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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Allgood -- How the Term Applies to Disclosure

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Allgood - How The Term Applies to Disclosure

August 10, 2017

by RT

I think as a researcher among the same I could attempt to present a perspective that might add a little zap to any inspiration batteries that might be running low a the moment.

Tho what I am about to say is purely intuition based, see if when you come to adopt a purely fearless perspective yourself on the matter you don't come away with a similar if not exactly the same read of the situation.

My own reading is that the whole planet is so chockfull of angelic forces as we move toward it, there is no way disclosure in any form can go wrong.

Regardless of how the wedding cake (Marriage of Heaven and Earth) is presented and doled out, everyone is going to end up getting an equal and equable full share of truth, knowledge, abundance and all the other great stuff we surrendered to the warders when we entered this prison planet - knowing we would break it open all the way to the stars and further of course.

So when I read articles criticizing this or that form of disclosure my reaction is, 'Hey, let's get the kitchen staff underway serving something, then, when a few stomachs are digesting we can go about ensuring the rest is forthcoming!'

You see - I am entirely unafraid in what form disclosure comes because I trust completely in our collective power, sovereignty and ability to complete this job - and it occurs to me it is just possible there are those - a few maybe - behind the scenes that would like full disclosure to come about by putting out a partial one and letting the people take the helm and intiative to bring about and complete it into a full one as this might be more confidence inspiring to society in general, if it is a collective event rather than some big all encompassing revelation we sat thru and processed from onhigh. Just a thought.

You see I have never given up on my/our ability to transform any situation of this nature, to turn it around, so when I hear talk of any form of disclosure I am all the way right behind it because I know as soon as it comes the full one won't be long after and this is all over and put to bed snugly.

No more endlessly exchanging opinions and views, no more weekly teasing intel reports, no more conferences, guest star speakers, no more mass meditations - unless we start to like them - nothing but a done deal and time to get on with the real business of living as a whole new world opens before us.

There's another point I would like to touch on briefly and it concerns those in the front lines of bringing us material/info about this topic.

I think we, and they, should consider for all our sakes that because of the more significant and dramatic turns their lives have taken some, only some, might possibly have some unconscious doubts that they haven't addressed concerning their new lives and roles in a liberated system.

So they don't truly believe at a crucial level that their life will have the same juice as it does now - when in fact it would be so much better with even more compelling forms of service - and so their unconscious investment in the Status Quo leads them to info and insider sources of a warning and suspicion generating nature and interferes with their natural godgiven sense that we can do this, that the people have truly got this, and once the ball starts rolling we can take it all the way home.

Or there maybe some fear because their lives are pretty much ok at the mo and they see change and newness as a challenge to a well established comfort zone.

They like a little duality with their morning coffee and toast - unconsciously anyway - it gives meaning, order and value to their lives.

They like that their opinion is called upon and has value, which is great of course because it does, but because they lack a real sense of how vital and useful their skills will be the on the other side of this, they are approaching it with more caution in their outlook than is really necessary or healthy.

This might go for anyone and of course everyone has their own form of entry, their pre cultivated mindset with the idiosyncratic shape to their perceptions that their engagement with - as circumstance upgrades them - is part of the wonderful dance of this process.

Part of my own wonderful dance with this process is to ride out the waves of astonished
'What's wrong with these people!' impatience that comes over me reading some articles with the thought that Divine Perfect Order never looked more divinely and perfectly ordered and then see if the safety net of humour is not within reaching distance. ( Yep, there it is, bouncy bouncy bouncy and back to the task in hand...)

So I think this is a thought that might be useful to keep in the back of your mind when going thru any body of info or article presentation: is this person unconsciously invested in the status quo, are they happy to plough their little corner of the web forever in awe of 'their power' or are they really interested in getting things moving and backing or creating intiatives for the same.

Are they a wet blanket unconsciously seeking to a put a fire out or a real inspirer with real and appropiate faith in their fellow human beings.

We have got this, we really have so if you want someone to take your confidence for a ride, then enjoy the ride while there is still space for such, but remember its true home is in a place far beyond any form of manipulation that is simply waiting and preparing for its role in the new world because there is absolutely nowhere else to go but there and that...

is Allgood!

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