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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Advanced Research on Race and Cloning, the History of the "Haole"

Source: Dinar Chronicles


In the islands of Hawaii, the word haole is occasionally used to annoy people whose skin is all white.

In the past, it was a more broad label stuck on everyone who was not kanaka maoli, a true native from Hawaii.

But a very long time before that, words in the oldest Hawaiian language had much more special meanings, many to do with occult matters.

Back then the word haole meant "who-do-not-breathe". In fact, it was used to describe the dead.

Sometimes with the truly physical meaning, other times in a more subtle spiritual sense.

Often, the two perspectives were mixed together, such as to describe a ghost, or a god.

In the year 1778 of the haole calendar, Captain James Cook of the ship HMS Resolution, and his band of Englishmen came ashore at Kealakekua Bay on what is now known as The Big Island of Hawaii.

There is no recorded proof that this landing was deliberately planned as to timing and location. But Cook had already visited several other parts of the island group.

He may have been fully aware he was arriving at a sacred place whose name in Hawaiian meant "where-the-god-comes-and-goes", and that he was doing this in the middle of the annual festival to Lono-i-ka-makahiki, supreme head of the pantheon of Hawaiian gods.

The skin of the English was as white as the huge squares of bleached cloth tied to the masts of their ship.

This was considered to be more proof that they were spirits, because only men who do not breathe could possibly be so pale.

And so whites were called haole.


We offer this historical tale in reference to the upcoming GCR/RV that is forth coming next week, where all currencies worldwide are to be recalibrate back to their audited, authentic and true value based on a nation's natural resource reserves.

But other hidden truths are also being revealed with the GCR/RV timing that have caused great shame and suffering in terms of humanity's understanding of its authentic history.

Below are classifications of 5 skull types found on planet earth. Aside from the obvious nose, eyes and mouth differences, it's also wise to notice the similarities.

4 out of the 5 skull types come from genetic races of color. With the outsider looking in being the Caucasian skull type (aka haole).

Also if you'll recall from past posts we have discussed the death of human cloning emanating out of the military sciences.

Human cloning is much more prevalent than anyone knows about--dating all the way back to the early forties in Nazi Germany

In fact, modern In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) medicine comes from original human cloning military science.

What many people don't know is that with each genetic replication or clone that is created, it draws from the cellular biology of the last clone, and thus weakens the cellular composition and pulls it further and further away from God's authentic desire for mankind.

This means with every cloned "copy" there's a weakening of identical duplication ability--which as a result creates a lighter and lighter skin color per each replication.

A simple way to go understand this is looking at example an original photo that is copied continuously in a Xerox machine.

The more said original photo is copied and recopied, the lighter and lighter the original image appears to the naked eye.

Now many in religious communities feel that IVF is more more than a harmless coping process, and morally it goes against the will of God for humanity--that man is tinkering with divine creation.

That is a debate for another form, but the reason it is brought up now is because we understand current American President, Donald J. Trump, is a clone in its 14th generation human replication (soulless or dead haole).

Which ironically or accurately would also explain why Trump comes off oblivious to how many people worldwide loathe him--as clones lack the ability to feel empathy.

The Trump clone just keeps on creating chaos without any remorse for the political destruction he is causing daily.

Maybe this is the reason why his skin is spray tanned continuously and seems to be applied thicker and thicker.

Now his skin color has an orange appearance versus a more natural and normal authentic caucasian skin tone.

Now if this information may be very disturbing or unbelievable to you at first reading, but consider the life of Michael Jackson--who from a very early age was noticed to be hyper talented.

We understand (believe) Michael was not only cloned for future cabal activities to influence the masses, but reined more than three dozen times in his fifty year life span.

If you'll remember, Michael became noticeable lighter the longer he was alive.

Was Michael really a clone? Many who have study human cloning and the singer's life specially say absolutely.

What say you?

Given all this new information about human cloning, and Trump specifically, maybe our President's resignation is actually needed to begin the RV roll out, so we as a country we can place an authentic or real human being in the White House to run our nation's affairs.

Believe, don't believe... either way you're right.

God is with us.

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