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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Steve Beckow: The Galactics and the Clean-up of Gaia

I’ve also been asked what the galactics are doing to clean up the planet.

Let me ask them the question:

What are the galactics doing to clean up the planet?

SanJAsKA: We are constantly in your skies, helping to mitigate and in some cases, neutralize altogether, the pollution that is continually manifested and fed on your dearest Earth.

The cabals have quite purposely taken to harming Gaia by way of polluting Her ground, skies, waterways and atmosphere and as such, we take to stationing ourselves in dearest Gaia’s sky so that we can send out formulas and energies that help in the mitigation of the negative effects the massive pollution being fed would otherwise have.

In so many areas of your world the cabals have established refineries, mills and other things that are intended to produce commodities and foods on your Earth, but that pollute Her surface and atmosphere drastically.

We ask for the collective of humanity to begin getting as active as you possibly can in raising awareness of the massive pollution that is being fed, because as a collective you can truly get so much more accomplished than you would readily believe.

Your collective power is quite strong indeed, which is why you have been kept separated for so very long. (1)

What about radiation? Fukushima, for instance, must be an unmitigated disaster.

Archangel Michael: The extent of the radiation is not truly, completely, fully disclosed. And it is not something that we have sent alarms out over because it is being cleaned up and transmuted by your galactic and inter-galactic brothers and sisters.

Has there been seepage into the oceans? Yes. Is it of the level that people are fearful of? No. Is it being cleaned up by your star friends? Yes. Will it have long-term effect? No, certainly because Gaia is not going to permit it. You see, Gaia has the capacity also to transmute radiation. There is natural radiation that occurs in many different places and in many different forms. It is a question of balance. So, it is being attended to.” (2)

Oil spills?

Matthew Ward: In alignment with [Earth’s] goal [of Ascension], our ‘space’ brothers and sisters are using their technology to alleviate the toxic effects of the oil and its dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the toxins in other waters, chemtrails and weaponry. (3)

What will the galactics do about pollution after Disclosure?

Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation: The vast amount of pollution is to be eliminated. The problem of waste that currently clogs your sewers and prevents you from obtaining the amount of drinking water needed can be easily corrected. … Moreover, you are to introduce methods that are to alter the unsafe nature of your transportation systems. (4)

Ashira: What we will bring forth is the way to work with energy in various alternative ways so that you do not need to keep maiming and drilling Mother Earth. (5)

SaLuSa: The pollution of seas is of major concern as it is killing off areas that sustains the life that should abound within them. In many areas the soil is saturated with chemicals and they need cleansing so that they can be fully restored.

There is much work of this nature which would present you with an almost impossible task, but as you are finding out, there are new discoveries that will immensely speed up such operations. Indeed, with our help the task of cleaning up the Earth becomes so much easier. There will be changes of such a nature that your industries will no longer need to use polluting or toxic chemicals. There are many changes planned that will speed up the whole process to restore your Earth. (6)

How will we terrestrials manage pollution in the future?

Saan: You’ll be able to use energetic transmutation to mitigate and cleanse the bulk effects from the pollution that [was] manifested and fed for so long, and the Pleiadians and Sirians especially take to stationing themselves in your skies already to perform what, to your collective, would seem to be very advanced and intricate healing and cleansing jobs.

As has been disclosed by others, formulas are indeed downloaded into Gaia’s atmosphere and along with this, pure energy from the hearts of those aboard the ships (giving the formulas) are added and mixed in with the energy given out in your skies, much of which is unseen.

This energy is transmutation-based in nature and serves to cleanse pollution to the extent [allowed] by the souls who manifest the energy and feed it through their sentient technology. (7)

Matthew Ward: Expanding renewable energy forms will phase out their fossil fuel industries. Free-energy sources they have kept under wraps will emerge. And protection of the environment will end wanton destructiveness. (8)

What will take the place of all the obsolete technologies which today produce the pollution?

Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation: You are to be able to employ technologies that are to transform your world. (9)

Pleiadian High Council: The inventions specifically that produce food and can give shelter among doing so very many other things to sustain a comfortable living completely for free … will be made standard and available to each an every soul on the surface of dear Gaia. Many of the things you are to be graced with are, in many cases, reparations for all that you have had to experience. (10)


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