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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 4, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 4 2017

Compiled 12:08 am EDT 4 June 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. June 3 2017 3:15 pm EDT GCR Intel Situation Report: "Mixed" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Saturday - June 3, 2017

The Bad News:

1. The long awaited RV is now scheduled to release June 10 2017 anytime after 12 pm EDT next Saturday.

2. Mossad (Netanyahu) and Hamas (Abbas) came to final Middle East Peace terms on Friday afternoon June 2, and they chose to announce their historic agreement at the tail end of the Arab-Israeli 6 Day War 50th Anniversary which falls on Sat. June 10.

3. This paves the way for ex-FBI Director James Comey's knife in the heart Trump obstruction of justice & impeachment worthy offense testimony--which as predicted here will be used as the RV flash bang scheduled to start promptly at 10am EDT Thurs. morning June 8

4. Trump's taped resignation will ultimately be aired sometime after Comy's testimony over next weekend, in sync with the RV release.

5. Expect the media and politicians to go ballistic following his testimony.

6. This process is no longer a secret to the major power players as it was explained by H.R. McMaster to the Bilderberg Group late last night June 2, and why I was also told we could now be informed as to make our final preparations... just like the remaining Cabal leadership.

7. The snap British Election will be completed by June 8, 2017, which will again go towards accomplishing UK GESARA compliance regulations for all UN Security Council Members to be firmly assigned new leadership apart from their former government. This election could have been held well after the RV with no problem. They decided to squeeze it in.

The Good News:

8. Screen rates will continue to rise and rapidly all week leading up to the RV. That goes for all RV currencies revaluing.

9. I wish this update were more immediate, but from my unique seat, it is extremely positive to actually know we are on the intel beam from the top down.

B. June 3 2017 9:42 am EDT GCR Geopolitical Op-Ed: "Jump" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Op-Ed - Saturday - June 3, 2017

1. In Nov. 2016 the new ZIM bond notes came out at 1:1 (1 Zim to 1 USD.

2. As of today June 3 2017 ZIM screen rates have been reported to be above the CNY screen rate of 6.82:1. (1 Zim is worth $6.82 USD).

3. This happened largely out of public view so the masses would not revolt due to a primal panic of the unknown (aka change).

4. The modern system of finance was illegally flipped over a 70 year period to tilt the balance of power completely in favor of the Cabal.

5. The gold standard has been returned to establish a common and controllable fair market benchmark for all currencies, trade products and bond issues - and agreed to by all major businesses and governments.

6. All governments and leaders of this newly freed world have either been reformed or replaced due to past corruption or non "greater good" practices. That's like everyone in power.

7. You'll start to see retirements in mass now after the financial reforms have been fully implemented.

8. This means behind the scenes, and sometimes out front with normal Presidential election cycles, the overall decision making mechanism that governs 7.8 billion people in 209 sovereign nations has been realigned into a moral, ethical and unwavering legal governance with strict compliance mandates per a signed international treaty named GESARA.

9. Militarily there is no more war between nation states on the planet right now. That includes the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia. This is all due to GESARA.

10. Healing medicines, practices and technologies will be appearing shortly, and some like we've never heard or comprehended before. They are here. Manufactured. Ready to be shipped.

11. Free energy technologies and products will be released to the general public, and renewable, natural sources of energy will be easily harnessed - driving the old energy companies out of business unless they too reform and choose consciously to assist the greater good of society.

12. Mass media messaging and entertainment programming should change drastically, from blood and gore, death and destruction (fear) to images and stories of healing and unity, peace and fellowship (love).

C. June 3 2017 2:55 pm EDT Notice at Humanus ZAP, Jerzy Babkowski, Overseer, Humanus Administration: ZAP Special Notice at Humanus - The Office of POOFness -,

1. Humanus has been advised to go to a total blackout mode for an unspecified period of time. This has to do with the financial and political forces at work.

2. As Humanus is a recipient of funds for the Reconstruction Projects, we were asked to observe this blackout, along with sister organizations under the same directive. All communications with Humanus will be monitored for compliance.

3. Humanus will keep working in the background, and when the blackout is lifted, we shall contact the Project proponents and give further instructions.

4. We thank you for your interest in providing Projects for our Humanity, and we will do our best to provide our services to these Projects in a timely manner.

D. June 3 2017 12:14 am EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Boom" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Saturday - June 3, 2017

1. We're being told by credible sources that as of midnight Friday June 2:

a. Trump's resignation is in - declaring restoration of the Republic and publicly announcing the end of the USA, Inc.

b. Netanyahu's public resignation is in - surrendering control of Israel to their new Republic government and acknowledging the two state solution for Middle East peace.

c. Abbas' public resignation is in - clearing a pathway for a new Palestinian State and acknowledging Israel's right to exist also as a sovereign nation state.

2. They have decided to mutually step aside on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli 6 Day War, which falls on Mon. June 5.

3. The above has already occurred and the Trump administration will end by mid-June.

4. All banking, government and military items on the Elder's pre-RV checklist has been completed. We are waiting now on one final geopolitical item to wrap up (treaty signing) before we began our long awaited RV.

5. BiBi knew he had to go, but he wanted Abbas to go first. Abbas demanded BiBi leave first out of principal for invading Palestine. BiBi felt he still had negotiating leverage with his USA ally Donald Trump. When Trump surrendered his resignation to avoid jail, this snookered BiBi, and Abbas took the opportunity to resign and close the ultimate deal.

6. Bilderberg is right now meeting in Virginia to get the details, and be corralled during what we believe will be the economic roll out of GESARA or RV.

7. National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster is there in Virginia representing the Republic - explaining to the remaining cabal flunkies how Trump's removal will be rolled out in the media, and reminding them of the consequences if there's any disruption to the Republic's impending sovereignty launch moving forward.

8. We're still not clear on final timing this weekend. But we're working on that.

9. Stay mentally ready for an anytime release, folks.

10. We be free ya'll! God is with us.


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