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Monday, May 8, 2017

Spirituality with Pine Cone: Coherent Spirit Freeing Grace

Feeling the absolute protection, and guidance from telepathic creative intelligence isn’t any less satisfying gratification, than being able to express the core infinite commonality, that comes from stillness lyrical wordless miracles.

The most subtle dissonance arrives reconciled from Immortal Love’s Sweet Beloved nectar, in devotion to my every denied separation shame, that keeps trying to justify, more Collective self-punishment Consciousness to satisfy, more Karmic-dissonance gender-separation proof of Guilt’s fear/mirror/death.

Thank you ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immoral Love energy Telepathic Effulgence for creating us in ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flowing free-energy enlightening liquefiable interconnection deep within all sentient Light beings, that ever were, are, and will be replete within me, timeless reverie within me, inviolate protection within me, and invisible guidance from within us all.

Thank you for the kind wisdom of gratitude to experience forgiveness Peace of others, as myself to enlighten Compassionate Delight for others, as myself, and to Unify Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes replication-freedom Mercy of others, as myself and, especially to feel this morning’s Coherent Spirit Freeing Grace within others, as my own intention to enjoy Multidimensional Joy in Heavenly Cooperating infinite Golden Ray HoloGlow Harmony.

Not only can I feel other souls benefitting from our interconnecting Harmony, but I can feel others supporting my Joy~needs to compliment our Oversoul family Communion, so what’s happening, and what is going on sings from our One Heart, that beats for all with new Ascension Awareness within each as all, and all as each, within Benevolent-complicity surrender inside Magnanimity’s Celestial Salvation.

***Peace of Love~Bright Light~Freeing Crystalline Innocence***

Ego Rides Four Dark Horses 102606

Become a tiny cell, like a marble among other colorful marbles, and soften and get fluid and plump, like a grape. We can hydrate and become a fountain together in any shape the energy forms in the Toroidal flux lines of God’s will. Connect in special intelligence and dance and flow in the magic of effervescence. We are for~every~where timeless, peaceful, and content in the living water cascading all around us. We become the water of God’s Crystalline will, and no Mortal vessel holds us in one shape.

We smile and slide close to each other with smooth cushioned resilient skin, that appears as Light to reflect our Life for each other. We are conscience, and have a conscience within consciousness as we bathe in the music, colors and Light of innocence emerging, growing, flowing and changing. We sprinkle around in the fountainhead of the souls of Immortal Love that we are, ever transforming in energy and timelessness. We become becoming, glitter inside, and inspire each other in God’s Living water, our tears, and Joy.

“Hydrate you old raisin, jump off your four dark horses, and sneak away out the back of the saloon, and give back the Conscience you stole from the bank in the dusty ghost town where lives our ego. Jump off the four galloping Dark horses; leave this dusty no-name town on foot, and jump into the water in the fountain of our Oversoul. Stop being always thirsty from your anger/fear/pain/shame riders. Learn to say “You’re right, I’m Sorry” once again. Get off our Sex-slave lonely dusty road; you’ve been kidnapped right out of bed, and can’t remember to pray in all the excitement.”

“God please help; I can’t co-operate with you; please stop these galloping horses!!!” Ever spend a day riding these Dark horses? When I feel in a slump, tired out of energy, chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I am bored and listless chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I’m depressed chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I’m lonely chances are I’m angry and don’t know it. When I’m scared chances are my ego may be inside gambling, horses tied at the bar in the dusty ghost town of my raisin mind, and the bank has been robbed of my Conscience.

1984 Pine Tree Experience

I went to a friend’s door and knocked and asked for help and boy, it is ever hard to be homeless and really need help. I had just lost everything in a bad marriage, where I was the sort of single parent and had been home three years taking care of the kids. My ex-wife was constantly with lovers and didn’t even take recreation with the three kids and me. She and the system ignored that I had been the principal caregiver for the last three years. I was really, really hurt and angry, and what a trauma it has been for my kids. My friends took me in for a couple weeks until I got sort of back on my feet.

I had been reading “The Wisdom of the Mystic Masters” where it explained there are two ways to infuse myself with energy and wisdom. #1, place a black oily substance (musk) under my tongue that cost about $100/ounce; and #2, stand next to a pine tree with all ten digits feeling the prickas of the needles, and meditate. Since I live in the Pine Tree state of Maine, I chose the #2 option as I was jobless and money-less. Oriental leaders would employ these techniques when they were making big decisions for the welfare of their country. Since I surely needed help, and without knowing anything about Mystic Masters, psychic energy, or Kind wisdom, for that matter, I began a faithful fifteen minute/four times a day ritual. I had begun recovery in therapy four years previous, and was already in the habit of meditation.

The book said that after eight or nine days, when I held my hands almost touching, that I would possibly see a blue hue between my hands. Well, this simple minded Maine boy was astonished and spooked to witness that blue light between MY hands in the evening of day number nine. I guess that with everything else that was happening to me, I didn’t feel worthy of being a conduit of any color light. On the tenth day, I had a wondrous pine tree experience that transformed my life. I was standing in the same footprints in the snow every time and things began to happen! Energy began to descend from the top of my head in my body, and it got heavier and heavier as it descended. When this sensation passed through my lower chakras, I was sure my bowels would let go because by then, the weight felt like thousands of pounds.

I just kept breathing slow “belly” breaths and in between breaths I saw “things”: a blue butterfly and the flux lines around it, a raven overhead (from the inside out, as if I WAS the raven), and I was looking out the window of the little airplane flying above me. When all the energy got to the souls of my sandals, and even though I was frightened, I just took another breath. Instantly, I (my energy) swirled around the roots of the little pine tree, and together, we sped into outer space. I could see a sort of thread connecting us with the little Earth way down there, and simultaneously, I was inside my painful body and energy was flowing everywhere, even past old detour signs.

I saw the magnetic flux lines around the Earth as well as the butterfly. A few breaths later and all, and I do mean all; my energy came back through my crown chakra. (I knew no words like this at the time). For three days I went around everywhere smiling and bubbling and repeating “joy and harmony, joy and harmony.” I began to do yoga positions naturally in lines at the bank, or at the beach, without ever knowing the word, “yoga”. When we compared before and after pictures, I appeared 10 years younger, and I still act and think from my inner child. My life is a meditation and I am on automatic pilot to grow and love and learn.

Twenty five years ago, right after this much joy and harmony, I started meditation every day and went to study Holistic Studies and Healing Arts in Cambridge, MA. I joined other devotees with Siddha yoga, taught yoga, communication and meditation at Unity church, in groups, and in an intentional Spiritual community we called “Avalon”, where we modified so called “Active Listening” to “Love Listening” in the belief that there is love in everything that anyone says every time. When I studied in Zen, I learned that after experiences like with my pine tree, if I do not continue to meditate, that it could become just a faint memory or a little once-upon-a-time story.

From where I lived in consciousness in 1984, this experience brought me from way low up quite a few floors on the old elevator of consciousness, and Masters will offer the Koan “What’s the first step off a 200 foot tall flag pole?”, so there have been a few dark days of the soul since then. I experience daily enlightenment now and I live in meditation so I am not so staggered by the new-ness of such a big change as the time of the pine tree experience. Now with “A Course in Miracles”, forgiveness prayers with Holy Spirit on the bridge of forgiveness, and a huge shift once again, my name reminds me of our Pineal Gland Portal to other dimensions in the ancient symbol of the Pine Cone.

Even my name is a symbol of commitment to Holy Spirit and multidimensional unseen realities, instead of tedious involvement with, just the body and all its limitations and entrapments of ego. When my 24 year old son experienced enlightenment, he called our bodies “The body bag of fear”, and now, every morning my last prayer of forgiveness is “ Please God give my body and mind a good, happy, and prosperous life and help me to forgive them.” I like my new name that chose me because after a few months of trying it on, I learned that Jeffrey means “The Peace of God”; Ellen means “Bright Light”; and Pinetree is an ancient symbol for Crystalline Innocent Freedom.

Coincidently, Jeffrey and Ellen are the names of my Aboriginal, and so called imaginary “Good” parents to replace my limited Earthly parents as I forgive the latter in my mind every day. Jeffrey and Ellen are no less real to me than Holy Spirit, and I kind of like the idea they have, like me, experienced murder, and genocide. I like to think that our Spirit lives on, and is for~every~where Immortal Effulgence, and this whole ‘name’ thing continually reminds me that I am Immortal Spirit; this body is just an image; it has nothing to do with what I am.

Grandmother Pine Grandfather
We feel you at our cone shape core inside us
Your youth stands now below us
Our youth is now above us

We support and smile our wrap around newness
Shimmer and shine through our dark bark that protects us
The sunshine of our crown warms us
Our spirit rivers grow taller

No hollow tree can support tall children
So Grandmother Pine Grandfather love us
Stay young and keep our faith for all our children need inside us
The Spirit of becoming

Only other tall trees surround us
We share the light and dance together
Our cones sing and spread the seeds of truth
Of all other tall pines forever

Pine #One Kindness Fractal
Please in Thank you Delight

About the Author


I “Love” to Admit it 11/22/16

I “Love" to admit it, but I have been captivated by the constant Blackmail battering of this Child-sacrificing malevolent World, so that I ‘want’ to surrender to Holy Spirit, by turning within, as a new humble priority. Sex-slavery robbed me of my soul, as a child, yet once I realized everything difficult, that happens enhances my devotion to turn even, more within ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiveness nurturing, instead.

I fought like Hell to work, very hard for Money to, barely survive, but after a few years of meditation, and forgiveness prayers to Holy Spirit, to do the difficult forgiveness of others, as myself, more money came to me from Spirit, right through other benevolent Sources, than I ever, even knew about, before surrender. I “Love” to admit that Money doesn’t come from hard work, or social-norm Blackmail, but comes from Source, just like everything else, we need to ‘thrive’, instead of, ‘barely survive’ in addiction to this Child-sacrificing malevolent World.

After losing connection to my, own Conscience, I have become a kinder feeling empath, and a constant seeming mistaken threat to others suffering, just like me, before I sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated my suffering ass off. Like kindness comes from within Spirit devotion, so too, does being able to feel again, without letting those ephemeral duties control my reactive behaviors any more. Money, kindness, and feelings come from turning within, to ask for help to forgive all my captors that, still suffer much tortuous regret for forcing me, to do things out of fear, that no Child would, ordinarily want to do.

After annihilation traumas of the lower fourth dimensional ‘murky unkind’, everything outside triggered my reaction to live in the past swamp, ‘as if’, so, as I became more addicted to the outside Illusion of, more fear piled up onto, more traumas, I “Love” to admit that, with a gift of desperation, I became a, very willing candidate to surrender to something else, besides this unholy smelling foul-World of sulfur-predator crap. Now I see, all suffering evidence, as a gift from ONENESS to have compassion, and Mercy for, all who, still haven’t turned within to receive Money out of nowhere, and become a kinder feeling person, instead.

I am more sensitive to Blackmail than I have, ever realized, and even that’s a gift now, because I used to blame myself, ‘as if’, all evil was my fault, but NOTHING can, ever be further from the Truth. I was a beautiful innocent Child, and I, still am, inside, no matter what I used to think, and no matter what constant Blackmail, still wants to make me feel that lost-soul way. Blackmail is a constant battering here in Karmic Hologram miming-mirror Earth Paradigm, and who knew; before I turned within, where enlightening compassion makes me feel like a ‘kind kid’ with pocket treasures full of Sparkling Golden innocent-kaleidoscope perceptions again?

When I surrendered to Holy Spirit, Money was the furthest thing from my new mind of Delight, and I, certainly was convinced, that I would, never become a kinder feeling empath, ever again. Getting old had become a ‘given’, but turning within has made, even gettin-gold a ‘variable’ out of my getting younger now, every time Holy Spirit welcomes me inside, where eternal youth commands, all kinder feeling empathic Mountain Top kindergarteners.

Money, Holy Spirit, my soul, kinder feeling empath, forgiveness, my Conscience, compassion, Mercy, my Inner Child Spirit, eternal youth, the willingness to face outside Blackmail with a new motive to serve, with the, very “Love” that I have to admit, all these Wonderful gifts from within nurturing, that replaces any more outside need for what, best can be defined as needy-ransom soul-selling Blackmail=Burnout.

Inner-Child Spirit Safe-Home, within
author Pine Cone

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