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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Understanding Transgender People are How they were and are Abused

Submitted to Operation Disclosure,

Understanding transgender people and how they were and are abused by the neg. ones

The tactics of the neg. ones for centuries has been divide and conquer. By deliberately shaming trans people, and cutting them off from medical treatment etc. they are set up for pain indefinitely.

Many of them are forced to work as escorts for medical bills, and children who confess to parents may be kicked out and then are not only homeless but have untreated dysphoria with connected symptoms. Many end up in prostitution. Many of them live under unspeakable circumstances, especially in third world countries.

Additionally trans people were used as scapegoats, again and again. Because what they feel is, due to a biological setup, exactly opposite to what people not being trans feel, its very easy to set them up as being perverted etc.

It needs to be understood that being transgender has biological connections.

Before birth a brain develops along a male or female path, depending on levels of certain transmitter substances. This happens after most of the body is already developed so there is a mismatch possible. There are even some substances known to also cause this mismatch, many years ago some of them were used to prevent miscarriages. They introduced large amounts of feminizing substances and feminized brains permanently. They are not in use any more.

Trans people have very specific feelings, like facial hair should not be there, and body parts should be different. This are not imagined feelings like "I'd like to be a woman". They are part of a biological setup which is invisible for people who are not trans. Changing their bodies would go against what people not being trans feel. But for trans people its the opposite, their present body can make them feel puzzled or very dysphoric, depending on severity. Thats why there is a trans spectrum.

Some people need to change their bodies, for some people it is enough to dress occasionally.

They can show completely natural female behaviour and gestures, like any other woman. Many of them were harassed from their youth on because they were perceived as weak, being more cooperative than aggressive, etc. Many were mistreated by classmates.

There is nothing that has not been already tried on trans people, including shock therapies etc. And they themselves often may have also tried to suppress it, until they just can not take it any more.

They have a very high suicide rate, and there are many children amongst them.

The only recognized solution is a transition to how people feel necessary. This can also help with depressions and many other issues they have developed while repressing. For them it can be a huge relief, and it can set energies free to live more productive lifes. They can be who they are. It is more and more accepted this way. The regret the majority of them have is that they dind't start earlier.

Trans people have sky high rates of unemployment, homelessness etc. Costs for treatment are not that much if it enables people to live more productive lifes afterwards.

And apart from gender issues trans people are people like everyone else, with hopes and dreams like everyone else.

There were reports where the assumption was stated Trump was trans too. True or not, it needs to be understood that many people are in their positions BECAUSE there is something to them that makes them vulnerable for manipulation. Stopping to shame trans people would simply dissolve this.

This gets serious only if people are shamed into believing its a bad thing, and they need to hide it. It leads to suppression and to compulsory behaviour, like drinking etc. As already said, it is not their fault that they feel this way. And they cannot change it.

The same is true for lgbt people in general btw. There are also biological connections to orientation in general. People who have it cannot change it. If shaming them stops, they can stop compulsory behaviour and can try to develop loving relationships, like everyone else. So its not the end of civilization, it is not contagious ( a fear many people seem to have ) and its not directly inheritable so numbers will stay low.

So please stop targeting trans people, stop using slurs on a minority group with a suicide rate of over 40 percent, and start to see them as people who only want to live in the gender role that matches them. Understand that many already have the behaviour and feelings and literally the identity and brain for it. Internally they are the gender they identify with. Since decisive for the body are hormones, they have the ability to transition to a setup that gives them the appearance of their male or female twin. They have the normal wishes and hopes that other people of the gender they identify with have. There is nothing more to it.

Please take this also back to your sources, and tell everyone you know. There is nothing human really about how many of them are treated.

Targeting trans people, either by conservative parties or otherwise, is nothing more than continuing fear and destruction strategies by the negative ones. It is inhuman and unacceptable as it is unacceptable to shame people for other birth conditions. It only causes pain and needs to stop, especially since children are involved. Their number is in the millions worldwide.

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