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Saturday, January 6, 2018

An Open Letter to those in Charge by Rick Martin Cortright


CIA Director Mike Pompey
DIA Director Robert Ashley, Jr.
DAARP Director Steven H. Walker
JPL Director Michael M. Watkins
RAND Corporation Director Michael H. Rich
General Dyamics Corporation Director Nicholas D. Chabraja
Lockheed/Martin Director Ilene Gordon
Director of the Secret Space Program Alliance
General Dunford, Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Steven Greer, M D,
David Wilcock
Corey Goode
Director of Cosmic Disclosure TV
Scott Werner, M.D.
Reno Representatives for the New Republic
Sphere Being Alliance (and Blue Avians)
Earth Defence Force

Respective Representatives:

The Red Pill is a hard pill to swallow, but your time for it has now come.

Consider this message as truth to power.

First, let me acknowledge your service. Thank you.

Second, let me say that you have been found lacking.

I, Rick Martin Cortright, speaking on behalf of not only We The People of these United States of America, but for We The People of Planet Earth, may I Say the following to you. Take heed.

You have, by the grace of Dark Project funding, extreme extralegal compartmentalizations, obtained untold corporate wealth to the tune of not millions, not billions, not even trillions, but rather quintions of dollars! OK, good for you. Well done. But for every action, surely you know by now there will be an opposite and equal reaction, and that time is now.

We have reached an historic, intergalactic threshold and, indeed, crossroads. And you happen to be in the galactic and karmic crosshairs.

What say I? Just this. To fully and unconditionally release technology withheld by you to the people of planet Earth Now!

You have prospered beyond your wildest imagining. It is time to reflect on your holographic and intergalactic karmic record.

What am I asking? Simple. Release three things now, open source, to the people of Planet Earth.

These are:

The technology, funding, and actual production of Med Beds.
Release the technology, funding, and actual production of free energy.
Release the technology, funding, and actual production of Relicators.

Why should we waste countless time and resources reinventing the wheel with precious Dragon, Matrix, and Germaine Trust funds when it has already been done by you, and you have obtained those clandestine rewards?

On behalf of the People of Planet Earth, and on behalf of We The People of these United States of America, I am not asking. I am DEMANDING that you do this now.

Why, say you, should we do this? Because we are at an historic crossroads right now. You have made zillions. No sweat off your back to throw these breadcrumbs to the masses. Why? Because you could be heros.

Post Script:

To those so called patriots in hiding in Reno, Nevada. If you think you represent our New Republic but continue to operate from the shadows, think again. You are cowards. Step into the light of day if ye be worth you salt! And yes, reread that, I really said it.

In Service To God All Might and In service to the Republic I love.

Rick Martin Cortright

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