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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

George Paul Molson's Antigravity Hypothesis #222

Antigravity Hypothesis #222

“Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and live righteously and all things shall be added”

This document is an explanation of the insight I have made regarding what I believe to be the correct way of producing Antigravity if enough faith and other-worldly power is in our possession and explains why I believe it to be correct.

The insight came to me when reading Engineer through the looking glass, as the authors’ experiments on gyroscopics provided the basis for my hypothesis and his videos the very evidence for why it should work. The author, Professor Eric Laithwaite, was in search of and in faith of a principle whereby a 1-way force could be created using gyroscopes, and identified the most critical component to making the technology work which he identified as the “Jabberwock” - the connection and contradictions between different fields in science such as psychology and physics. I still regard him as the most significant pioneer in this nascent field, and I am here to finish what he started.

The solution is as follows:

If a gyroscopic wheel is attached to a shaft that allows it to pivot around a center point with a joint, if exposed to a gravitational force downwards it will attempt to make a precession around the center. The stronger the gravity or downward pull on the disk the faster it will attempt to process. The reason for this is that the gyroscope wants to maintain a constant elevation in real space and if allowed to process it will create an upward lift equal to the gravity or downward force in order to maintain its current path. A precession is the path of least resistance for it to maintain its albeit angular trajectory. If the gyroscope is not permitted to process it will fall at the downward rate determined conventionally in consistency with Newtonian principles.

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