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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Spirituality with Pine Cone: Forgiveness Intention Benefits

Forgiveness Intention Benefits 071417

Are you ready for this? - What is "God", and why are we here? (Deep!)

Not many humans practice continual forgiveness, so this opens up new perceptions, that are not available to closed minds set with weaponized intentions. When a 99%er person retains set intentions to control limited perceptions with a need to, already know about everything, or to not be able to see anything they don’t need to fix, or to get fan-base approval on, before they allow anything outside Collective Consciousness enforced mind-control barriers, without forgiveness intention benefits, there is, hardly any unlimited possibilities, or any creative intelligence available to become Aware of the Matrix Illusion stuck in linear-time fear-control.

3d’ers demand visible proof, for example, while True Forgiveness devotees, already attest to the Physical World as an illusion of Time fear-base Quanta. A social-norm closed-mind comes from fear motives, so there is, hardly any creative intelligence available to think outside the box, so to speak. This leaves out validity of any science, college, government, religions, families, Corporations, police, justice, industry, nature, all stuck in linear-time Physical-roles, that require a closed mind, and a closed heart.

Traumatized humans can’t stop controlling their set standard weaponized perceptions, so that means there is, hardly any human that can stop limiting their, barely coping past the continual rethinking, re-feeling, and reliving in the Karmic lifetime memories, that accumulate into the present, and future, until True Forgiveness allows anyone to open their mind, and open their coldhearted reactionary closed circuitry, to be able to live in the pleasant enlightening presence.

Intuition, gentle, kind compassion, and Unifying Karmic lifetimes Mercy are other Forgiveness Intention Benefits, and the most difficult part of, merely listing more benefits, is that 99%’ers, already aren’t capable to, even identify Immortality items necessary to begin Communion bonding Delight of benevolence, and magnanimity, without getting overwhelmed by their strong egos protecting their need to remain in control of their fear 3d Matrix.

Imagine one closed minded reactionary fear-controller stuck on an island metaphor of our Whole World, with another intuitive, gentle, kind compassionate Light Being, where impossible Karma, like this acts just like our 99%’ers in control over any open minded, open hearted Ascended old soul. Imagine my intention is coming from, so much humility, instead of any arrogance at all, and I think you can get the picture how most would assume I was trying to put myself above everyone?

Humility is as difficult as understanding subtle Intuitions for any traumatized human, and who isn’t, so battered here in this predator paradigm to, even want to open up to core-issue treachery buried under many lifetimes without any Atonement motives to, even understand True Forgiveness yet. “Closed minds” means control motives, and ‘closed hearts’ means rage vengeance to, completely censure another, if nothing else works to heretic-blame them like 99%’ers crucified someone else kind we can, maybe remember.

Ascension is another Forgiveness Intention Benefit, and like Love, Atonement, ONENESS and a whole unavailable vocabulary misunderstood, unconsciously prevent our closed minded Island participant from, ever enjoying Communion bonding Delight of benevolence, and magnanimity, without getting overwhelmed by their strong ego protecting their need to remain in control of their fear 3d Matrix. My need to enlighten compassion, more reminds me what, all my writing is really for. “Thank You Holy Spirit for directly experiencing forgiveness miracles working through, and for me to enlighten compassion, Love energy flow, and Unify Karmic lifetimes Mercy.”

Please forgive me for assuming others here don’t have core issues we, all would need to hold onto, until we’re ready to surrender to absolute unborn infinity. I need to thank Holy Spirit every day, for going through awful traumas in many lifetimes, and I can guarantee I don’t feel above anyone here, but rather am hardly able to keep up with, so many lifetime demons, that all came together this lifetime as the best repenting-way to clean house as we, all Ascend together.

I used to be so needy about sharing, that I sent the clear message it was not Ok with me that no one validated me, so I got past this neediness too, and am grateful, just to be able to enjoy the kind wisdom of continual grateful service, without any more codependent need to fix others, instead of myself. O M G is it ever nice to sleep without any night terror sweats all the time, and that’s enough, by itself, to be grateful for Holy Spirit guidance, and protection too.

I bet we would be surprised how many others Love me
Just like we never realize how many Love anyone of us

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