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- UST given release authorization by AIIB/HSBC.

- Banks, paymasters and groups now wait worldwide for UST to activate USN and begin global RV this week.

- Start time now on Republic leadership political and military.

- Trump public resignation, administration termination and removal protocol all negotiated.


- Robo calls teed up with 800#s & redemption instructions.




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Sunday, June 4, 2017

List of Terrorist Incidents in May-June 2017

image source

June 4, 2017

Posting the latest news about the London Bridge and Borough Market terror attacks in the UK along with a documented list of terror attacks that have happened all over the world.

So far 17 different terror attacks have been reported by Wikipedia in the month of June. Here are the links for each month with referenced attacks. Please note the terror events that the main stream media choose to cover. I am sure you can spot the pattern and reason why those events are covered more than others.

List of terrorist incidents in January 2017
List of terrorist incidents in February 2017
List of terrorist incidents in March 2017
List of terrorist incidents in April 2017
List of terrorist incidents in May 2017
List of terrorist incidents in June 2017

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