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Friday, July 7, 2017

Volvo's First Automaker to Offer Electric or Hybrid Vehicles

Volvo announced it will no longer be using the 100 year old, ancient internal combustion engine in the future.

This announcement can been seen as the inevitable "arrow in the neck", to the tyrannical reign of the horrific Petro/Dollar scam used as the sledge hammer tool of the Federal Reserve Bank, to enforce it's currently discredited, monopolistic, worthless fiat reserve currency. As the world now pivots to the major economic players in the East, China, the owner of Volvo is making a very bold statement - that they will not be buying oil and refining it into gas for the internal combustion engine and they will not have any more use for the Federal Reserve "dollar" to use for that evaporating oil trade.

With India, Tata Motors and other Asian auto manufacturers on their way to add another billion vehicles in the next decade to the already one billion vehicles in the world today, it is a move that will forever change transportation as we know it.


While this may seem a seminal event for both technology and economics, the real change will only arrive with the refinement of the electric charging systems and the unleashing of many suppressed patents which will allow the electric vehicles to overcome their greatest flaw in limited range. Even now, every major electric vehicle manufacturer has failed to embrace the abundant kinetic and ambient forces available to provide sufficient energy to harvest "on board" electrical replenishment for constant charging of the vehicle. There are over 20 additional forces that have not be utilized in this refinement; below is just one example of kinetic energy that will act as a magnetic generator, possibly placed in the trunk area, operating 24 x 7 x 365, while the vehicle is running or at rest, to provide constant charge to the batteries or high retention capacitors.

In concert with all of the other undeveloped charging modalities combined, this shift will transform every new electric vehicle into rolling power cells, revolutionizing the entire global electrical power equation. (details at EVUR website below)


For the full review of other kinetic and ambient forces yet to be put forth - to include many of the Nicola Tesla patents;


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