honest Sean Hannity about new revelations in Seth Rich's murder investigation and an invitation to be on his show was extended and accepted. Apparently in the last day or so Fox put the kibosh on the appearance. Poor Sean. Can't book a guest without his controller's approval. At least he doesn't have the annoying and impossible to watch Kat Timpf interrupting him every five minutes.

The Daily Beast is reporting that Fox News Staffers were "disgusted and embarrassed" at the mention of the Seth Rich "Conspiracy Theory." Remember the CIA came up with the term "Conspiracy Theory " to label the so called crackpots that didn't buy the ridiculous conclusions put forth by our government with regard to the Assassination of President John F Kennedy in their voluminous cover up called The Warren Commission Report. It ranks up there as some of best government fiction with the 911 Commission Report. reports that the first officer on the scene of Rich's murder, Officer Robert Wingate Robinson was wearing a Body Cam but the footage is mysteriously now missing. As have the dozens of cameras situated in this area of DC also been wiped clean. Liz crokin from is reporting that the Manager at Lou's Bar, one the last known stop's Rich made that evening said Police never interviewed anyone on his staff or ask for any surveillance tapes that might be available. Anyone who's seen a few episodes of Law and Order or NCIS knows that in a real investigation this would have been a priority. Why wasn't it?

Americans are lied to about everything important. Don't believe it? Before the US entered WWII 80% of the public were opposed to the war before Pearl Harbor. The US went to war in 1941 after the American Base at Pearl Harbor was the victim of a sneak attack by those rotten Japanese, right? Well not really. A call to arms went out and young men from around the Country who signed up immediately no questions asked. What if they had known what historians now know?

That President Roosevelt was warned by MI6, Britain's Secret Service. that one of their operatives, Dusko Peskov, Codename "Tripod had intelligence that Pearl Harbor would be attacked and even had the date and time of the attack. This information was passed on to FDR 3 days before Pearl Harbor was attacked. Nothing was done. Unknown to the public FDR had been working with Churchill behind their backs to have the US enter WWII. Unbelievably the Army's Chief of Staff informed the Washington Bureau Chiefs of the major newspapers and magazines of the impending attacks before they occurred and swore them to an oath of secrecy, which they honored. Over 400,000 American Servicemen lost their lives in combat in WWII. Rear Admiral Husband Kimmel was the Commander of the Pacific Fleet and was unfairly blamed for the attack. Kimmel was not privy to the intelligence FDR possessed and Seventy two years after the war ended Kimmel's grandson was still working to clear his name.

Not much has changed since then. David Rockefeller, one of the richest and most powerful men in the country, in his 1993 memoir admits that he is guilty of being part of a secret cabal of globalists working against the best interest of the United States. With enemies inside the gate like Mr Rockefeller we don't need to create enemies elsewhere... Hannity and the liars on the mainstream media are doing what they have always done. They lie about the economy because the smoke and mirrors that keeps this corrupt system afloat is better than admitting that the big banks are broke and stealing from customers. Better than telling us our controllers are manipulating the markets, laundering drug money, manipulating LIBOR and the Gold and Silver Markets.

Regime change to save people in foreign lands from an oppressive dictator who is killing his own people has been a favorite excuse used by American leaders to go to war. Fox soId the lies well. It certainly plays better with the public than admitting that we need to kill a bunch of innocent civilians so we can steal their Oil and other valuable resources. But it is always a lie. It was a lie when it was used in Iraq, Libya and it's a lie in Syria. All our leaders know is that their marching orders come from our BFF in the Middle East who really wants that land no matter how many Americans have to die for them to get it.

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