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The timely passing of the spending bill was a significant move prior to the 26th.

What is "actually" contained in the spending bill will benefit us all.

Everything officially released is scripted and already done or agreed upon behind the scenes.

The Petrodollar will be forgotten once oil starts trading in gold-backed Yuan by the 26th.

The end of the Petrodollar is the end of Cabal leverage in the global economy.

The trading of oil in gold-backed currency will trigger the new financial system.

The RV was said to begin before the new financial system is triggered.

RV exchanges/redemptions will be processed through the new financial system's back screen rates via private appointment.

Your exchanged/redeemed funds will be in gold-backed Yuan or USN.

Withdrawal of these funds will temporarily be in your local fiat currency until the new financial system is officially triggered and all rates are reset.

Stay seated and enjoy the show.

Change is coming.




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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Mr. Ed's Intel Update (Real News): "General Update" -- July 25, 2017

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 26-Jul-2017 02:24:44

Source: Rumor Mill News

INTEL Update (Real News) via email - "General Update" 7/25/17

Subject: General Update 7/25/17

So you think Obama was a great guy?

While this used car salesman for the 4th Reich was giving out trinkets to the masses, he was planning the Big Heist on the dumbed down American people.

In 2015 Obozo bankrupted the UNITED STATES INC...which bankrupted it's franchises including our Cestui Que Vie Trusts (Birth Certificates)...which in turn bankrupted the Territorial State of State organizations that were presumed to be our beneficiaries.

Although we are The Primary Security Interest holders in this gigantic bankruptcy...Obozo and his rats tried to exclude us and steal our assets by quietly proceeding without our representation.

However, some smart people smelled the rat and went to the district courts in D.C. and proclaimed that WE THE PEOPLE are alive and well...and we own the spoils of this quietly held bankruptcy proceedings. (that the media is hiding from its citizens)

On June 29, 2017 the proper paperwork was presented and the rats were at a loss over what had just happened to them.

Their source of funds to continue their slave racket ended but they didn't give up.

They created a Treasury Direct Account scam to embroil citizens in a quagmire of misuse in hopes of getting some spoils from their offering of "Stolen Funds" to the unsuspecting marks.

Its failing.

The NEW WORLD ORDER JESUITS need money to enslave humanity...and they are failing.

209 nations are changing the game and exposing schemes to injure or kill their creditors in America (and the world) which have been realized by the awakening of those who didn't know what they didn't know.

As the Physical and Fiscal realms are being cleaned up on planet is the Extraterrestrial realm.

There have been Galactic wars going on and earth has been quarantined so that bad ETs can't get in or out.

The Warrior Vulcans have been brought in and are killing the reptilians and Draco’s in droves.

The Dallas airport underground complex was hit yesterday and Atlanta's Harts field is about to start any hour now.

The Vulcans are backed by another 50 ET races (planet wide) in this effort.

The control rooms that house the Artificial Intelligence System were hit and it is now in the process of relearning goodness.

The evil ETs will be sent to the Planet Nibiru which is the planetary "Trash Pile" of evil ETs.

The center of evil / head of the snake on earth is the Vatican Dracos in Rome.

In the Vatican basement under the catacombs are levels of stench...half eaten human remains (and other creatures) plus sacrificial altars.

The writer "Dante" was escorted down to these levels during his writing of "Dante's Inferno" and shown depravity beyond description.

Religions have been used as control mechanisms and a way to hide our extraterrestrial connections to off world species.

We are approaching a "Quantum Shift" in a few months (as we leave the 3rd dimension and ascend to the 4th) which will give us tremendous mental powers.

In that realm...we will be able to "manifest / create something from thought" and it will appear...or even lift a house with our mind.

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