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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Discerning Intel by KarmaZ

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,


Hello fellow spirits! Your perspective is valid whether you agree with me or not, my dear friends. This is my only my perspective and opinion, but I do not “know” anything. I love You, and You are Me, and I am You, and We are One.

In my opinion, the word "conspiracy" has been pushed hard by the ruling establishment, possibly even invented by it. It is a tool for one of the most effective blocks of Truth. I don't refer to hiding Truth, since it they "hide" it all in plain sight. Wait until we all find out what some of our landmarks really represent! (Throws up in mouth a little.)

When someone tells Truth that is bad for the ruling elite, the Truth teller gets discredited. We have all seen "trolls" like those that leave inappropriately negative comments, accusations without any ability to reference any proof or evidence for the claim, and saying things like they Truth teller crazy, stupid, a liar, etc. These are common tactics. However, keep in mind, we may not have any evidence for the supposed intel either. That’s why we need our discernment, gut feelings, and intuition.

What's worse is that in addition to paid, bribed or brainwashed people posting comments to discredit TruthSayers, there are Artificial Intelligence (AI) online algorithms (computer software) that use search word phrases, and can have automatic comments in response to those Truth phrase posts, that discredit the Truth. In some cases, you can tell what posts are the most damaging Truths, since they are so badly attacked with fake comments. This type of technology is public knowledge.

If you are ruling elite, you have smart access to ALL data on the internet, except maybe on the dark net. If you are publishing Truth, then these search engines that are much like Google's online search capability (only much broader), WILL know about it. They are connected everywhere that is on an internet connection, like it or not. TRUTH and elite damaging posts trigger the AI, alerts the system, captures the source of data, and has automatic replies preloaded to trigger. Even the autoreply comment can have a coded time delay, so the automatic nature of the comment left on a Truth post, will not be noticeable.

***Here is some IMPORTANT things to consider when listening to any supposed "Intel". ***

HOW can there be ANY Truth online then? As long as the source of the Truthful information (Facebook page, YouTube Channel, person themselves, etc) is easily discredited, or has already been discredited, then it is left online and merely discredited. It HELPS them to have the Truth spoken and then discredited, rather than to remove the Truth, as Truth will keep popping up. Once that specific Truth has been discredited, all the other future claims on that Truth, are now dismissed as already debunked and false. Plus, anything that person says in the future, who was supposedly "discredited" in the comments, is now labeled as fake news, and now no matter how provable that information provided is, no one is listening.

So, how do you keep Truth available online?!

In my opinion, the most damaging Truths to the old paradigm controllers, have a better chance of remaining if it discredits ITSELF within the SAME intel report. For example, I read that the healthcare bill has NESARA and other things hidden in it. Earlier this year, I felt like when Trump said “Repeal and Replace”, that he was referring to NESARA, but so much is quickly changing in our timelines and reality, I quit trying to figure it out! Haha.

I also thought I skimmed over something in the intel report about McCain getting his eye taken out, but we can see he does indeed have a scar above his eye but no eye patch to cover a missing eyeball. LOL Maybe I misread the article, but regardless, I use it as an example because if an intel report says he is missing an eyeball and then we see him the next day with two eyes, that part of the report discredits the whole report. Therefore, the article discredits itself, regardless of how True (or untrue) the part about NESARA being in the healthcare bill may or may not be. And since it blatantly discredits itself, I feel it is more likely to remain on the internet.

My point here is that the most TRUE intel may often have completely obviously false or even provably false claims within it, such as INCORRECT DATES. Please, don’t think about exact dates. There IS NO TIME, my dear friends. And our Galactic Family understands the Truth beyond time in a way that is difficult for us to understand. Exact dates in intel or channeled information are wrong very often, and it could be the discrediting itself to stay online, or it could just be that time isn’t what is seems and dates are extremely hard to predict as is often true in channeled messages.

If you are building yourself up for a date and then feeling let down, you are not alone! But in my opinion, energy is balance, so if you have “Hope,” then the balancing emotion can pop up “Fear”. For example, I HOPE this date is right, but if it doesn’t happen on that date, then I FEAR all of this NESARA stuff and New Earth stuff and new age hippy revolution stuff must just be a fantasy in my head. This is a strange way that Hope can lead to Fear. This dynamic surprised me and can be very dizzying! I totally understand, believe me! I gave up on this Revolution in a very big way a few times, before I found my even keel with it. But again, all this is just my opinion.

I love all of you so much! May we all HOLD the LIGHT, as we came here to do.

Bless you and Namaste.


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