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Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of May 25 2018 Compiled 25 May 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recov...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Satanists Arrested at Catholic Sacrifice Sites, Children Saved and Bodies Found

Bodies at Catholic Sacrifice Sites, Children Saved, Satanists Arrested, Vatican Issued Hit List on Rescuers

by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Before It's News

Remains of dead and mutilated children in small cold room containers were recovered by ITCCS teams ( ) and local police after they disrupted Satanic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice rites at Catholic facilities in Zwolle Holland, Dijon France and Lucerne Switzerland on April 30. There were eight children rescued (all under age six), 19 cult members arrested, and evidence collected such as children's blood-stained clothing, blood-marked torture devices and other Satanic regalia. Ninth Circle Cult members who were arrested gave recorded statements and photos of the evidence was taken.

The eight young children saved from human sacrifice by the ITCCS teams have either been returned to their families (if kidnapped), or were being held in protective custody until they could be relocated into caring families. Three of the children were immigrants from Romania or Tunisia, while five were native to France and Holland. All remained in a state of shock after having been starved, beaten and confined in the small padlocked cages recovered in the raids.

Sadly it was assumed that Ninth Circle child sacrifices proceeded as planned in the US and Canada after all three ITCCS team members in Vancouver, Montreal and Washington DC were arrested by plain clothed security forces who refused to show identification. Child rape and killings were scheduled in a sub-basement crypt at the Vancouver Club; in a sub-basement hall at Marie Reine du Monde Catholic Cathedral in Montreal and within the St. John's Episcopal Church near the White House in Washington D.C. All ITCCS team members were released the next day, May 1, except for one individual in Vancouver who remained incommunicado. No charges have been filed.

It was rumored that the Vatican targeted top ITCCS officials for elimination in response to this disruption of their Ninth Circle child sacrifice rites. The Satanic child rape, torture and murder ceremonies were said to take place on a regular basis in Catholic facilities in Washington D.C., London, Paris, Dijon France, Brussels, Frankfurt Germany, Rome, Montreal, Vancouver, Geneva Switzerland, Tara Ireland, Zwolle Holland and Lucerne Switzerland.

The Vatican had a right to be concerned. The nineteen Ninth Circle Cult members arrested by ITCCS teams and local police in Holland, France and Switzerland were now sitting in custody in police facilities. Some had already identified senior members of the Ninth Circle Cult, including Catholic Cardinals, European Union politicians and military leaders. One who claimed to be a secondary level Ninth Circle leader, had agreed to provide detailed evidence including naming those who headed the Cult.

Already it had been alleged that the senior Roman Catholic official in Canada Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec, was present at March 2017 secret high level Ninth Circle gatherings in Brussels and Rome. Both Lacroix and former Pope Joseph Ratzinger were reported to be active participants in a Ninth Circle ritual killing of a young boy on February 22, 2014 at the San Lorenzo Jesuit Church in Rome. Also named at that child sacrifice were Pope Francis Jorge Bergoglio and Denis Lebel, a federal cabinet minister in the Canadian government of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper. (Videos of this report were banned from the internet within hours of posting).

Ritual killings were relocated, or suspended, as a result of the announced child sacrifice rite disruptions in Rome, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Brussels and Geneva. The suspected Ninth Circle ritual at the Opus Dei centre in Tara, Ireland was also suspended and no activity was detected at that site. Teams in other cities had nothing else to report, other than the cult sites they targeted were heavily protected by paramilitary personnel.

The day after these raids ITCCS executives received a back-channel communication from a party claiming to represent "an element" within the Roman Catholic Curia, the so-called College of Cardinals. This party requested a meeting between "influential officials" at the Vatican and the ITCCS leadership. The ITCCS response was that any such meeting must occur outside Italy and be subjected to monitoring and recording in the presence of security staff and legal counsel.

There was yet to be a reply, though police and judges associated with the Ninth Circle have escalated their attacks on both the ITCCS and allied clinical counselors who have diagnosed and publicly named Satanic Ritual Abuse crimes. Three of these counselors (in Canada, the USA and England) were suddenly facing professional discipline and possible criminal charges, along with the usual public smear campaigns.

A source within the Ninth Circle reported a "private" discussion of the top Ninth Circle leaders that occurred on May 2 in Rome. The details were passed on by a disenchanted Catholic priest who was close to a senior Cardinal and Ninth Circle member. At this private meeting it was alleged stated that the highest priority for the Circle was "eliminating" once and for all, the operational leaders of the ITCCS, namely the three Field Secretaries for North America, Europe and Australia - Kevin Annett, "John Street" and the Australian secretary.

It was not known if the Vatican's normal channel for assassinations – the espionage agency known as the Holy Alliance – would be handling these killings, or whether they would be contracted out to their partner mafia Ndrangheta. "Regardless," a ITCCS release read, "since our Field Secretaries Mr. "Street" and Kevin Annett have been visible leaders of our campaigns, their safety is of the highest importance. We have directed them and the Australian Field Secretary to go underground for now and follow the normal protocols of those who are in protective custody."

Another source close to Ninth Circle leadership has indicated that the Circle was moving its dual headquarters from the Club Lorraine in Brussels and a private chateau in Belgium to an undisclosed location in North America. This suggested that the relocated Ninth Circle headquarters could be near to Montreal or Ottawa, Canada, both of which had a long history of Satanic ritual killings and military MKULTRA/mind control programs closely tied to the Ninth Circle.

These expected counter-attacks of the Vatican hit list and moving Ninth Circle headquarters appeared to be a sign that the Ninth Circle and its Vatican corporate backers might possibly be in a panic mode. "We expect more cracks to appear in the ranks of their cult and for more defectors and informants to emerge" stated the release. "We are optimistic that this murderous three century old Jesuit cult is in collapse, which means that our efforts must intensify.

"We urge all people of conscience to join us, receive common law Sheriff training, and mobilize your communities to arrest the Catholic clergy and others who are funding and aiding the Ninth Circle."

The ITCCS was the investigative arm of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Look for updates at and Sundays at 6 pm EST, 11 pm GMT on Radio Free Kanata at

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