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Monday, June 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 12, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 12 2017

Compiled 12:02 am EDT 12 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. June 11 2017 8:08 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "WTF" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Sunday - June 11, 2017

1. GESARA compliance kicked in Thurs night / Fri morning June 8-9 everywhere in the world. How that effects final geopolitical puzzle pieces snapping into place is still a mystery. GESARA delays are still occurring with the U.K. Prime Minister uncertainty.

2. Last week solid Intel from the table where documents were signed and handshakes made said Fri. night into Sat. morning June 9-10 was our "RV date" and Sat. June 10 was the go moment.

3. Signs on both Fri and Sat nights indicated final release performance protocols were either being tested or implemented, and then pulled back.

4. Below is the timing that occurred:

a. Fri. June 9 6pm EDT all military and security personnel went on operational go alert.

b. Fri. June 9 8pm EDT all exchange center staff were called in and told to report before midnight.

c. Fri. June 9 10pm EDT all front screen rates appeared locked for a weekend release when suddenly, administrative authorizations for wire transfers and account holds vanished.

d. Sat. June 10 12am EDT Exchange Centers became operational ready.

e. Sat. June 10 2am EDT Call Centers became operational ready.

f. Thats when everything just stopped.

5. Logical continuation assumptions are as follows:

a. Between 3-4am EDT 800#s would likely be released during lowest internet traffic time.

b. Between 4-6am EDT the first exchange appointments would likely be scheduled to begin during the lightest transportation traffic patterns.

6. We didn't get the release this weekend as projected and were unsure as to Sunday.

7. However, we were told in no uncertain terms this was the negotiated release weekend for the RV from Beijing and confirmed in London with Republic sources verification independently.

8. We don't know why we're in this holding pattern, but with sovereign trading beginning Sunday night June 11 @ 8pm EDT, it feels like either they must go before that to give everyone a fair start, or wait another week until trading ends on Thurs. evening June 15.

9. Given the uncertainty of Cabal guard trying to force UK PM Theresa May out of office the Elders could have pulled back the RV until there's a clear governing pathway.

10. BiBi lost his amnesty by still trying to start a third world war in the Middle East by isolating Qatar. He will be prosecuted on an international stage for 9/11, as will many in the Rockefeller created House of Saud ruling Saudi Arabia as well as the Rothschild created old Hosni Mubarak gang of thieves in Egypt (many have spent considerable time in fail already).

11. We don't yet have a start or restart time or day.

12. Wise to pay constant attention to the RV now. We never know when it's going. Just why it must.

B. June 11 2017 9:52 pm EDT Update TNT RayRen98: Weekend Update from TNT RayRen98 6-11-17

1. Iraqi TV is showing Iraqi troops and PM Abadi celebrating a private victory in Mosul.

2. In Iraq a public victory celebration is expected for Mon. June 12. (Just not sure WHICH victory is being celebrated)

3. Military leaders are claiming that only 2 miles remain before full liberation.

C. June 11 9:47 pm EDT TNT Ecubucs: "Quietly Happening" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts

Mosul is and has been OVER! People are being called in if for nothing other than exchanging for SKR's! This is quietly happening and our groups are the last. This Is Occurring NOW!

D. June 11 2017 9:59 pm EDT My Intel Timeline Reallucky: "My Intel Timeline Estimation of RV" by Reallucky1 - 6.11.17

Timeline I predict for the next week or so:

TUESDAY (6/13/17)

1. President Trump gave a speech at the Governor ball (3 months ago) at the White House, he told the Governors present to look forward to his speech Tuesday night (6/13/17) where he will going over how the States will each be given more power. He said you know each States laws are different and we are giving them each more power as I laid out in my Inaugural speech this past January. Tuesday at 8 pm EDT, will be the time of President Trump's speech.

2. Abadi will be doing a celebration in Iraq on Tuesday (6/13/17) for the full liberation of Mosul, put off from Monday the (6/12/17) and moved to Tuesday.

3. A big banking meeting will be held called the World Economic Outlook or the WEO, for the IMF WEO. I attached the schedule of this meeting

4. We had to wait an entire week to hear James Comey testify before the House Oversight Committee, but they squeezed in Jeff Sessions to testify in front of the House Oversight Committee Tuesday (6/13/17), about the ties to the Russians interference in our elections.

WEDNESDAY (6/14/17)

1. President Trump will be making a speech on policy outlines for his administration, I do not know exactly what topics he will be discussing, but quite interesting to have two major speeches back to back Tuesday and Wednesday. It was mentioned on Fox News its about his policy changes, hopefully something related to the RV.

THURSDAY (6/15/17)

1. Exactly 3 months to the day that the USA, inc went bankrupt, the old system has been out now for three full months which after the described meetings and World Economic Summit leads me to the next bullet point.

2. The rates usually change with the Federal Reserve Bank on the 15th or the last day of the month. There has been rate changes made during Ramadan.

3. I believe we will see a rate change on or before June 15, 2017.

FRIDAY (6/16/17)

1. Exactly three months since March 16, 2017 when the new system was put in place. The reason I like this date is they may have needed 90 days to have the system actually made workable, similar to how long it takes to gets things through the House and Senate, when rushing them through.

I also have heard from several Intel providers that June 21, 2017, the Summer Solstice or kick off of summer, is when the New Republic will be made public. Whether that information is true or not, it fits into my timeline. We have been told repeatedly that we would have 4 days prior to the public announcement. If the rates appear on the market on Thursday and we are given the 800 number on Friday, appointments to be set up Saturday 6/17Sunday 6/18Monday 6/19 and Tuesday 6/20. Leading to the public announcement on June 21, 2017.

Last powerful Super moon on Saturday June 24, 2017, these Super moons are known to bring luck and are great for new beginnings. What a great new beginning this would be for all of us.

The only other date that has been given is June 30th thru July 5, 2017. The end of the first and second quarter comes to an end on June 30, 2017. The USA, inc was taken out and they have been using the new system, but it has not been announced. Like I mentioned before two sets of books. They can not have the numbers and currencies printed on the Fiscal Services for the US Treasury since April, and continue to not have the rates at the bank. I believe everything will be finalized by June 30, 2017, as to not go into the 3rd fiscal quarter of 2017.

This is of course, once again my opinion, but we are very close. I have heard so many Intel providers saying this could go into the start of 2018. That is absolutely untrue, with the IMF and WB demanding, and the countries all waiting to go International, use your own discernment. Keep in mind, the people will wake up and realize, we only had til the end of this month before all the money would be completely used up by the end of this month. Iraq is not going to wait 6 more months to go International. Remember we were told that Boeing will deliver there new planes to begin service in Iraq on 7/1/17. All my instincts point to Thursday the rates will come out, but I could be wrong, but this will happen before July 5, 2017, to stay into the first half of 2017. Hope this helped some of the readers to understand and remember a few things we have been told. See you guys on the other side of 5D!! There is a great special on Nat Geo or NGEO called Hell on Earth: Fall of Syria, its really interesting to see what the troops went through to free this nation from Daesh, and Isis, this special will be on for a few hours if you get a chance.


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