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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dianne Robbins: Trees Are Your Inbreath

Trees are Your Inbreath

from Dianne Robbins

Greetings. We are the Tree People, standing watch over you as you type our message.

We sing to you of times to come when the whole Earth's surface will be free of tyranny, and when our people will be able to stand in freedom along with yours, without the fear of being trampled, burned or cut down.

We know that you, too, are in need of space to live on, just as we need more space for our communities to spread our roots and branches out in, for we, too, are cramped in our living space as more and more of us are being cut down to make room for your malls and housing projects and grazing lands. We are also ripped out of the ground so that miners can mine the minerals in the Earth, with no regard to our habitats. Yes, we Trees have habitats also. The land is our habitat, and we don't like to be encroached upon either, or cut down to get us out of your way so that you can drill into the Earth's body to remove her life sustenance.

There is no difference between us and other life forms. We all need our own habitats to live in, and without enough space and protection we cannot thrive. We live in trepidation of being harmed and maimed and cut down just as other life forms feel when their habitats are threatened and are purposely destroyed so that humans can spread out without any regard for others who also share our great Earth's body.

This is a travesty of Nature. But humans are waking up and realizing that all of Nature is part of Creation, and all of Nature means all of you, too. There is no separation between any of us. This will become more and more apparent to the masses as your governments continue to destroy the very home you live on. You will finally be able to make the connection between the Earth's well-being and your well-being. You cannot live without us.

We give you the oxygen to breathe and you give us the carbon dioxide we need to breathe—it is a complete cycle of living energy—we are your inbreath, and your outbreath gives us our inbreath—if one of us becomes extinct, the other immediately follows. This is the cycle of life that all are dependent on. We all need each other to live, and you are just now discovering this dependency. All species are part of this great life cycle, and all are needed to keep it perfectly functioning. It is the great rhythm of life that we all carry out together. Every single species, every single plant, every stone contributes to the overall plan of Creation, and without each and every one of us, life will eventually collapse, as part of the biosphere collapses each time a species is lost through extinction due to mankind's wars and intrusions into our sacred habitats.

Do you understand this? Now, you ask, "What can I, one person, do?" Well, we will give you the answer. You can stop stepping on flowers when you walk, or picking them for your tables. You can revere the beauty of the landscape instead of destroying it. You can protect our habitats by standing by our side when your bulldozers come to our home to cut us down. You can stand up to them, just as you would stand up to protect your children if harm were coming their way or if someone were coming into your house to take them away. We are your family too—do you not remember this? We remind you that all life is part of the Great Family of Creation, and we are all related in ways you cannot yet imagine. We are related through the great life force of the Creator—we are related through our Souls! Yes, our souls are all One Soul, just dressed in different clothing so that we can complete the circle of life necessary for life to thrive on Earth. We each give and take from each other, so that we all have all that we need. But we don't take each other's lives. We just exchange our gifts of life that we are born with in order to sustain each other. It is the circle of life and you are part of it, not separate from it.

So join with us now, before it is too late. Together we are one great bastion of strength, and our unity is a barrier that cannot be penetrated. We are the Light, and together we can outshine the darkness. But we must stand together, and not let anyone or anything divide us.

You keep your family together don't you? You don't let anyone remove your children from your home, do you? Well, we are your family, so don't let anyone remove us from our home—which is this whole Earth. None of us should be removed from any of our homes for any reason. Wherever we are planted is our home—whether it is in a house, a forest or in the Ocean. This is our home, and trespassing is not part of the Divine Plan of Creation.

We Trees don't come into your houses and take your children do we? Well, don't come into our communities and take us for firewood. There is abundant free energy everywhere that is just waiting to be tapped. You don't need our bodies to light your fires, and we certainly don't need your bodies to give us warmth. We provide our own. In fact, the Earth provides all that we could ever need for our growth and comfort, except for the carbon dioxide you breathe to us.

The same applies to you. Your bodies were originally equipped with all the internal lmechanisms you need to keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. But you lost this mechanism of innate internal regulation as you became more and more used to your city living instead of living on the land out in Nature. You lost your connection to Nature, which is your connection to yourself. Your bodies were meant to self-regulate your internal temperature to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, so that you could live outdoors all year long. Do you know this? The book series "The Ringing Cedar Series" is a living example of what we are talking about. (Book 1 is Anastasia by Vladimir Megre, Ringing Cedars Press,

God, in all his perfection, also made you in all your perfection, but your ways of living have detracted from your perfection and your DNA has been tampered with by the dark forces who have been trying to control your evolution and slow it down to a snail's pace.

Knowing who you are is crucial to your evolution and to your rise in consciousness. Once you know who you are, you become a force that no-one will meddle with, for you then stand in the power of your great I AM PRESENCE.

All life forms on Earth are beckoning you to join with them as One Mighty Force of Creation—capable of overcoming all that is not of the Light. So join with us now, before it is too late.

We are the Tree People. Good day.

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