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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Mass Spiritual Awakening Caused by Social Media?

Source: Truth Theory | by Luke Miller

In recent times the way we communicate has become a lot more intimate and people have become more easily accessible. This is in a big part driven by the emergence of smart devices and social media. I can post online what I had for lunch and people in every continent on the planet can share that moment with me. This has its perks (good information reaching a wide audience) and its vices (addiction, bad information etc.), but in this article I am going to discuss the spiritual effect I believe it has had on society.

Recently conversations have changed in many ways- firstly the open discussion of what was until recent times termed as "conspiracy" are now considered by many to be facts. To name a few big changes-

A few decades ago people would blindly follow the words of the doctors and pharmaceutical companies and while it is still an ever growing industry- more and more people are now opposing pharma.

While I am not advocating for Trump, the fact that he won Presidency shows that the establishment has lost its grip on the media. Trump is actually not part of the bought and paid for establishment, and if you look back on the election- the media tried their hardest to push Hillary as the candidate, but due to alternative media such as wikileaks- releasing damaging stories about Hillary– Trump done the impossible and won.

There is also the emergence of people speaking about public schooling as a method of indoctrination, the people calling out the prison for profit system in the states and the overwhelming amount of people who have showed their support for issues such as Standing Rock– where oil company Energy Transfer Partners decided to drill for oil on sacred indigenous land.

I would argue that these are all a part of a spiritual awakening, or to term it a little differently- a mass empowerment of the people. You see a spiritual awakening is simply a removal of conditioning, starting to think for yourself and live inline with what is true to you and your higher self.

As human beings we are naturally inclined to help others and do good things, however we are also susceptible to doing what we feel is the normal thing to do. With mainstream media constantly perpetuating doom, gloom and misery it leaves people feeling as if the world is a terrible place, full of terrible people who are full of hatred. This has a ripple effect leaving many people feeling as if it is the norm to be self centred and to only look out for themselves.

Social media has strengthened this position in many ways, but it has also strengthened the position of normal people being able to share straight from their hearts. This has a far more impactful reaction as it is honest and in line with what other people feel at their core. Before social media, we couldn't as easily see when your friend was helping out with a local charity or giving their support for a cause.

Sometimes it takes us to see someone else shine their light, for us to feel free to shine ours, and this is what is happening on a mass scale now.

Organised religion has created a barrier between man/woman and spirit- the basic essence of organised religion is- "you cannot effectively communicate with the spirit world, so I will do it for you" this has created a barrier between the common person and the spiritual dimension.

This again is where social media has played a big part- a person in China can say they are going through a specific process and a person in America can share that they have experienced the same thing. A while back I wrote an article called "Do You See 11:11? The Mysterious World Of Synchronicity" 10 years ago, the general public in (for example) a conversation at work would say you are crazy to discuss things like meaningful coincidences that are in some way guided by an external force. Now half a million people read the article and share the same experience.

This is not just on a personal level, but also media has changed. There has been an emergence in alternative media sites such as- Collective Evolution,Educate Inspire Change , Unify and The Free Thought Project all sharing ideas that have not been shared on the current level they are now being shared on- ranging from global synchronized meditations to global synchronized marches against oppression.

The establishment are trying to fight these types of news sites under the guise of "fake news" but it is too late- they cannot undo what has already been started.

Social media, alternative news and the new information sharing revolution that we are going through is here. It has its pros and cons, but the box has now been opened. We are experiencing a mass global awakening of information that has been in the hands of very small groups for so long. The tides are now changing and we should embrace this mass spiritual awakening!

Please share the revolution and let your loved ones see this information!

IMAGE CREDIT:bowie15 / 123RF Stock Photo


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