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Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 16, 2018 Compiled 16 July 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery,...

Friday, July 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 21, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 21 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 21 July 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. July 20 2017 The Big Call Bruce: playback:712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Yesterday July 19 Bruce was told 5 different release times, but it did not go and he doesn't know why.

2. Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. There is a new IMF office in Baghdad and the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has a new website.

3. The Iraqi Qi cards (for citizens to share in Iraqi oil profits) have been issued, rates have climbed on them, plus they are scheduled to be activated internationally by midnight tonight July 20.

4. The rates are being traded up on the market.

5. We have an all new SWIFT system. There was a glitch in it during the day yesterday and again last night.

6. Redemption centers remain on hot status and won't turn off their hot status until after the RV release.

7. Tiers 1,2,3 and 4 could be paid out at any time, along with the 800 number release. Notification for all will come at the same time.

B. July 20 2017 9:24 am EDT Zap Mid-Week Report: ZAP's Mid-Week Report - The Office of POOFness - 7.20.17

1. I am preparing to head out next week to get the foundation work underway.

2.China is a very active place right now with so much going on.

3. I will be traveling to several destinations to get it all done in time and the window is pretty tight.

4. We have gone dark for the moment until we get everything ready for what is to come.

5. I wish I could say more, but it is sensitive. Destinations, times and who is going to be seen and where details are out of the question.

6. The project side is going to come alive, so the infrastructure and services will be required as quickly as possible. It is going to be a massive effort by many sister organizations that are taking part in this global effort.

C. July 20 2017 6:12 pm EDT Fisher: "The Bureaucracy Reverts to its Normal Level of Incompetence" by Fisher - 7.20.17

1. Yesterday July 19 Amazon, CITIBANK, PAYPAL and others were informed that the TDA's (US Citizen Treasury Debit Accounts) would be available/open, which is why Amazon told all to re-process their prior purchases

2. CITIBANK was told by a Treasury representative/agent that the accounts would be accessible Wed-Thurs July 19, 20, this on a 3 way call between Citi, a Citi customer and the agent.

3. There were many such inquiries and calls with Treasury agents with all callers given the same or similar answers: Wed-Thurs July 19, 20 the TDA accounts will be "open."

4. Two things to remember: HSBC (Hong Kong) said to "expect" something around midnight Wed. July 19 and the Treasury saying the TDA's were NESARA money.

5. HSBC was expecting the US Note announcement, which we would be the new currency for the Republic since they cannot and will not use a fiat currency.

6. No announcement was made. There was no new US Note release.

7. Today July 20, all TDA transactions were blocked, stopped, reversed and many accounts again closed, or put on hold.

D. July 20 2017 1:19 am EDT Real Truth Call, Yosef: Real Truth Call Replay w/ Yosef - GCR/RV/Geopolitical Intel 7-19-17 "Seems to be a Confluence of Strange Events" by Fisher - 7.19.17

Yosef: 'I am breaking every NDA I've signed, (but) I'm not going to say anything that can hurt anything. I'm just confirming what Fisher posted on Dinar Chronicles, which was:

1. Today July 19 Amazon orders that were via the TDA were reversed, some, not all, then Amazon froze the accounts. Then, Amazon un-froze the accounts and invited everyone to re-do their orders and even provided the customers with a list of the items ordered.

2. Today July 19 people were purchasing Treasury Savings Bonds via the TDA and having the orders confirmed. (1st hand reposts, some in the millions)

3. Today July 19 PAYPAL management was asking the US Treasury what process they could use to transact all the requests they've received.

4. Today July 19 the US Treasury was quietly saying that the funds in the TDA accounts was, get this, NESARA money.

5. Today July 19 other TDA transactions that were "reversed" were "reversed" again and allowed to go through.

6. Today July 19 multiple banks were reporting that systems were down.

7. Today July 19 government sources were laughing at the idea of the Senators going en masse to the White House to discuss "health care."

8. All this while today July 19 HSBC (Hong Kong) was advising everyone to expect "something" around 12 midnight EDT.

E. July 19 2017 Tilton's Outlaws Call, Dunn: Philip Tilton's Outlaws Call Replay w/ Kent Dunn 7-19-17 Call replay link:

1. Today July 19 an approval letter has been received by the paymasters, indicating the 800#s were coming soon.

2. We have received confirmation from the US Treasury that TDA accounts are the beginning of NESARA.

3. The 800#s could be shared by any electronic means

4. If you had Zim and you called the 800# you would be transferred to another operator who would set your appointment. You would not have to call another 800#.

5. We have been assured it would happen, that we were in a perfect window on a min. to min. alert and in an expedited mode.

6. Rates:

Dinar International: $3.71 Negotiated: $245.00
Dong International: $.47 to $.87 Negotiated: $128.00
Zim International: 100T is worth $200 million Negotiated: $65.00 to $100.00 plus

7. Negotiated rates required an NDA and structured payout ranging from 5 to 300 years.

8. Interest rates (on the money left at the bank during your structured payout) were being offered ranging from 2% to 10%.

9. Negotiated rates required a humanitarian plan. The bankers were most interested in improving not just your local area, but extending your project throughout the globe.

10. The Landa Global funds "were already on the table."

F. July 20 2017 Geo-political Analysis Fulford Report: "Massive Campaign to Flush Secret Khazarian Government" - Fulford Report - 7.17.17

1. High level meetings between Chinese, Russian and US military types have reached the conclusion that a short sharp war may be necessary in order to flush out the Nazis and their secret world network, Asian secret society and Pentagon sources say. The plan to flush out the secret government will take the form of a joint US, Russian and Chinese military attack on North Korea. “This will force North Korea’s ET backers out into the open,” the Asian secret society sources say.

2. Years of forensic research by this writer have revealed a secret network connecting gold mines in the South Pacific, off the grid Antarctic bases, hidden submarine bases, the world narcotics trade, North Korea and Israel among other things. This network, created by fascist allies who did not surrender at the end of World War II, is believed to be supplying North Korea with its nuclear weapons and missiles.

3. For that reason, the Asian secret society sources say a campaign portraying North Korea as a villain will be intensified over the coming months in preparation for a short but intense war early next year. This war will not involve countries as they exist now but rather would be between hidden forces behind countries, the sources say. So the Russians, Chinese and Americans would attack North Korea, who would be backed by secret Russian, Chinese and American factions - making it a war between secret societies rather than a traditional one between countries, the sources agree. The aim will be to force out secret groups operating behind the scenes into the open, the Asian secret society sources say.

4. Pentagon sources say that North Korea and Israel are intimately linked entities. To put pressure on them, Russian troops entered Southern Syria opposite the Golan Heights last week, they say. At the same time Russia fired an Iskander missile from a Jewish Autonomous Oblast near Korea “to send a blunt message that Israel must return the Golan Heights,” the Pentagon sources say.

5. The Jews are also waking up to the fact that their Khazarian mafia overlords are the same people who engineered the holocaust. Last week Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, the Israeli army’s deputy chief of staff compared Israel’s current government to the Nazis and has refused to back down - a sign the Khazarians are likely to lose control of Israel as well as North Korea.

6. Japan’s government recently passed a conspiracy bill that allows it to arrest people planning to commit a crime because they want to have a legal excuse to detain all the professional war makers who are expected to flee from North Korea to Japan once the fighting breaks out, the Asian sources say.

7. Of course, the ideal solution would be to bring these secret groups out of the closet without actually having to resort to a war, White Dragon Society sources in Asia say.

8. The Asian secret societies, Japanese underworld bosses and US military and intelligence agency white hats have agreed that making Japan an independent country once again would be a game changer for the entire planet. If Japan became independent it would immediately stop the looting of its banks, pension funds, postal savings and other wealth by the Khazarian mafia. This would definitively pull the plug on the United States corporate government in Washington DC as well as Israel.

9. US President Donald Trump is prolonging the inevitable bankruptcy of the US Corporation by selling arms and extorting payments from vassal countries. The wholly owned Puerto Rico subsidiary has already defaulted in May and, although not part of the corporation, states like Illinois are also bankrupt. This year, as has been the case for many years, the US Corporate government and its shareholders will be up to all sorts of tricks to try to kick the bankruptcy can down the road past the September 30th fiscal deadline.

10. In this context, the Asian Secret Society, the largest creditors to the United States Corporation, are seriously examining a WDS proposal to have Canada take over the bankrupt US and restore that country to democracy, the rule of law and sanity. In such a scenario the US military would remain fully funded as long as they promise to work for the greater good. This would immediately put an end to most of the world’s misery and conflict.

11. The French, under Rothschild servant president Emmanuel Macron, are also making a move to get control in the US. Donald Trump, top US general Joseph Dunford, CIA boss Mike Pompeo and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster were invited to France for Bastille Day celebrations as 200 US troops led the military parade there. Pentagon sources say the French proposed that they, and not the Germans, should be the top US contact in Europe. The French also proposed joint military action in Africa and the Middle East against ISIS as well as against the Chinese, the Pentagon sources say.

12. The French Rothschilds are also trying hard to convince the Trump regime to allow their slave, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso, to be the next Prime Minister of Japan and thus allow the Rothschilds to continue to be able to loot that country. Somebody should remind the French that the whole point of storming the Bastille was to end bloodline rule by people like the Rothschilds.

13. A clean-up continued in Washington. Former top insiders of the regime of Barack Obama, like his attorney general Loretta Lynch, have been providing in depth testimony about their Khazarian mafia bosses like the Clintons. Now former US President Barack Obama was claiming he was a double agent and that he was willing to fully disclose everything he learned while operating as figurehead president for the US Corporation, according to CIA sources.

14. On a final note, Khazarian mafia agents are trying very hard to shut down this newsletter. All our income from this subscription blog has been taken since March by the Japanese tax authorities in a provable case of double taxation. However, even this bogus tax bill was starting to be paid off so now Paypal is preventing subscribers from paying for this subscription blog. The result has been to reduce this writer’s income by 80%. After our new IT guy set up a system whereby people could pay using crypto-currencies, a bunch of used tampons and a headless, bloody teddy-bear were dumped on his property. That shows what kind of sick, evil people we are writing about. However, we will not be deterred and the IT guy is currently working on upgrading the website and implementing a new credit card based payment system.

G. ACH Payments: Secret Account Unleashed

H. Consumer Scam Alert: Using Federal Reserve Routing Account Numbers

I. The Federal Reserve Bank of NY site with the Fed Bank accounts held in our names and links to the new Treasury accounts:

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