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Monday, July 31, 2017

Response to Starseed Releasing and the Purpose of the Upcoming Event by Kellie

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

by Kellie

This is a response to:
Starseed Releasing and the Purpose of the Upcoming Event

This post struck a truth nerve for me. I've been thinking this for awhile... That maybe this RV is a diversion from the real issues. Many of us drawn to this are of the light. The author is a starseed who had a very stressful life here on Earth. I can think of no reason why this posting would be false, since if I stop looking for the RV, if it is going to happen, it will happen regardless. I will hear about it. But lately I have been feeling a need to go within, so I do. I just look up with my eyes closed and stare upwards. Not sure what to do. I just listen for something and ask for the truth, but nothing happens. The other night I was doing this and it was at night in a totally dark room. The room began lightening up, like I could see, but my eyes were closed. I even squeezed them tighter just to check if they were open or closed. But it was not super clear. Then I saw a dark shadow type clothes...kind of like the description of a grey, but about 6` tall with a non rescript face, no real features...maybe just darkness around the eyes. It kept coming over to me as I lay on the bed, and leaning over me, as if to check if my eyes were open. Then it would walk away but then come back and check on me again. It was as if it could sense I was 'seeing', but I was not letting on. I finally opened my eyes and it was still actually dark in the room. I saw nothing else and it hasn't happened since. I was not afraid. In fact I punched the air where it once leaned over me, not seeing anymore but wanting to send a message of no fear.

I I feel like I really know nothing. All the previous early years of church indoctrination.....gone. I am not sure now. Is the earth flat or round? Were we really on the moon? Is Niburu coming closer? Is the RV real? I've been in this 15 years. Everyday a drug I need to take. But something is speaking to me and I need to `know` my answers, not have someone dictate them to me. This author said something that I have been secretly thinking and pushing aside into the farthest reaches of my mind. Thank you for sharing this with us. I would like to hear your thoughts again. I have a question for should I be going within? What am I asking for other than truth? How do I hear the answers? I know nothing anymore. So many lies, arguments, half truths, truths interspersed with untruths. I am starving for true knowledge. How can mankind truly move forward?

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