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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Pine Cone deeper within Holy Spirituality: Before and After

Sadhguru on Karma and Memory

Last night when I fell down outside in the new Blizzard-snow at below 25 degrees zero wind chill, I lost control outside in my bathrobe, just to get my cell phone I had forgotten to bring in with me. My head was an inch from a concrete step and, even on a good surface I am the old person on that convalescent add about “Help me; I have fallen and I can’t get up”. Bare hands, and bare knees in the frozen tundra didn’t take priority over pushing against them to survive with all my strength to crawl up the back steps, and back safely inside warming up again.

Hundreds of old trauma memories swirled around inside me like a chocolate, and vanilla tornado getting mixed together deep inside my mind. What a wake up call for me to experience letting go of any control at all, over all my annihilation, and rape traumas, and especially all those terrifying death stares the Blue Pill Matrix winners use to censure my need to express how it feels living in this Dark paradigm?

Late night unpacking busy-work coping without remembering to pray, combined with sleeping in the morning again, without remembering to pray again, leaves me without some new vision experience to write about, either. Like an elastic band snapping me near so many traumas ganging up on me, I decided to look for the Light in the Darkness, as before I ‘after’ myself right back into the Light of Immortal Love Listening in gratitude.


Before forgiveness prayers, and unprepared without avoiding my negative feelings helps me cozy up to how I, really feel about a lifetime of cognitive dissonance, just to pretend to get along with all the losers like me, that try to act like winners, that want to teach others what they can’t yet do for themselves. It feels real crappy to lose my intuitive contact with Holy Spirit guidance and protection, and even worse not to, already know ONENESS Spirit Conscience is in charge of what comes out of me today.

I am NOTHING without interconnecting within Holy Spirituality, and I am NOTHING when I am interconnected with the Divine, but the difference is now, ‘before’, that I can feel bad about feeling bad, and I seem to want to remain in this Stockholm Syndrome sick-loyalty to other victims just like me, in ‘before mode’ today. Just admitting I am never, really in control, already Delights me, even before I begin my ‘after’ prayer/meditation devotions again.

I am being granted to see the World more clearly than usual, and believe me I have not even begun to scratch the denial-surface compared to how bad I feel about feeling this bad today before I pray. One thing strikes out for me, that if it weren’t for Patrick and, so many others like us around the World, where would any of us be if, all we had were our old family, and fused relationships that support all the Blue Pill locals, that haven’t fallen in the tundra, so, even I can actually feel, just how badly our Collective fear of separation Consciousness has imbedded denial in, all local-rabbits that won’t, even admit there is any deep Dark cannibal-rabid Satanic hole yet.

Here I go now to pray, and meditate my sorry-victim experiential-ass off…


A sort of Time-line with duality opposites at each end begins to bend in the middle as each end joins to form a circle, and this circle begins to spread around the surface with many time-lines to form a Sphere, where there are no good, and bad polar opposites, and there are no positive, and negative lifetime time-lines. The realer magic interconnects within all encompassing timelessness Inner Net Web-like fulfilling this sphere with no Time; no Body where Time turns into Light, and where Bodies turn into telepathic Effulgence Love Bonding Communion.

After many other intuitive inspirations of Delight Bonding Communion Effulgence, I realized it wasn’t just one Fall into the frozen reminder of Time, without Light, it was the last few months selling a house, and down sizing over 70 % of all my Time-oriented body-memory connected traumas that I have let go of, before moving without any more need to drag the past along with me this Time/Body. I was lit up like a Christmas tree, before I fell down into my Body-memory Time-suffering paradigm, so as Light, its it-less True Self, I actually experienced Light back into Time, with all the Body-trappings from ego=fear millennia of Bodies=Lifetimes.

Imagine my experience of many lifetimes, all at once. like “Incoming” as I feel into my Human War fox-hole of Karmic-separation hate-generating divisive-gender role-reversal Polar-opposite illusory lifetimes? I was in that instant many man-hate/woman-hate protection-projection malevolent lifetimes all, at once in such rapid-rabid down the rabbit-hole suck-session, that no Wonder I am able to, actually dare to write what’s really up with, and without Light of/from interconnecting within Trusting Immortal Love Effulgence Once-again?

Here I am NOTHING again inside the Sphere to EVERYTHING, with no idea anyone can be separate from The One

Before joins After:

Time turns into Light, and Light can turn back into Time

Bend the Time end around to join with Light-end, and a circle of Light appears to wash away any more need for Time, but Once many adjoining bodies transform Form into an interconnected Light Being Sphere, magical mystical musical Holy Spirituality turns every Karmic-body into Light, as EVERYTHING for~every~where turns into telepathic Effulgence Love Bonding Communion.

I remember Sadhaguru teasing someone about not remembering their Great Great Great Great Grandfather, yet this nose on my face is, all their body-memories and, so it is to carry the memory of, all Body/Time lifetimes in every life-plan cell of anybody, from here to Kingdom-come falling in the snow bank with me in a nameless symphony of Heaven-help-us, endless lost-control of all our tweets within me, already!

Moving physically can seem to stop Immortal Love Flux-flowing Effulgence within me, yet, prayer, and meditation can make, all ‘before and afters’ disappear in the Sphere-twinkling of an eye, again, any Body I want to make Time disappear(any nosy Time I want make Body-gossip disappear). Thousands of intuitive inspirations get reconciled so quickly, without Time in a Body, so I can, hardly wait for Tomorrow’s writing, as if, as if, as if…Body in a Time is, ever really real, as what we, two timer Body-opposites call ethereal.

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