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Monday, May 8, 2017

Timelines and The Upshift by For Us

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,


The first time I heard about the time lines being split up was via a channeled message from AAM. I think most of us recall that post. I then heard what Zorra had to say about it and will reference it later on.

During a brain storm session alone in my room I had a few light bulb moments which I will express to you now. It started with me taking into consideration the CLEAR separation between those who are expecting FULL disclosure which includes the release of technologies that would fix world problems almost overnight.

And those who DO NOT have this in there minds at all. These just so happen to be a mixture of the sleeping masses and includes the MAJORITY of exchangers.

What's the difference you ask? It's simple.

The MAJORITY of those who have currency to exchange are religious or "spiritual". It's no secret as you can see it via the posts on this site and others. Many believe Jesus is Lord and Savior and that they will be doing Gods work after the exchange.

In this reality THEY will be the one's to fix the planet up and bring prosperity to the world. They will go on to do all they have been planning to do. Many of them do not believe in all this E.T talk and if they do they think it's all the devil and demons. Then there are those who are torn between the two and as a result are VERY confused and spew that confusion upon others, be it ignorantly.

Naturally in this reality disclosure is not a huge priority and as a result will happen very slowly over some years.

Then there are those of us who are on a different path. We have been focused on and ready for disclosure for a long time now. We are not religious in any way having snapped out of those boxes long ago. Interestingly enough the MAJORITY of us DO NOT have currencies and or never cared to purchase any after finding out about it.

We are expecting FULL disclosure and the technologies that come with it. We are expecting and excited to reunite with our Inner Earth and Galactic families and all that comes with that. We honestly don’t care about money or the exchange of it. Even though allot of us could REALY use it, our hearts are elsewhere. Knowing full well that it wont be needed.

What I am now saying to you is that THESE are the two time lines and they are playing out right in front of you on a daily basis. The split is becoming more clear as the day of announcement nears and rightfully so.

The announcement is the catalyst that completely splits the time lines. Rather it MARKS the complete split of the time lines. The up shift in human consciousness will occur at that moment causing you to seamlessly shift into the other time-line where FULL disclosure happens. The rest will stay here in this current time-line as it has ALREADY begun on the slow disclosure path.

Those who stay will still experience the announcement of the Republic and the exposure of many lies. This includes soft disclosure on a public level. The soft disclosure path has already been discussed by people like Corey Goode and David Wilcock. Interestingly according to them both the "Earth Alliance" are the ones that want soft disclosure that would take years to roll out.

While the Galactic’s want FULL disclosure and NOW. Could this constant disagreement among them be the reason why SOURCE allotted for the splitting of the time lines? Essentially, effectively and perfectly giving them both what they wanted while simultaneously taking into account the very real split that already exists among humanity, giving US what we want as well?

In perfect harmony with everyone's personal development. Allowing for each individual to ascend at the right pace. It's so wonderful to think about!

Both realities will experience peace, prosperity,no cabal,new technologies etc. The KEY difference being FULL vs SOFT disclosure. As stated earlier soft disclosure will roll out slower and has already began in this reality. Notice the news story's about drones being used for this and that. Robots being used in factories. Light talk about other planets and possible life. This is all the beginnings of it.

In this reality people will be using drone type vehicles to achieve flight. Odds are anti gravity wont come until much later. You can look up the various flying car working prototypes that already exist. Vehicles like the “Lilium Jet” which is the worlds first VTOL vehicle serves as an example of what will be.

Things like this will become normal and accepted worldwide as the new standard when it comes to transportation. New and faster ways of building houses will also become the norm as well. Most likely 3D printed houses. 3D printing tech will become more advanced and a part of everyday life for you. Look around and you can see that you are already on this path. Many news stories about the use and potential of this tech.

Advances in medicine and healing would also bring humanity to a much more healthy state of being. Once again the soft disclosure has already started on this front for you with news stories about pills that can reverse aging etc.

In the other time-line FULL disclosure would have happened which in-turn would mean the use of anti gravity vehicles. Replicators for food and clothing and possibly other things. I consider a replicator to be a 5D printer of sorts. Advanced healing technologies such as the crystal light chambers we here so much about. Advanced housing methods will also be introduced.

Houses formed from crystal technology most likely. Eventually we would find ourselves living in Inner earth. Where there are whole areas already prepared for us. Crystal/light tech will be used for many things and become the norm. Money would be of no use whatsoever. Becoming full galactic humans will happen and we will travel, learn, explore and continue to evolve.

According to Zorra we would have the capability to reach back and guide others along the path toward ascension, helping them in various ways. They would see us as light beings perhaps. We would send light projections of ourselves to them etc.

Speaking of which a big difference with FULL disclosure is the reality of "solid holograms". We will find out about the various people in government that have been nothing but a solid hologram this whole time. They would cease to exist after disclosure.

Another thing Zorra said was that people on the other time line would not even notice we were gone. We would have solid hologram versions of ourselves be put in our place automatically as to not cause a huge stir among the sleeping masses. The last thing they need is millions of people disappearing. This would cause worldwide panic and heart ache. I can see the rapture talk already.

So to avoid this, solid holograms would be put in place. These holograms are very real. You would not be able to tell any difference.

I can go on and on about the possible differences in time lines but I want to say this one last thing.

NOW is the time to FULLY put your hopes, expectations and energy on what you REALLY want. If you are dead set on the exchange and cant see past it then put all your energy towards it. Likewise if you are all about disclosure and reuniting.

However in doing so DO NOT WORRY. Your higher self knows what you need to experience and where you are in your path. You can rest assure that you will ultimately be EXACTLY where you are supposed to be. There is nothing wrong with either time line. You are not “missing the boat” so don’t let that rigid idea enter your mind.Wherever your heart is,there will your treasure also be. It’s as simple as that family.

One Love To You All...

Signed: For Us

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