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Restored Republic via a GCR as of Sept. 25, 2018

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sept. 25, 2018 Compiled 25 Sept. 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Nov. 14, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of Nov. 14 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 14 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, "Twenty Two Faces,"

Source: Dinar Chronicles

A. Nov. 13 2017 8:48 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 13, 2017

1. The fund release process has begun per authorization of the Chinese Elders.

2. Reno, Hong Kong and all Banking and Call Center personnel have been told to report in and wait for final authorization from the Chinese Elders.

3. The System is glitch free and protected from any Cabal cyber attacks.

4. The 800#s are to be released once the Chinese Elders give the final authorization.

5. The Republic is currently moving into position for the transition.

6. The Emergency Broadcast System will go off disclosing the 894-plus sealed indictments that have been filed in Federal Court.

7. The sealed indictments will then be put into effect by Provost Marshals with the aid of the Military.

8. The mini-gun is already spinning, ready to fire. The Chinese Elders just have to pull the trigger.

B. Nov. 13 2017 3:55 pm EST Intel, Fisher: "Current Intel" - Fisher Update 11-13-17

1. The US started funding (for exchanges) at 10am EST today Nov. 13.

2. They were already funding SKRS overseas.

3. We were at an any min. for notice of the 800#s.

4. The Admiral's Paymaster was paying him out today Nov. 13.

5. The Zim street rate was $7.00 today Nov. 13.

6. We were hearing that our turn is NOW, it was a go, though subject to change based on tactical issues.

C. Nov. 13 2017 12:26 am EST Intel Update, Yosef: "Comet" - Yosef Intel Update via Jeff - 11.12.17

1. Trump would be absorbing global attention and bad press around GESARA changes until the timing was right to release the biggest event in human financial history.

2. There's nothing special about this day. No announcements. No arrests. No breaking news. Interesting how that happened. Instead of chaos we get calm for the RV.

3. There were 250,000 banking staff and armed troops on high alert to process 5-7 million redeemers up to the Thanksgiving day holiday (10 days give or take to Nov. 23).

4. The RV would activate, release, occur, and conclude without fanfare. No one would know unless you tell them.

5. Everyone (on our sign up list) would be sent the 800#s.

6. Only 17,000 people were following the RV, globally out of 7.8 Billion. That's 0.00000218% of the human population who were mentally prepared to RV.

7. Maybe 1% of those were prepared to handle the ZIM values.

8. Saudi Arabia: Has been completely isolated and diplomatically abandoned by the entire Arab world, and now forced into fighting for scraps at the very end, mostly with Iran for dominance in the region, specially over Lebanon, which gives Saudi Arabia some shot at a port into the Mediterranean Sea, and of course Yemen, which gives them canal access through the Gulf of Aden into the Red Sea straight, as well as oil access out to the Indian Ocean.

9. Israel: Flying bombing missions along their boarders against Syrian/Iranian targets in an attempt to show territorial aggression with regard to their sovereign boarders. Netanyahu is a lame duck who has resigned, and the new administration is concerned that Iran will seep into the boarder areas of Syria and encroach on their sovereignty over time. The same way the European Zionists encroached on Palestine through immigration over decades. The Middle East Peace Settlement has long been reached, which will come out magically now as Trump begins his exit.

10. Trump did what he was asked to do, and the Elders are rewarding him with properties. Now he gets tossed out by Mueller, Pence pardons him and his family, and Donald walk away with major hotel properties all across Asia and in Moscow.

11. Dinarland: Many false flag artists were on the Internet. Many were not of the light and have been dealt with. Some have been discovered and flipped, or their pen names keep being written to cloud suspicion when necessary. There is no more intel.

12. The entire new financial system went active last night-morning of Nov. 13 in a seamless transition when the banks reconciled worldwide over to the new Hercules Quantum Satellite/Computing System, backed in gold bullion out of Shanghai.

13. All currencies were floating and freely trading at full capacity, including the TRN/USN combo. All restrictions were lifted, everywhere in the world.

14. They just waited until the Singles Day rush (Chinese Holiday on Sat. Nov. 11) to complete before squeezing in the RV before black Friday rolls out in the US. This was the optimal time frame all along.

15. There technically were no delays ever. Just a lot of pump fakes making it appear they were starting to catch more bad actors implanted in the existing system: 177 pump fakes to be exact in a two year span.

16. The 800#s would appear on websites, and be sent via email links. Those in the know would call and make appointments. Those who don't care, or don't know, would notice absolutely nothing. Word would spread quickly.

17. The threshold for belief in the RV was so slim, few would believe what they were being told. It wouldn't be until they get a first hand account of a redemption that they would set their own appointments at bank branches in the weeks that follow.

D. Nov. 13 2017 10:35 pm EST TNT Call RayRen98: TNT Showtime CC w/ RayRen98 Notes by Adept1 11-13-17

1. The bank folks were/are all on high expectation for something happening this week.

2. Some currency people are planning to go into the bank on Tues./Wed. Nov. 14, 15 to exchange their currencies and especially the dinar.

3. US banks are on alert for between now and Fri. Nov. 17.

E. Nov. 13 2017 10:09 am EST 842 Indictments, Hundreds of Mob Arrests, Fulford: "Khazarian Mob Takedown" - Fulford Report (Excerpt) - 11.13.17 Benjamin FulfordWhite Dragon Society

1. According to Pentagon, CIA and other sources there have been hundreds of arrests of politicians, generals and Saudi princes to follow up on the 842 sealed indictments against senior Khazarian gangsters in the U.S.

2. Pentagon sources sent photos showing Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator John McCain was "in custody wearing orthopedic boots to hide GPS ankle bracelet on their right leg."

3. Most politicians in Washington, D.C. have become very rich since joining politics, in ways that cannot be remotely justified by their salaries. This indicates most have been bribed, and why most are going to go to jail.

4. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has been deliberately acting senile in public recently in order to have a medical excuse to avoid arrest, NSA sources say.

5. These same NSA sources are now saying the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas on Oct. 1 was an attempt by mercenaries working for the G4S security company hired by George Bush Sr. to create a distraction in order to kill U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Sultan (MBS).

6. Trump and MBS were meeting in secret at the suites in the Mandalay Bay Hotel, owned by MBS, to discuss the mass arrest of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks, these sources say. Both Trump and MBS were evacuated safely.

7. Multiple sources confirmed that arrests have begun in a way that can no longer be denied by the corporate media propaganda.

8. Trump had a secret meeting in Vietnam with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. President Jokowi [of Indonesia] was there as well (as a representative of the Soekarno M1 gold holdings).

9. Trump was informed that next month, Putin and/or the Russian Central Bank will...(Full report will be posted midnight Thursday. ~ Dinar Chronicles)

F. Nov. 13 2017 9:53 am EST Update, TNT RayRen98: Weekend Update from TNT RayRen98 11-12-17

1. Today Nov. 13 Iraqi TV was informing its viewers that within hours the town of Rawa would be liberated.

2. Baghdad was preparing itself for the largest celebration of TOTAL liberation of ISIS from the country of Iraq. Platforms are again being created with music and fireworks in the plans making this the most significant event on record.

G. Nov. 13 2017 8:02 pm EST News, Dionysius: "Breaking News Monday" by Lucinda Dionysius - 11.13.17

1. Today Nov. 13 the Deep State Sunni Muslim Nation (includes Sunni Muslims in all countries) have surrendered unconditionally to Iran, Russia, Trump and the Shiite Nation.

2. This was purported by many to have been caused by a nuclear detonation by Iran. Iran had the capacity to quickly end the escalating threats by the Deep State to start WWIII.

3. The U.S. Congress would surrender as well if they haven't already.

4. Iran had a highly advanced world-wide network of operatives poised to strike at Deep State culprits in a moments notice no matter where they were. The Iranian Supreme Leader has command over all the Shiite Muslims combatants in the Middle East and beyond. Plus the backing by Russia, China, and Trump.

5. The Deep State took it as a dire warning and surrendered. It was followed by several shocking confessions, mainly from Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, the embodiment of the Saudi Sunni Deep State mafia. He revealed that he funded Paddock's gun running operations and orchestrated the Las Vegas shooting attack carried out by numerous elite Saudi snipers, with the help of the Bush Sr. Crime family and the CIA.

H. Nov. 13 2017 8:26 pm EST Intel: Tracy Beanz - /pol/ Q Clearance Anon Insider Intel: Part 6

I. Mueller Files 294 Sealed Indictments Against Elite Pedophile Ring Members: - (account suspended)


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