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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Open Letter to the Director of United States Department of State

Submitted to Operation Disclosure

To: Director of United States Department of State Seattle Passport Agency 2nd letter November 8, 2017 first letter dated October 21, 2017 and attached.


Notice to the agent is notice to the Principal and so forth. I do lawful not legal and this is my best effort.

A reply to a communiqué from your department dated 10/31/2017 a trick or treat response that does not provide due process.

Take heed. It is on the record in Federal District Court Portland, Oregon that I am an American State National an Oregonian. A non US citizen. Un-rebutted on the record stands as fact.

Thank you for the return of my birth certificate. I was born on Nevada, currently an Oregonian, being denied a non US citizen’s passport. I deny there is any evidence to justify withholding my passport... Whoever issues passports; assumes the obligation to abide by governing law, not quote a Nationality act dated 14 years after my birth on Nevada. Your word art is expos facto. I was a US citizen during my hitch in the U.S. Navy. 3 years, 11 months and 28 days. I loved it. That was a temporary situation. I also applied for and obtained a US citizen type passport and used it for many years. In Europe and all over the Americas, it has expired. I even answered up in court to RONALD CHARLES VROOMAN are you a citizen of the US?.. Yes your Honor.

What about my right to expatriate?

I discovered the fraud and I am taking all the bastards to court. The Portland court cannot provide an Article III court. I moved my cases to district court DC. A minion or robot of yours sent to me an unsigned letter addressed to me and I received it. I have rebutted it. One cannot un-ring the bell.
The U.S. citizens [citizens of the District of Columbia] residing in one of the states of the union, are classified as property of franchises of the federal government as an “individual entity†Wheeling Steel Corp. v Fox, 298 U.S.193, 80 L. ED 1143 , 56 S.CT. 773

You will comply with your Constitutional oath and provide me with a passport as an Oregonian, a born national state man with bloodlines from the Revolution, as a direct descendant from a Father and Son they fought for New York. Bloodline landed on America 1664; from the several states.
You may also state your evidence of due cause to deny me due process. I deny you have any such evidence.

You have 21 days from the date of this letter to respond with a passport. With full faith and credit. This is an enumerated responsibility.

Should you choose to ignore my lawful demand? I will obtain your name and make you a defendant in a due process violation claim 18 USC 3571. This will necessitate the same action against the known and public chain of command to and including the Secretary. Clearfield Doctrine.

POTUS: Donald J. Trump the President of the United States of America, President of the united states the Inc, holder of office of the President, decreed me sovereign. While that is true, I am also a beneficiary of the founding documents. A man on Oregon that wishes a valid passport required by State Department for any one of the people from one of the several states. In our Constitutional Republic.

Again you lead with a bogus Fourteenth or 14th amendment that was denied by me Oct 21. You provide no proof that there is a 14th. You are in jeopardy of a default on the denial and demand for proof. I read in the Congressional record it never happened. I am not a person; if I must do business as a person I would not need a passport. I am mentioned in the Preamble; I am not a vessel, nor a US/United States Inc citizen; nor a person; I have stated my bona fides, known as one of the people.
There is no statute that trumps the Constitution and the rulings of the one supreme Court for those inferiors in the corporate governance... I am an Oregonian, Oregon is one of the several states; the US State Department provides Oregonians their passports. You quote legislation after 1861 and that is color of law, a fiction I denied earlier.

Start of Oct. 21 letter.

The situation is becoming a conundrum. I demand an American state national passport as required by the Constitution of the United States of America and upheld by SCOTUS. I am not a US; United States citizen with 14th amendment privileges. I have rights and if the State Department continues to violate due process, I will seek remedy in DC among the corrupt corporate governance employed there. Not all are corrupted.

I deny the 14th amendment to the Constitution of/for the u(U)nited States of America. There is no evidence that it is valid. All of the persons involved with the 14th are dead. The legislative intent of the 14th has passed. The 14th was written after 1861 and there is no evidence that there is a lawful 14th. It is color of law, legal fiction.

List of events:

During the prior administration I attempted to obtain a passport as a non US citizen. I had a state department application that specifically covered Nationals non US citizens. I was told that State would not accept the form nor receive my money.

I called a few months ago and spent hours on the phone on two occasions. I spoke with several people. A supervisor Named Stephanie (sp) told me to do everything but sign the form and turn it in with as much information as I had. I did that, I received a phone call from the Seattle office; he refused to give his name. Do it over and make no corrections and return the form. A letter is following.

I called DC State again and was told only cross out the words that do not apply, where I sign. I did that and resubmitted the form.

Today I received two of the same letters, as I received before. One dated Oct. 10th and another the 12th.

Should there be someone competent and confident and capable of fulfilling their obligation to an Oregonian on the land with his status declared, filed into two courts of record and on the public record, demanding a National Passport for a non US citizen, please have that person contact me.
Should you not have that person available within 21 days of today October 21, 2017 you will have violated my due process and lawful remedy will be demanded. 18 USC 3571 states due process violation is 250K per violation.

For your information: Ronald Charles Vrooman Private Attorney Generals by the United States Congress 42 U.S.C.1988 and18 U.S.C.1510 and 18 U.S.C. 1512 and to be known as “One of the People†also “Qualified Criminal Investigator†and “Federal Witness†and by unrebutted affidavit. Status identified and unrebutted. I am the trustee of the Private Membership Association named RONALD CHARLES VROOMAN.

Without the state of Oregon, without the county of Washington, On Oregon within the United States of America with founding documents circa 1819 through 1860-61.


by: Ron Vrooman for the Beaverton Oversight Committee
They lost when they murdered LaVoy
Bundy et al acquitted the fight goes on

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