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Saturday, June 24, 2017

What Really Happens in the Courtroom these Days

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

What Really Happens in the Courtroom these Days

The judge utilizes the defendant's ignorance of what is really going on to his full advantage. Why? Because he and the prosecutor get paid from the money paid by the defendants found guilty (by way of a system set up to send these payments to a federal reserve bank [in Texas] and then distribution goes back to those judges and prosecutors who have successfully convicted these defendants and made them pay). The defendant is ignorant of the fact that he is a sovereign being and the judge only has jurisdiction over corporate law, which only concerns UNLIVING corporations (not any LIVE being like you always rightfully considered you are).

And so, by way of what the uninformed would consider normal court proceedings...

(1) the judge gets the defendant to admit to being under his jurisdiction when he first introduces the case into court and then asks the defendant "if he UNDERSTANDS" which, in the hidden-code legal-speak being employed by the judge here, actually means to ask the defendant if he agrees to STAND UNDER the jurisdiction of his court because without this consent by the defendant the judge has no jurisdiction over him and the proceedings could not continue beyond that point and

(2) the judge gets the defendant to speak up in the name of the DEFENDANT being charged in the case which sounds exactly like defendant's name when the judge reads it out in court but the NAME in the text that the judge is reading from is always spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. And there is a world of difference here because that ALL-CAPITAL-LETTERS NAME is the name of the corporation and as soon as the ignorant defendant answers up to that NAME, he has just spoken up for the corporation and he admits himself as the target for all the charges that are being levied.

This is a statutory courtroom (statutes are not laws) and any plea based on constitutional rights is ignored because a corporation (the DEFENDANT) doesn't have any constitutional rights. The whole proceeding is just carried out for the sole purpose to determine how much the DEFENDANT owes for violating said statute and identify who will agree to pay that money. The ignorant defendant who, as a living and breathing sovereign upon this land, is senior to all statutory law--law that only applies to corporations--has spoken up and gone along with this fraudulent misrepresentation as all of his forefathers have done for about three generations now.

There are several solutions for this situation and a very workable one for any defendant in any case is found here:

...which says all of the following except for the explanatory text that I added in brackets like [these]:

Know your rights or you have none.
Posted on May 20, 2017



You tell the judge this WORD for WORD and NOTHING ELSE [That refers to ALL the five lines of INDENTED text BELOW (not above) beginning with: "This is for the record. ..." down to the end of #4 below and no further. Don't read out the one line of instructions to you, the reader: "(Now read these four sentences)," which is not indented.]

This is for the record. I am here in body of flesh and blood

(Now read these four sentences)

1. I do not consent to these proceedings
2. Your offer is not accepted
3. I do not consent to being a surety for this case and these proceedings
4. I demand the bond be immediately brought forward so I can see who will indemnify me if damaged

Your case will be dismissed

The judge has no choice other than to dismissal of your case he/she cannot bring up the bond.

Then give this to every defendant. The courts will close down because the courts are a Private Business and not a justice machine as originally thought.



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