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RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 20, 2018

Silence has fallen on the war front between the Alliance and the Cabal/MIC.

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Several humanitarian groups and individuals are being told to expect early exchange contracts in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.

The Chinese Elders currently hold the codes to the release of the RV with the approval of all other Elders of the world.

Deadline for the RV release was set and locked-in.

Intel sources have been told to expect the transition event to begin within a time-span of 2 weeks.




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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Puzzle Pieces to Consider -- Trump, NESARA, GCR/RV, NPTB, Chinese Elders and More

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Hello all!

I'm sure we're all feeling the "fatigue" as Yosef puts it but here are some things to consider to help everyone to hang in there for a bit longer. I really do feel that we are right there at any moment, at the least by the end of the day, Monday, 8-21-17, which is less than 2 weeks away.

We know through Yosef that this big "show" is scripted to follow along the lines of Water Gate and the USA, Inc., CEO Richard Nixon's impeachment which makes total sense. That script is obviously being followed if you're paying attention to the "fake news" in the "fake mainstream media". I don't trust the mainstream media but I've been paying attention to certain stories for the purpose of connecting the dots of the continuing saga of the "big show". Following this script will help the sleepwalking masses to adjust to the removal of burner CEO, Donald Trump, of the long "defunct" USA, Inc., through threat of impeachment and his likely resignation to avoid it.

Just remember that he is not really the President. One can not be a CEO or President of a long "defunct" or "dead" corporation which is what USA, Inc., is. Paul Ryan was already the "true" interim President of the restored Republic before the big show of the "fake" 2016 Presidential election took place in November 2016 so Trump couldn't be elected to the restored Republic Presidential position either.

Another reason he wouldn't be qualified for the "true" position is that per NESARA LAW, which we've been inside since 2007/2008 per Quan Yin, No corrupt candidates will be allowed to run for the restored Republic President. If you do your research, which I did when Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, he is very definitely corrupt, therefore, ineligible. Of course, it goes without saying that Hillary is/was very definitely corrupt too.

Burner CEO, Donald Trump, is away from the White House on "so-called" vacation, for 17 days which was specifically stated in the news. He left the White House on Friday, 6-5-17, for his destination so he will, in the eyes of the general sleepwalking public, be returning to a "newly" renovated White House on Monday, 8-21-17, which is when all global financial reforms are to complete worldwide. It is interesting that his "vacation" is the exact number of days to get us to 8-21-17.

We know he will not actually be returning to the White House so he must be impeached or "resign" by 8-21-17. Remember, when he moved to the White House he took very little with him in terms of personal effects because he knew he was just part of the "big show" and wouldn't be there long. I don't think he believed he'd even "fake win" the fake election so I think it was a bit of a shock.

For those of you who still believe burner CEO, Donald Trump really is the President, I could cite many reasons that is not the case but a simple one that stands out and has stood out to me since it was announced is that Melania Trump and their son, Barron, would not be moving in to the White House. That was very telling. I already knew by the fall of 2016 that the election was a big show but this info just added to the puzzle pieces of confirmation. I believe that Sierra also pointed this out in a post several days ago. Well done Sierra! I was beginning to think I was the only one who questioned that glaring bit of info! Yes, I'm aware that it was claimed in the fake mainstream media that they were just waiting for Barron's school year to end before moving to D.C., yet, they still haven't and in about 2 weeks the new school year begins!

What little Donald Trump did take to the White House with him when he won the "big show" fake election has already been removed and our true "interim" Republic President, Paul Ryan, was moved in to the White House on Friday, 8-4-17 while the "big show" of "alleged" repairs and renovations are being completed.

We know that Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, "allegedly" impaneled the grand jury in Washington D.C., Friday, 8-4-17 which is part of the "big show". He will "allegedly" subpoena burner CEO Trump which should, in turn, cause Trump to fire Mueller, setting off his resignation big show. I'm surprised this hasn't already happened.

We know that burner Vice CEO of the long defunct USA, Inc., Mike Pence, will be resigning publicly, maybe quietly, likely before Trump resigns publicly to avoid impeachment. Again, this is all scripted and we know they've both already resigned although I don't know how they could "resign" from a long defunct USA, Inc. (dead corporation). I guess it's just a technicality in the big show and is part of their "amnesty agreements". Anyone who still believes Trump, Pence and their fake Administration are the real deal should ask why the need for all of those amnesty agreements. Maybe they are all corrupt cabal and cabal puppets! I believe that to be the case.

Okay, let's not forget that on Saturday, 8-5-17, USA, Inc's. burner Vice CEO, Mike Pence's emails were submitted to an Indiana investigator about his involvement in "shady dealings" just like Nixon's V.P. Spiro Agnew, who quietly resigned before Nixon was forced to resign so this should push Pence's resignation in to the lime light. Another piece of the "big show" puzzle.

Having observed Donald Trump's showy massive ego for many years, if he has any say in his "big show finale", he will want to make a grand stand to make himself look like he's benevolently resigning for the good of the country so could it be that he will resign today, Wednesday, 8-9-17? Maybe...because President Richard Nixon resigned on 8-9-1974! This is just something to consider! We shall see.

8-21-17 would be a very meaningful date for the announcement of our true restored Republic, our "interim" President, Paul Ryan, "interim" VP, Ben Sasse, and General Joseph Dunford. The announcement should include NESARA (although it's been my understanding for a long time that it won't be publicly announced by name so don't expect it, just be pleasantly surprised if it is announced by name) and the Gold Standard (which "we" know is already in force but has yet to be publicly announced, at least to the extent that the general public in this country will really know and understand it's in force).

Here is another important puzzle piece. According to NESARA, the President must be out of the country for the RV to "go", and Yosef did say several days ago that Paul Ryan and his family are at an undisclosed military base over seas as we speak. This means to me that he won't return to this country until we receive the 800#'s/"go". One would think he'd have to be in the country when the big announcement is made on 8-21-17 if that is, in fact, the plan. It makes perfect sense to me.

The date of 8-21-17 is also when there will be a rare total solar eclipse that hasn't happened since the cabal's USA, Inc., was founded on 8-21-1871, and more importantly, it is said to be Christ's true date of birth which could be why the cabal founded the evil USA, Inc., on that date to overshadow the good with their evil.

What better date for the Asian Elders and the NPTB to choose than the date of Christ's birth to bring in the Christ Consciousness energy to replace the dark energy cabal creation of USA, Inc., not that the reset is all about this country, not at all. It is about the world. I just feel that so much evil has been perpetrated on this world by USA, Inc./the cabal, so at the very least, it would be very symbolic to make the announcement that good has won out over evil on that specific date. We already know that the public announcement of the restored Republic will kill USA, Inc., once and for all so it must be done A.S.A.P.!!!

All of this, one would think, would be the flash bang big show needed to cover the "go" for the 800# release. Remember, Monday, 8-21-17, is less than 2 weeks from now so the series of events should roll out during this time frame and hopefully, the 800 numbers will be released sooner rather than later within the time frame, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Of course, the NPTB know best since they know what all the circumstances surrounding the big show are and we do not.

Note: While I was typing this post, we received an emergency system alert 'test' on TV in the PDT. We've been receiving them regularly for the past 2 months and I think it's in preparation for the possible necessity to enact Marshal Law when Trump is impeached or resigns since so many people either really love him or really hate him.

Peace, Love, Blessings & Light!

Spiritual Angel

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