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A Cabal-MIC hidden underground facility was discovered under Sugarloaf Mountain in West Cork.

This facility was discovered after the interrogation of a Cabal-MIC agent that was recently apprehended.

Construction of another CERN portal was discovered at the facility. Two giant Tesla capacitors and a super computer were also found at the facility which were designed to operate the CERN portal.

This time, the CERN portal was to be used for the Cabal to escape off-planet.

The Alliance destroyed the facility along with all of it's contents.

(Note: The search for hidden underground facilities does not hinder the timing of the RV in any way. These operations will still continue Post-RV and Post-GESARA.)

The RV window opened as of yesterday, the 17th.

Banks were receiving back screen rates from the new financial system as a test.

The new financial system will cause a major correction in the stock market which is planned to begin before the 26th.

The RV will be released before the major correction occurs.

The longer it takes, the smoother the transition. The transition was never supposed to be easy. It was originally going to be rough. The Alliance have been working hard to soften the blow of the transition process as much as possible. Their goal is to make it a smooth transition.




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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Coming out of the Spiritual Closet & Frequency Jumping

Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet & Frequency Jumping

We're all afraid of being judged. Especially by the people we love the most. And I've been ridiculed, laughed at, and have had people's eyes rolled back for many of my beliefs and ideas since I was a teenager. I learned early on that if you didn't think or believe the way most people did then you were at risk of being labeled as crazy.

I understand now that many who don't understand ideas that are outside the box of social acceptance, use the word crazy to justify their own lack of understanding.

After 20 years of keeping my biggest passion of spirituality private and close to my heart, I made a big decision last year to step out of the spiritual closet and own the very part of me I'm actually most proud of. It's the one area of my life that brings me the most joy, and a deeper understanding of myself, my relationships, and my purpose here in this life.

I know that many people who've been on this path a while or are just starting out, struggle with being accepted for this part of their life. In the video below I share with you why I finally made the decision to make this part of my life public and what happened to me when I did.

I've never felt more supported and surrounded by like minded people than this current time in my life. I thank each and every one of you who can love and support one another despite differing beliefs. Celebrating our individuality and honoring our connection to one another is one of the fundamentals of humanity.

BIO: Nicole Frolick is an inspirational speaker and the author of Inflexible Me: Expanding Past the Inflexible Barriers of the Body, Mind, and Soul. She has an unconventional spiritual podcast called Enlighten Up, available in iTunes. Utilizing her Four Fundamentals of Flexibility, Nicole shares with her audiences the importance of flexibility in accessing the greatest potential of individuals and companies. She coaches those who desires to live life on their terms after hitting a ceiling on their perceived potential and wanting to break through it. If you're looking to expand past your own blocks, you can email her at for more information. To learn more please visit

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