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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Steve Beckow -- An Introduction to... What's Happening in Our World

Steve Beckow, Golden Age of Gaia, June 30, 2017

A colleague has asked me to write an introduction to what's happening in our world.

That's a challenging assignment.

I'd need to mention Ascension, Disclosure, Abundance, and building Nova Earth. Maybe grab a coffee and settle into an armchair.

We begin....

At the end of every planetary cycle (26,000 years), there comes a time when those who are ready are accepted into what we now know as a higher dimension of consciousness. Jesus is a good example.

In present day, they won't go anywhere necessarily, although they may. Instead they simply exist in a greater state of love, a higher level of knowledge, and a greatly-increased sense of peace and security. Choose a name to call their state of consciousness. I call it "ascended."

Our "ascension," our climb to that higher state of consciousness, is gradual, punctuated with a few mass events. It has to be gradual or we'd find the process disorienting. The mass events could be as unnoticeable as an energy surge or as noticeable as a mass spiritual experience (OK, enlightenment).

While this process is going on and at a time when enough people on the planet are in a high enough state of ascension that everyone doesn't freak out, the various galactic civilizations who've assisted us in the process so far will reveal themselves. We call this process "Disclosure."

What have they been doing? There's a wonderful video online which shows a spaceship passing through and destroying a meteor headed for Russia in 2013.

I'd imagine that no one video better suggests what they've been doing. They've been saving humanity from a number of perils the world has faced lately.

Banning the use of nuclear weapons is one. Removing depleted uranium from the skies is another; DU is a planet-killer, an omnicidal threat. (Have the mainstream media even reported on the threat of DU? No, they haven't. It's too important a military weapon.)

They patiently foiled the plans of those who wanted to dominate the planet. They mitigated the damage from disasters like the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and manmade catastrophes from weather-warfare weapons like HAARP. They neutralized weapons used against all humanity to reduce the population, like chemtrails. (1) They're restoring health to the financial system, as we'll be seeing in our near future.

They'll be introducing devices to us, like the replicator or free-energy tools, that will lift us out of poverty and want. This computer I'm typing on ultimately comes from the Roswell spacecraft and the Internet is modelled on a galactic system. I could go on and on discussing the impact the galactics have had and will have on this planet, which they've cared for for millions of years.

They're our star family, since we're descended, not from apes, but from their civilizations (Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Andromedans, etc.). At some point a group of influential Gaians, as we earthlings are styled, will appear on TV and announce to the world that we're not alone.

Hundreds of thousands of people already know that, but the announcement will put an end to government secrecy and the terrorizing of UFO witnesses and contactees.

Suggestions on what to disclose next? How about who killed John Kennedy? And who was behind 9/11? Answering those two closely-guarded secrets should be enough to pull the whole structure of government secrecy down.

Disclosure doesn't simply imply the disclosure of the existence of our star family. It also means a flood of disclosures, a flood of truth, about our past, present, and future.

A whole other area will be disclosed, but to speak about that I have to give a little background. Our view of our world can be compared to an accordion, which has been closed and is suddenly pulled open.

We go from "this everyday world" to a Third/Fourth-Dimensional world, one of twelve dimensions. We awaken to a mutidimensional world.

And we're not only introduced to new folks like our star family; we're also introduced to such beings as ascended masters and angels. The cast of who are helping us with Ascension and Disclosure expands by millions.

If your feelings of love and security rising gradually coupled with the sudden explosion of so much truth in your life is not enough to totally set your head spinning, here's another. You'll begin to see the spread of planetary abundance.

It may be that some people are starting to pop up having an abundance of money which they're distributing to organizations and projects doing service to others.

It may be the arrival of planetary prosperity coupled with new governments.

We're midway in the execution of plans that are designed to bring unprecedented levels of abundance to the world. It's a complex process and is taking time, but its appearance is close.

In the beginning, as plans are now, the ball is going to be hit to a group of people in center field we call "lightworkers." They serve the world and the Divine Mother (Christians call her the Holy Spirit, Hindus, Shakti).

Their task is to build a new society, a new world, Nova Earth. They'll be given abundance to do that, aided by the galactics. They'll distribute that abundance to groups and projects that are contributing to the rise of Nov Earth.

That world will go farther than human rights; it'll be based on universal laws of love and forgiveness.

It'll go farther than a vast improvement on things; it'll see the rise of a world that works for everyone. (2)

It'll go farther than expanding the meaning of humanness; it'll see the welcoming back of the divine - Father/Mother God - into our hearts and lives.

It'll see a complete transformation in our society. Nothing will remain untouched.

I hear you saying, how can a world be made to work for everyone? That's easy.

I lived for extended periods of time during 2015 in a state of higher-dimensional love and bliss. In that state, to borrow from Sir Thomas More, I would think none harm, speak none harm, and do none harm.

When, due to the rising energies, all the world is in that state of higher-dimensional love and bliss, which is what Ascension will produce, the world will work for everyone.

That alone, never mind all the added benefits I've gone over here, makes Ascension, and with it Disclosure and Abundance, enough to occupy the Six O'Clock News from here to eternity.

But when will you hear about it there? The answer is: Soon. On a revitalized, liberated media. Watch for it.


(1) On HAARP, see "HAARP: Is It Weather or Government Terror?" at and "HAARP: Weapon of Total Destruction" at

On chemtrails, see "Chemtrails: The Consequences of Toxic Metals and Chemical Aerosols on Human Health" at

(2) The phrase is not mine. It was first spoken by Werner Erhard, founder of the est Training.

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