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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Montagraph Asks Who’s at Gitmo?

Who’s at Gitmo? Montagraph Asks [video]

DECEMBER 30, 2017

Source: Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Montagraph is a smart guy, and doesn’t hesitate to explain why he feels the way he does, but is he correct?

There are two ways to look at the current situation; the traditional way, using logic pertaining to the Constitution, American laws, humane practices, etc., and non-traditional ways that actually apply to this extraordinary situation we now find ourselves in.

I understand what Monty is saying, but does that apply here? Who are the enemies? We are fighting for our lives and the survival of a race; an entire planet. What happens now determines our fate. This is so much more to this than just arresting a few corrupt politicians. We are led to believe that cabal members from across the planet are being flown in to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Therefore they would not all be American citizens. This is not normal.

The creatures we believe we’re rounding up showed no mercy or care for sentient life and were in the process of exterminating us. They have been for decades. Most just didn’t realize it.

While we are not going to treat them as they have treated us, I think whomever it was recently who reminded us that they need to be incarcerated for their own protection had a valid point—not to mention that multiple Illuminati factions are even warring amongst themselves. We have seen the “extra-judicial killings” as Fulford put it.

If the cabal members the military are rounding up are going to be around to stand trial, I would say it’s in our and their best interests to put them in a—shall we say, “witness protection program” so they remain safe; for their own good until they’re able to go to trial and see their fate decided in a court under the jurisdiction of the Law of the Land or Universal Law—not their corrupt Admiralty Law.

Let’s face it. We are not talking about your common, everyday Human criminal here. Most of these “people” are psychopaths, mind-controlled sociopaths, parasites, pedophiles, who literally torture and prey upon Humans—particularly our children. When the bulk of Humans on the planet learn of the cabal’s misdeeds, some will be out for blood. Let’s not forget that prison inmates have killed their neighbours before for much less provocation, and Americans still have their guns.

We’ve been told in the past that many of the worst bad-ass entities have already been removed from the planet so they could not harm us as we take control of the cleansing and purging for ourselves. Is THAT common practice? No. It’s extraordinary measures under extraordinary circumstances.

We’re also told the advanced benevolent galactic entities overseeing this process decided they needed to level the playing field or we’d wind up with another Atlantis on our hands or the total annihilation of Earth. It wouldn’t be the first time a planet was blown to smithereens.

We have to do this ourselves as much as possible. Could we have done it without the help of our galactic families? No. We would already have perished or become AI automatons or worse.

Now it’s our turn. As Col. Potter said… when you’re on the battlefield and the enemy is shooting at you, you don’t sit there doing an analysis—you shoot, and shoot to kill—or you’re toast and not around to help fight the battle. The battle would be lost very quickly if we pause—and the war, as well. The enemy has already shown they will not hesitate to take out millions of us in one swath if left to do that. They promised.

This isn’t traditional warfare. It’s Galactic warfare. These creatures and their minions are hated across the cosmos for eradicating other planets and civilizations. It ends here, and we will do whatever is necessary to accomplish that. The old civilized rules don’t apply. Universal Law applies, and we have free will as well as the will to survive and be free.

I’m no tactical wizard but I think it’s only prudent to strike first, strike fast, and with everything we’ve got, before they even realize what’s happening. We hear their underground bunkers have all or nearly all been destroyed so they can’t run for cover. Some are being tracked. Many are on no-fly lists and cannot escape wherever they are.

The NSA knows all. It just requires processing that data and that’s what the White Hats have done and can do at any time. Q tells the cabal they can see them and hear them breathing. There is NOWHERE to hide, and this is war in the 21st century.

Turning a commercial jet liner around is just not done. That’s extraordinary measures. Their ships have been shot down if they tried to escape Earth via a portal. That’s extraordinary measures.

They are trapped, and being systematically rounded up. Is holding them temporarily at Guantanamo Bay so terrible? An island is a good idea, methinks.

Is it possible the White Hats want us to believe they are at Gitmo, when in truth they are somewhere else? Of course. Why sweat the details? Do we really need to know where they are? They’re notfeasting on our children. I trust the patriots, positive military and White Hats to do what is necessary to quite literally save Humanity and our planet from the nasty aliens.

It’s unfortunate that much of our planet’s inhabitants have no idea what’s unfolding so it all has to be under wraps but that’s the reality and we have to work within those confines. As a result, most of US don’t know the details, either. It can be frustrating. Sounds like Monty’s frustrated.

What we DO know is, based on some very unusual activities this month, SOMETHING big is going down. We can theorize how it looks, and analyze the information we’re given, such as Trump’s Executive Orders. Trump is attacked relentlessly on the Internet and on television, so what does that tell you? He gets death threats. He’s someone’s big, bad enemy. He’s the face of the Resistance. Most of the Resistance remains unseen.

Will Trump be President long? For another term? Why even think about that now? There are much more important things unfolding and the promise of a new world, a FREE world, free of tyranny, disease, lack, and all things that detract from the beautiful life we were meant to enjoy. Everything could change in an instant because the plan has to be fluid.

What matters now, in my opinion, is trying to explain to the many people who woke up with a feisty cup o’ Q just what is happening and why. In general terms. The intrepid can look deeper if they choose.

If Sean at SGT Report is correct, only 4-6 per cent of Humanity is truly sound asleep and not cluing in at all to the situation in any shape or form. That’s much more optimistic than I’d even hoped but regardless, it’s something we can all work on.

The hard stuff has already been done. We’re being encouraged to grasp the coat tails of the real warriors—the ones on the front lines doing mountains of paperwork 20 hours a day to do this legally and file the indictments, the ones risking their lives to corral and detain the criminals, the ones who bravely show their faces to the world like Trump, Putin, and other statesmen, and the ones like the Bundys who fought the tyrannical system for years; the ones like LaVoy Finicum who gave their lives to shine the spotlight on it all and bring it to a head, putting it in terms most could understand.

Many bloggers, vloggers and people with radio shows have been attacked, yet they persevere if at all possible. We know as much as we’re given and do plenty of conjecture, but I don’t think we need to know it all. It just isn’t safe.

We can watch what is happening, or what we BELIEVE is happening, and enjoy the show. Let’s hope the worst is over.

Thanks to the Internet, we probably know more than civilians ever knew in the previous wars. There is a plan. A brilliant plan. This is the second American Revolution—2017 style—but it is also freeing the World. Let’s be safe and supportive and live to tell the tale, remembering that disinformation is necessary. Q said that.

Aren’t you glad I don’t make videos? They’d go on forever as one thought leads to another, and another, and another and… ~ BP

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