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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - December 10, 2017

Redemption centers remain manned and bank personnel have received memos.

Trump to announce the USN before Christmas.

The situation within the WH and Government continues to get heated, ultimately leading to a mass indictment event (Plan B).

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Transhumanism is a Mistake by Amadan

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Transhumanism is a mistake and a trap. It is sold as a quick fix/upgrade to increase human potential. But, why would we need to increase human potential when our human potential is already infinite?

To the extent that the human body is replaced or "upgraded" with non-human parts/technologies, those individuals risk incremental loss of their true human potential.

Our human potential is infinite! (Yes, I mean INFINITE.)

We each carry the spark of God our Father and God our Mother in our hearts, which gives us true infinite potential.

Telosians and Venusians live very very long lives and none of them have compromised their humanity with technologies that invade or replace functions within the human body. I know this because I have past life memories of living in each of these societies.

We are capable, through prayer, of miracles both small and large. That which we may ask for and receive within God's will is beyond the imagining of most people. There really are no limits within God's Will. The only true limits are those that we define and create for ourselves. There are no limits with God's will, because I have no desire to fall outside of God's will. Outside God's Will is where limits only really exist. God's Love is infinite and more I come to understand God's Love the more infinite I become.

There are societies in our Universe that embraced their equivalent concept of transhumanism and lost their most precious gift, their connection to God in the process. It did not happen all at once, it happened gradually until their biology and light bodies were no longer adequate to contain their spark of God. They choose a shadow of immortality at the cost of their Godhood.

The greatest transhuman "upgrades" intrude upon the human mind, heart and nervous system. I am not telling people to skip (for example) their hip replacement if that is the best option available for their health. I am encouraging everyone to consider the larger picture when new technological marvels that interface with the human mind, heart and nervous system appear.

Through God's Love telepathy is not only possible, it is just normal. Hours of normal education can be understood without sound through images, past and present life experiences, feeling and direct discussions all understood instantly. Such is just one aspect of our potential. Again, we have infinite potential, just being who we are...

I do not know who Adamus is, but please DO NOT mistake him for Amadan (which was my Venusian lifetime name).

Why would I ever choose to risk or compromise my connection to God?

God bless each and every one of you.


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