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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Passe Calour Manna Shiree

August Gateway, Massive Activation of the Crystalline Grid

I can’t help it. Acceptance gratitude has humored me a new energy-language, outside the realm of continual Collective cellular carbon-base Consciousness disappointment, and hate. In between this coded message, fun abides all the Gold hidden in timeless reverie, so it’s not the Heavy Gold and Busy Shining through, all time, that delight us, but the Communion of Lovevolve energy that replaces our dire need to sustain Karmic continual separation-hate communication-fail.


This word doesn’t mean anything to a separation 3d expert, and it’s nothing but a good feeling along with the other Unifyer willy wonkers, Calour Manna Shireers. Comfort is on the way, and while we wait for all the in-between we can stand, please sit down, and just wait for what happens when whatever happens, that we can’t even ‘thank you’~ imagine yet. Sit pleasantly on a spectacle sort of raft floating more like a bubble in total safety getting ready to, ‘we don’t know yet’.

Passe this bubble above, sideways, and below with Golden Light rays interconnecting with other spectacles on rafts and, even beyond touching through space, and time s(he) be-gone. Turn the origin spectacle any which passe-way, and just for the fun of it, accept that whichever way calour vortexes, so too does every other infinite passe-possibility inter-responsive without any time to delay. Stop right where you can, and enjoy stillness Crystalline rapture, so each passe shrinks at the same ‘whatever’, and a golden-ray mosaic in-between begins to Commune in Delight-humor, just to realize way-past 3 dimensional bowel movement, as nothing significant can, really inside-happen separate anyway.


Color me brightly, but now we are able to shrink down enough to begin to inspectrify more Unity than any 3d hate-monger has ever denied before so, as every other unimaginable dimension adds another impossible Calour-way to figure anything out any more, acceptance gratitude for all the Golden Delight Communion takes over, so we can move on without moving, ever non-again. Humor comforts our soul and raft, and before any passe knows it, Calour has helped us surrender to stop Hate-fake.

This stage specific fun has, already begun Crystalline Lovevolve energy freedom from 3d hate, we, pretenders call separation Love addiction, so if we wanna manna we, now forget everything we ever imagined we, merely thought brain-fart hate-separate knew. Focus on a Graceful Languid Rhythm, like a Lava light blob bobbing-easy comfort-right, and just know, that whatever happens next has already happened, so we can begin to justify in-between Holo Golden Glow, just before manna comes to rescue us from our spectacle-rafter dizzy-selves.


.manna begins with a period to remind us we are way off the 3d grid-awful now, so there is no more possible gender difference left in-between all the Gold in the timeless Universe Communion of Coherence, making fun of the Sun looking dim from our new manna BrilliancE .the next stage-specific comfortable step over to Crystalline euphoria comes with ecstasy, and reverie altogetheR .while we barely notice periods begin, and capital letters end, all the light-packet spectacle rafts, combine with all the, other dimensions deeper inside enfolding into the in-betweener Golden Glow horizon, where Nothing is everything, and everything is GoldeN

:manna manna manna stirs the Golden melting pot until, even colons have disappeared as if there is nothing 3d left to go hate-spreading #2 labelS *no periods, and no colons left to twinkle no-eyes, so as we asterisk ourselves, brightly, manna involves lovevolves for our welcome disappearancE *separation shame-denied is, already gone bye bye now, so there is no fear to turn us into anger, and, most comforting now we, never have to pretend anger turning into 3d hate can ever take us for a cellular carbon-base Karmic bumpy-ride agaiN


Now we can enjoy our regular periods, and colons happening with Humor, because whatever we just discussed with a brand new vocabulary, we can hang on a wall somewhere in our Oversoul Joy, and thank ONENESS Spirit Conscience for showing us how to pretend better, than any 3d hater can imagine. Surely shiree means a combination of trust, and free for-sure now, so whatever we 3d bored each other with before we can be sure, that we will recognize everything New is something we can, now remember deep inside where Delight remembers “All ONENESS Humor”.

Shiree comes after we stir the pot, and arrives with acceptance gratitude for everything we, pretenders, just forgot. “Passe Calour Manna Shiree”, not only invents a new-free vocabulary but also begins a kind, free energy, that can, never again go backwards into our old tired out weaponry Karmic-grid dissonance, we 3d hot-fat Quantifried as security. A 3d’er almost fell apart with fear yesterday, once he heard me say the word “Karma”, and it helped me realize I can’t help it any more. Ascension energy of Delight has it’s hold on me, so I may as well invent a whole new ‘language’ of images, so I can insert all my, other new ideas.

Helpless humor deep down inside for~every~where
Passe Calour Manna Shiree free for~sure connected

About the Author


I “Love” to Admit it 11/22/16

I “Love" to admit it, but I have been captivated by the constant Blackmail battering of this Child-sacrificing malevolent World, so that I ‘want’ to surrender to Holy Spirit, by turning within, as a new humble priority. Sex-slavery robbed me of my soul, as a child, yet once I realized everything difficult, that happens enhances my devotion to turn even, more within ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiveness nurturing, instead.

I fought like Hell to work, very hard for Money to, barely survive, but after a few years of meditation, and forgiveness prayers to Holy Spirit, to do the difficult forgiveness of others, as myself, more money came to me from Spirit, right through other benevolent Sources, than I ever, even knew about, before surrender. I “Love” to admit that Money doesn’t come from hard work, or social-norm Blackmail, but comes from Source, just like everything else, we need to ‘thrive’, instead of, ‘barely survive’ in addiction to this Child-sacrificing malevolent World.

After losing connection to my, own Conscience, I have become a kinder feeling empath, and a constant seeming mistaken threat to others suffering, just like me, before I sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated my suffering ass off. Like kindness comes from within Spirit devotion, so too, does being able to feel again, without letting those ephemeral duties control my reactive behaviors any more. Money, kindness, and feelings come from turning within, to ask for help to forgive all my captors that, still suffer much tortuous regret for forcing me, to do things out of fear, that no Child would, ordinarily want to do.

After annihilation traumas of the lower fourth dimensional ‘murky unkind’, everything outside triggered my reaction to live in the past swamp, ‘as if’, so, as I became more addicted to the outside Illusion of, more fear piled up onto, more traumas, I “Love” to admit that, with a gift of desperation, I became a, very willing candidate to surrender to something else, besides this unholy smelling foul-World of sulfur-predator crap. Now I see, all suffering evidence, as a gift from ONENESS to have compassion, and Mercy for, all who, still haven’t turned within to receive Money out of nowhere, and become a kinder feeling person, instead.

I am more sensitive to Blackmail than I have, ever realized, and even that’s a gift now, because I used to blame myself, ‘as if’, all evil was my fault, but NOTHING can, ever be further from the Truth. I was a beautiful innocent Child, and I, still am, inside, no matter what I used to think, and no matter what constant Blackmail, still wants to make me feel that lost-soul way. Blackmail is a constant battering here in Karmic Hologram miming-mirror Earth Paradigm, and who knew; before I turned within, where enlightening compassion makes me feel like a ‘kind kid’ with pocket treasures full of Sparkling Golden innocent-kaleidoscope perceptions again?

When I surrendered to Holy Spirit, Money was the furthest thing from my new mind of Delight, and I, certainly was convinced, that I would, never become a kinder feeling empath, ever again. Getting old had become a ‘given’, but turning within has made, even gettin-gold a ‘variable’ out of my getting younger now, every time Holy Spirit welcomes me inside, where eternal youth commands, all kinder feeling empathic Mountain Top kindergarteners.

Money, Holy Spirit, my soul, kinder feeling empath, forgiveness, my Conscience, compassion, Mercy, my Inner Child Spirit, eternal youth, the willingness to face outside Blackmail with a new motive to serve, with the, very “Love” that I have to admit, all these Wonderful gifts from within nurturing, that replaces any more outside need for what, best can be defined as needy-ransom soul-selling Blackmail=Burnout.

Inner-Child Spirit Safe-Home, within

author Pine Cone

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