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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Midnight Rambling 1: Healing Tornado

Midnight Rambling 1: Healing Tornado

SO I was feeling very ill. I was really hot and my chest was heavy…it was difficult to breathing. I had been having trouble breathing on and off since I had to pull over and get picked up 5 days before that. I sat in front of the fan to cool off, but getting dizzier, I laid down on the floor, flat on my back.

I was trying to calm my breathing, and was having more and more difficulty. I gave a little call for Sooze, who was outside, and she came in. On her way in, she was telling someone to make sure the pets are in, and other things talking quickly. Wondering what was going on, I started to come to.

I was ill and very out of it, so I didn’t even hear the rolling thunderstorm building outside. I suddenly hear lots of loud thunder crashes through the window right behind me and where I was laying, and hear the wind pick up fast.

It’s so beautifully ferocious. Storms excite me.

Blaze blaze blaze the violet flame, transcend all shadows into light Light LIGHT.

It feels like Time is in slow-motion at this point. She brings me a cool towel to cool off my face and neck. A few seconds laters she starts walking over to the window. I tell her, I’m starting to feel a little better.

“I see a funnel cloud” said Sooze.

With Sooze help I stood up. And everyone, including the pets, got into the hallway for shelter. The power went out, a brown out really at first, then completely out. My breathing started returning to normal. I could feel my limbs. My dizziness dissipated. My temperature went back to normal. Calm. Quiet. Ahhh… Sooze said she wondered if the positive ions in the air, the electricity in the air, helped me feel better.

The next day in daylight we talked to neighbors, and one said when he looked out the window the air looked like a washing machine, with wind and water swishing midair. I thought back to looking out that window, and knew exactly what he meant. The power was out two days. But my electronics are STILL acting weird. I like analyzing patterns, so when I saw a repeating number pattern, I had a little fun. The digital clock was acting awry. I took a video this numbers pattern looping 3 times, you can watch it here:


BELOW is some thinking-on-paper algebra chicken scratches, for fun analyzing the digital clock number patterns. Feel free to make up your own meaning for these number patterns.

Love you, KZ.

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