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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Holy Spirituality with Pine Cone: Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objective

Woman in RED Illuminati symbolism

When Mothers, sisters, women, and girls tease me about my gender parts in sexual ridicule, just one moment of humiliation defines sexual abuse, and at the very least shames me with belittling Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objectives. This means that I, not only Objectify females like this, but I Objectify myself like this too. Once I live in fear, and shame like this from the inside-out, I further co-create every ego-system set-up in my little World with similar Objectifying Quanta, and it’s as if I become a sex-slave to Corporate, medical, government, military, religion, marriage, banksters, and all my gender-objectionable owe-a-debt slave-owners.

Which came first, the chicken bully Matriarchs, that sexually owned me, or the egg of my own gender self-objectification Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objective objectives? Am I co-created Quanta projections from the Collective Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objective Consciousness, just as I do to others, as I do to myself, and since I treat myself as a sexual object for open-ridicule, how can I blame others when, whatever I do to myself co-creates that same Quanta-mirror from inner fear, and shame, that reflects what I do to myself in the Collective handy, dandy Consciousness.

In Junior High, when I saw chalk graffiti in the street pointing to the school, that said “This way to the ‘whore’ house”, I really thought that meant some kid was as frightened as can be about the ‘horror’ mind-control from school’s Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objectives. I notice women ridicule male Patsies like dogs on a Blackmail-leash, as if they can do no right, yet when a man doesn’t want to have sex anymore, Viagra pretty much comes from more sex-abuse male-hostage forced-humiliation.

I see the male role as a billfold, and I wonder sometimes if deep down inside every married man hostage he discovers it’s hard to get hard when, who would want to make ‘love’ to their soul-rapist kidnapper? If I treat myself as a physical object for money, and the male-role doesn’t include any Spiritual Sovereignty, then no ONENESS wonder, women do the same mirror-thing, and then blame men for exactly what the female chicken-objects, who Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objective to their-egg-selves. If men, and women spend every minute adjusting themselves to fit in this Collective Sexual Consciousness, when do we get to experience being a Spiritual Light being in a body, if all we think about is our continual Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objectives?

If I spend all my free time under das boot corporate religious Media mind-control to buy lots of clothes that make me sexy, and make up piled on made up physical objectives to seduce all others, that will admit I’m pretty, then who can, ever trust that no special one can satisfy my constant self-objectification narcissistic intention to, always be looking for other Usury unkind of Blackmail sexual-attraction? Which came first the chicken power-over others, or the Dancing scissor’s Joy seduction, that hides the egg to, just set up more dire need for limp-male ex-father sex-abuse Viagra ridicule?

I mean a mean spirited Mother Earth unkind of ‘mean’ Collective Objectified Physical-object Sexual-objection Usury-objective Consciousness seems to break all our Innocent hearts, right at the every day Quanta get-go co-created self-hate seams, it seems to mean to self-hate me. While we focus on the sex-abuse running rampart, we are, so busy with who-dunnit nutters, the elite cannibals now are complaining about their, own GMO poisoned food, as if they want to go back to eating wild animal natural food on their human shooting range. Object Earth is a Duality Mother~ alright, but Immortality motives can do, just fine without bofus!

The kindest mentor I, ever was lucky enough to enjoy asked me one day “Have you heard the POP yet? Like all really effective mentoring, that comes out of the clear blue, I responded “No, What POP? This jolly mentor laughed with me as he exclaimed when your head POPS out of your ass! Then he revealed how his, own shitty attitude about the World he was co-creating disappeared once he realized how hard it was to breath in little gulps, until he forgave others, as himself, and got to take that long deep breath of repentance relief, he had been hearing about so long, but, naturally didn’t dare under the septic circumstances, that he was learning to shallow-breath from constant fear of what’s deeper inside.

Of course this meant that I believed that everything inside me was crap, so it was easy to meditate, and expect to, only discover bad things, but little did I realize at first, that after a while all that was left was the Spirit of goodness, that I never could imagine from looking at everything from the wrong end of my head dipstick. I Objectify myself, and I objectify others too, so I am no different than the other gender, corporate, medical, government, military, religion, marriage, banksters, and all my gender-objectionable owe-a-debt owners, that blame each other drowning in the ‘bottom’ of the elite sex-slave owner’s kill barrel.

What if the mind-control set-up Matrix is women Blackmailing men, and even though men hate it, it’s like asking to leave the Malignant-mafia when no one can get out of jail free, and alive, when the narcissist martyr has psychic control from inside a kidnapped sex/spirit chakra Motherhood gang goon-mind? What if I’m, not the only Objectified self-hater gender, and maybe, just ‘maybe’ women objectify themselves too? Round, and round the Karmic Quanta collective-bush the Object chased its own snake in the greatess-tale, and “POP” comes both elite Patsy-mirror dipstick weasels!

Who POP-blackmail knew?
“Our” ridiculed Kids Know

About the Author


I “Love” to Admit it 11/22/16

I “Love" to admit it, but I have been captivated by the constant Blackmail battering of this Child-sacrificing malevolent World, so that I ‘want’ to surrender to Holy Spirit, by turning within, as a new humble priority. Sex-slavery robbed me of my soul, as a child, yet once I realized everything difficult, that happens enhances my devotion to turn even, more within ONENESS Spirit Conscience forgiveness nurturing, instead.

I fought like Hell to work, very hard for Money to, barely survive, but after a few years of meditation, and forgiveness prayers to Holy Spirit, to do the difficult forgiveness of others, as myself, more money came to me from Spirit, right through other benevolent Sources, than I ever, even knew about, before surrender. I “Love” to admit that Money doesn’t come from hard work, or social-norm Blackmail, but comes from Source, just like everything else, we need to ‘thrive’, instead of, ‘barely survive’ in addiction to this Child-sacrificing malevolent World.

After losing connection to my, own Conscience, I have become a kinder feeling empath, and a constant seeming mistaken threat to others suffering, just like me, before I sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated my suffering ass off. Like kindness comes from within Spirit devotion, so too, does being able to feel again, without letting those ephemeral duties control my reactive behaviors any more. Money, kindness, and feelings come from turning within, to ask for help to forgive all my captors that, still suffer much tortuous regret for forcing me, to do things out of fear, that no Child would, ordinarily want to do.

After annihilation traumas of the lower fourth dimensional ‘murky unkind’, everything outside triggered my reaction to live in the past swamp, ‘as if’, so, as I became more addicted to the outside Illusion of, more fear piled up onto, more traumas, I “Love” to admit that, with a gift of desperation, I became a, very willing candidate to surrender to something else, besides this unholy smelling foul-World of sulfur-predator crap. Now I see, all suffering evidence, as a gift from ONENESS to have compassion, and Mercy for, all who, still haven’t turned within to receive Money out of nowhere, and become a kinder feeling person, instead.

I am more sensitive to Blackmail than I have, ever realized, and even that’s a gift now, because I used to blame myself, ‘as if’, all evil was my fault, but NOTHING can, ever be further from the Truth. I was a beautiful innocent Child, and I, still am, inside, no matter what I used to think, and no matter what constant Blackmail, still wants to make me feel that lost-soul way. Blackmail is a constant battering here in Karmic Hologram miming-mirror Earth Paradigm, and who knew; before I turned within, where enlightening compassion makes me feel like a ‘kind kid’ with pocket treasures full of Sparkling Golden innocent-kaleidoscope perceptions again?

When I surrendered to Holy Spirit, Money was the furthest thing from my new mind of Delight, and I, certainly was convinced, that I would, never become a kinder feeling empath, ever again. Getting old had become a ‘given’, but turning within has made, even gettin-gold a ‘variable’ out of my getting younger now, every time Holy Spirit welcomes me inside, where eternal youth commands, all kinder feeling empathic Mountain Top kindergarteners.

Money, Holy Spirit, my soul, kinder feeling empath, forgiveness, my Conscience, compassion, Mercy, my Inner Child Spirit, eternal youth, the willingness to face outside Blackmail with a new motive to serve, with the, very “Love” that I have to admit, all these Wonderful gifts from within nurturing, that replaces any more outside need for what, best can be defined as needy-ransom soul-selling Blackmail=Burnout.

Inner-Child Spirit Safe-Home, within

author Pine Cone

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