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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Joe Arpaio Led to the Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

Joe Arpaio Is the “Deep Throat” That’s Led to Deep State Indictments for Trafficking

Source: The Common Sense Show

The famous Arizona sheriff known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff”, Joe Arpaio, was well-known for his hard-nosed stance against immigration lawbreakers and his tent-based jails. Arpaio and loyalists within the Federal government worked hand-in-hand to curb illegal immigration, while being opposed by the forces of George Soros and the Obama administration. These forces were trying to stop Arpaio efforts at stemming the tide of human trafficking in Arizona, which has earned Arpaio both staunch enemies and allies.

Arpaio vs. Holder and Obama

Former Maricopa Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, has been at war with the Department of Justice for years. This former DEA agent understands the “ins and the outs” of gun-running, drug dealing and child-sex-trafficking as it relates to the former Obama administration.

As the Sheriff of Maricopa County, he was privy to the illegal activites of the Mexican cartels, associated terror groups and key members of the Obama administration who either sanctioned or purposely turned a blind eye to these heinous practices. When Arpaio refused to capitulate and go along to get along, he was targeted.

Arpaio vs. the DOJ and the Drug Cartels

Please allow this writer to remind the readers that under Obama and then Attorney General Eric Holder, that the Fast Furious gun running operation which placed American guns in the hands of the drug cartels in order to blame the Second Amendment for the violence coming to America, that it has already been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Obama and Holder broke the law and Fast and Furious is absolutely proven to be true. As a by-product of this illegal activity in which Holder’s DOJ shipped guns to the cartels, Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry was murdered with one of these guns. Eric Holder was made to answer for these crimes in front Congress and he refused to answer questions and turn over key documents related to the operation and he was found guilty of Contempt of Congress.

From Politico:

“The House has voted to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over his failure to turn over documents related to the Fast and Furious scandal, the first time Congress has taken such a dramatic move against a sitting Cabinet official.

The vote was 255-67, with 17 Democrats voting in support of a criminal contempt resolution, which authorizes Republicans leaders to seek criminal charges against Holder. This Democratic support came despite a round of behind-the-scenes lobbying by senior White House and Justice officials – as well as pressure from party leaders – to support Holder.”

The drug cartels that received the guns, courtesy of Holder’s DOJ, used these guns to support their own gun-running, drug trafficking as well as human smuggling, which included children. Further, since it has been conclusively established fact that the drug cartels are in bed with known terrorist groups (eg The Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS), the DOJ, under Holder was also partnered with terrorist groups who have brought drugs, guns and child-sex-trafficking victims and murder to the United States. When Holder was cornered by Congress, he refused to cooperate and was found in contempt. One may wonder why Holder was not jailed? Corruption would be the short answer as an Obama appointee federal judge declined a House committee’s bid to have Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt of court — and perhaps even jailed — for failing to turn over documents related to the Justice Department’ s response to Operation Fast and Furious. In other words, Congress wanted to jail Holder, but a corrupt Federal judge blocked the effort. Holder’s alleged crimes would have included the following:

Accomplice to the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Accomplice in drug-trafficking, drug-dealing and child-sex-trafficking by associated cartels who were in possession of Fast and Furious obtained and distributed guns.

Treason for his support for various terrorist groups as a by-product of his direct aid and comfort to the cartels.

Malfeasance of office.

Why the History Lesson?

One might be wondering why am I reporting on historical events? At the center of Fast and Furious was the support and evidence provided to Congress by Sheriff Arpaio who publicly criticized Holder for among other things, how he handled Operation Fast and Furious, and for not being a supporter of peace officers. But behind the scenes, Arpaio was doing much more as he had his investigators accumulate evidence against Holder that made its way to Congress as they were investigating the Attorney General. I have been asked by an unspecified number of Maricopa County Sheriff’s personnel, both present and past, to call attention to Sheriff Joe’s attempts to bring down Eric Holder and his illegal activites that plagued all border states including Arizona. These sources claim that Arpaio has been directly feeding President Trump information which has led to the secret indictments that Q-anon is speaking of and now Liz Crokin is reporting on.

Remember, Arpaio was former DEA, so in addition to his duties as Sheriff, and his unavoidable contact with apprended cartel members who were illegally in the country, he would have had the contacts to take him to dark side of this activity through his DEA contacts. This report may be the first report in which Sheriff Joe is publicly given credit for his role in putting Holder out to pasture as he was replaced as AG by Loretta Lynch. Joe Arpaio has never been given the credit he deserves and I want to stress, Arpaio did not request that I write this piece.

Arpaio Paid a Heavy Price for Upholding the Law

Arpaio was branded as a racist by the MSM. Arpaio is no racist. All one had to do to discredit this fake news allegation was to look at the racial and gender composition of his adminstration. However, after it became known by Obama that Arpaio was the leak that brought down Holder and almost brought down Obama himself, Obama went after Apraio with a vengeance.

The fake news media would have you believe that Arpaio spent every waking moment of every day thinking of ways to bust Mexican nationals and send them back home. Subsequently, Arpaio was working in conjunction with ICE and was doing his job when he arrested illegal aliens. However, Arpaio was not looking people who wanted to wait on our tables and landscape our yards, he was looking for affiliated personnel to the trafficking of the drug cartels. He was obsessed with stopping human trafficking, drug dealing and gun running. The cartels were threatening to turn Arizona into a cess pool of organized criminality. Phoenix, a defacto sanctuary city under rogue mayor, Greg Stanton, provides sanctuary for some of America’s most hardened criminals. Many of these criminals include cartel members who engage in the previously mentioned criminal activities.

For Arpaio’s efforts, he was attacked by the Obama administration.

From the ultra liberal, Huffington Post:

“Most notably, the Arizona legislature passed a state law a couple of years ago that allows immigrants who are willingly trafficked into the country to be charged as co-conspirators of human trafficking. Arpaio was defiant Sunday night on local conservative radio station KTAR, “I’m going to tell you something, Jay,” he said to Lawrence. “I don’t need the feds to do my crime suppression to opt to arrest illegals. I can do it without the federal authority, and I’m going to continue to do it. It makes no difference. It helps us. Because I don’t have to do all the paperwork for the feds, number one. And number two, I won’t be under their umbrella, their guidance. So I will operate the same way, nothing is going to change.” He added later in the show, “They just don’t want me, I’m the poster boy.”

Shortly after this interview, Arpaio was removed as being a certified ICE enforcer as the Obama administration tried to strip him of his ability to arrest illegal aliens that may have some role in trafficking (drugs, guns and kids). This was a deliberate move by the Obama administration to keep Arpaio from interfering with their trafficking operations being run through the DOJ and Eric Holder.

The Deep State, in support of Obama and Holder, began to propagandize Arpaio’s efforts to stop trafficking of all types by branding him a racist. When Arpaio would not stop, he was charged with contempt of court by the Federal government.

As an aside, America needs to immigration to support its pathetic 1.8 birth rate in order to maintain our social programs (eg medicare and social security). Mexico and the rest of Central America is as good of a place to find good people to come to our country. However, we do not need criminals crossing our borders and there needs to be a vetting process that comes with immigration.


When I began writing about the fact that McCain and Hillary suddenly were wearing walking boots on the same day and the explanations for doing so were very suspect, I was contacted by a former Maricopa County Sheriffs personnel (MCSO) and was told that Arpaio had been feeding information directly to the White House on the criminal activities as it pertained to the Fast and Furious case and Obama’s link to the cartels and their allies in various terrorist organizations. These informants stated that the walking boots were likely concealing ankle bracelets given to indicted suspects. Interestingly, McCains boot changed feet!

Since I have been writing about the sealed indictments against various Deep State puppets more MCSO personnel have given me bits and pieces of this story. When candidate Trump would visit Arizona, Arpaio was his constant companion. When Sheriff Joe faced prison time, President Trump pardoned him. There is much more to this story and it will be told in tomorrow’s next installment in this series. Also, the exposure of Obama’s fake birth certificate will be revealed as it was Arpaio that revealed that as well.

There is one more aspect that these revelations about Arpaio will expose and that is the fact that the Deep State does intend on using FEMA camps for all the intended purposes. That and more will be covered in tomorrow’s article.

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