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Saturday, May 6, 2017

(Video) Rise Together -- Our New America: A New American Tale

Published on May 6, 2017

Our New America

Once upon a time, the people were tricked into thinking some people were better than others. This was done with an ancient law document called the Code of Hammurabi, which evolved over time to what became Moses’ Law, Common Law and then Vatican Law. The Vatican Code was then used to created UCC law, which now forms the basis for International Law—or the Law of the Sea.

The situation came to a head when the masses realized that those in control were actually not special at all, but simply using elaborate tricks and props to makes themselves seem great and powerful—much like the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz.

The people were unhappy and wanted another way of living together; a way where they would have all the benefits of the current way but without government controls. Groups of free-thinking individuals across the world began coming up plans, all which seemed brilliant and wonderful. But every time anybody’s plan got very far off the ground, it was either sabotaged or somehow taken over.

Hundreds of years went by and nothing was working. Until one day, everyone realized that things were actually changing. People had begun listening to their own inner wisdom and doing things based on their inner core values…and amazingly, it seemed most of the people across the world shared certain values. These shared values were written up and are now called the 14 Statements of Responsibility. And the more people acted on these values, the more everyone realized that they weren’t as controlled as they thought they were. The key was for everyone to begin taking RESPONSIBILITY for themselves.

A new America began to develop. It would took time, of course, but finally, a plan came together that had not been compromised nor corrupted. And and a new America was born.

New America includes everyone in the world who wants to be a part of it. Here’s what it looks like.


In the new America, communities are no bigger than is required for everyone to have a voice in the ecclesia. An “ecclesia” is simply a neighborhood meeting where matters concerning the community as a whole are discussed and decided upon.


There are no professional ‘judges’ or ‘lawyers’ and no standing court buildings.

If a dispute arises, those involved work it out between themselves or seek the help of a mediator. If that doesn’t work, they take the matter to a trusted member of the community who will hear all sides and render a judgement. If the problem persists, the disputants take the matter before the ecclesia.


Police are ‘policy enforcers’ and part of the old government control system. In the new America, the community intervenes where violations occur. Where there is threat of harm, the community has a duty to protect. This means that in the new America, police are out of a job.

Banks and Money

The new America will eventually live without money because the Earth is plentiful and provides more than is required for abundant life. But for the time being, sovereign nations will issue their own asset backed, physical currencies based on the Heirship Economy.


At one time, the practice of buying land, owning it and excluding others from utilizing it was unheard of. Land was held in common by all the people. Individuals and families maintained their own homes and homesteads of course, but a majority of the land was available for all as a supplement. The new America returns to this practice. Land is occupied freely and blocking off land for sale or rent is a violation of natural law.

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