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Friday, January 5, 2018

It's High Time President Trump Weighed in on Marijuana Legalization

It's High Time President Trump Weighed In On Marijuana Legalization

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay

"It's not funny... Good people don't smoke Marijuana" Jeff Sessions - Attorney General and Drug War Dinosaur

"In terms of Marijuana legalization, I think that it should be a state issue, state by state" - Candidate Donald Trump to a rally in Reno in 2015.

"Marijuana is such a big thing, I think medical Marijuana legalization should happen right? Don't we agree? I think so. And then it really should be left up to the states"- Candidate Donald Trump pandering to Nevada voters who would soon approve Marijuana legalization for recreational and medical use.

It was on the campaign trail on October 15th, 2015 at a rally in Nevada when Donald Trump rolled out what the Trump faithful and the Marxist left alike assumed would be his administration's policy on states with legalized medical and recreational Marijuana. The Washington Post reported at the time that Trump had softened his tone on Marijuana legalization saying at the rally that "states should be allowed to legalize Marijuana if they choose to do so". Trump also reaffirmed that he supports making medical Marijuana available to those who could benefit from its use.

As far back as 1990 Trump was calling the "War on Drugs" a complete failure saying, "The United States should legalize drugs and use the money to educate the public on the dangers of drug use". The Sarasota Herald Tribune reported in April of 1990 Trump was quoted saying, "You have to legalize drugs. You have to to take the profit away from these drug czars."

In light of Jeff Sessions' announcement this week of his plans to rescind the "Cole Memo", the Obama era policy instructing federal prosecutors not to charge Marijuana-related offenses in states where the drug is legal, I believe it is high time Trump goes on the record and let the people who voted for him know if he still believes in states' rights on this issue.

Under Sessions' new guidelines prosecutors themselves will be able to decide the degree which federal Marijuana laws are enforced, according to an Associated Press report. These new guidelines, put in place by an Attorney General that doesn't believe that Marijuana has any medicinal value, could put existing businesses and programs in legal jeopardy.

Sessions' long time documented ties to the tobacco industry, big Pharma and the private prison industry should give everyone a clue as to why Sessions has an obsession with criminalizing Pot. Two of Sessions' former Senate aides David Stewart and Ryan Robichaux now work for GEO Group, one of the largest private prison operations in the country. The two were hired specifically to lobby for government contracts which should come in abundance now that Jeff Sessions has brought private prisons back into play on the federal level.

What may appear to some as a principled moral decision by Sessions, others see these acts as payback to the big corporations whose bidding he has done his entire criminal career. This is a man who should be much too busy conducting investigations into the massive corruption and conspiracy scandal involving the Obama administration that is poised to rock this country. Instead, he has been obstructing the investigation from the start.

Sessions' State Department and the FBI, also under his jurisdiction, are withholding documents from Congressional investigators that are vital to the investigation. Why? Does the will of the people mean nothing to Jeff Sessions? In a recent poll in Sessions' home state of Alabama over 90% of those polled support medical Marijuana.

These numbers in Alabama are indicative of the support for medical Marijuana nationwide. Sessions has proven himself to be ignorant and embarrassingly uninformed on the medical efficacy of Cannabis Oil. Is this the person who should decide what is best for the health and well being of over 300 million people? I think not.

Enough is enough. The American people need to hear why Trump would support Sessions' criminalization of Marijuana, an issue the American people are supportive and passionate about. Is this another campaign promise he never meant to keep? Why is Trump allowing Sessions to obstruct the investigation into Hillary Clinton, the Russians and the cover-up of the Clinton Foundations numerous crimes including money laundering?

Democrat claims that this has already been investigated are nonsense. They only oversaw the cover-up. The real investigation is only now moving ahead in spite of Sessions' interference. It was just confirmed this week that the e-mails leaked by former FBI Director James Comey were classified. Just this week a number of Republican Congressmen called for Sessions' resignation.

The American public is sick and tired of these career politicians making fortunes on the backs of honest workers. They are tired of seeing these geriatric old criminals in the Congress and Senate who work part-time, treated like royalty and seeing their net worth quadruple after a couple of terms in office. There are some good people in Congress, but not enough to make a difference. They run good preople out quick. Anyone who is there past 15 years is not working for the American people. We need term limits and a mandatory retirement age of 70 tops. Most of all, right now we need Trump to tell us if he supports Sessions on his foolish quest to criminalize Marijuana.

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