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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Communicating with Otherly beings by Karma Zarenzi


by Karma Zarenzi

Someone asked me fantastic questions about communicating with “otherly” beings as I like to say, and so I thought I’d post my response. LOVE TO ALL!!

QUESTION TO ME in their words:

“I communicate with the other side. I just wanna know how u know they are aliens u are communicating with? I communicate with spirits. I see them/hear/feel etc. Family members have clarified that I’m right on what I’ve said etc. I’ve just explained to u about my experience. Can u do the same? Have u seen them? Again can u explain how u know its an "ET.”


When you perceive otherly beings with your perceptions, what do you experience with each of you senses? To see, would be Clairvoyance, the visual aspect. I experience so many types of beings, and also for me in multiple ways and through multiple senses. I believe most of them I'm experiencing, are from another "dimension" so to speak, but just meaning that they reside in a different frequency or vibration than we do. Keeping the frequency difference in mind, and the way our "mental" understanding of the Universe is quite different from beings of the different levels, which is in addition to every person having a unique perspective, and in addition to us all being connected, being One, and experiencing the Universe as our gets complicated. LOL

To me, the best way to explain it is to say it's like translating from one language to another. Beings in other frequencies are sort of speaking different “languages” than us, and have their own individual perspective, and some have sort of group perspectives and speak in one sort of voice/communication while speaking for multiple beings, or certain specific group of beings.

So in addition there being different levels of beings, there is also the aspect of yourself that people refer to as the Higher Self. Some people believe in a sort of top Creator that is the highest level in the Universe/Multiverse, and can call it multiple things God, Goddess, God Head, Mother God, so to some these levels represent the places in frequency between us and Mother God. Some say there are Archangels, Angels, Aliens meaning they typically reside somewhere other than Earth (although some to reside on Earth but had not typically been seen so are assumed to be Alien). Beings that were a person on Earth who died/passed over and are negative, I personally believe are mental energy embodied by negativity such as emotionally traumatic events. I feel there are spirit guides, spirit animals, etc. and that everyone has guidance, but not everyone knows how to connect, is ready to connect, or wants to connect. Some people believe we are our own Creator (which is True either way) but that there is no higher God. I feel all perspectives are valid and True, as we all have our own set of parallel Universes we create.

I feel there are different vibration levels or frequencies, and through processes like mediation can raise your frequency to access the information guides give you, your Higher Self gives you, or you obtain from the Akashic Records (high vibration database for records for yourself, humanity, answers to the Universe, etc).

When I am experiencing these beings, I see, hear, and feel them as well. I feel what I am “seeing” is a translation of what image of themselves they are trying to project to us with Love. They don’t want to frighten us, as it is very intense to experience the energy of an otherly being, let alone visually see something that is “alien” to us, or rather, something we are not familiar with or don’t know about. It is a natural human brain reaction to be startled by seeing something so different, it often causes fear. But fear, lowers our “vibration” which then makes it harder to perceive them (assuming they are higher). So, it may be a transition over time of what types of perception you get with these “otherly” communications.

Some beings can be perceived with Clairaudience (sound). That is helpful to develop. I find it easier to start using my inner audio dialog to open up that sense, and to ask yes or no questions to start with. Some beings communicate with symbols, numbers, shapes, music, art, etc. Some set you up to figure it out for yourself by throwing things in your path. When I “see” beings, I associate them with their energy (Love). I have “seen” beings that are certainly “alien” to me! Big eye greys are commonly seen on media, and I have seen them, greenish blue beings, white beings, beings that were not physical in nature and were more like light beings or energy beings, animals, and animal beings of different types.


So, those are my thoughts. I’d love to hear other people’s perspectives on otherly beings. If you want to chat about your experiences, feel free to email me with the subject “otherly beings” at I do readings if you would like assistance from me that is more than just a chat. I have collected a bunch of videos about different types of otherly beings, including excellent videos on how to start communicating with your guides, at the top of this playlist:

Much love always,


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