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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Pine Cone within Holy Spirituality: Tell

The Real You - Alan Watts

Our best Satanic ‘tell’ that our separation divisive mean-spirited underlying motives in, just about every way we appear to constantly defend ourselves, means that when we defend ourselves, that we reveal how much we, actually are attacking ourselves, as if we suffer overwhelming Karmic guilt, and shame of our human lifetimes unrestrained gender-stains.

When I was Stockholm Syndrome-trapped with other intellectual barbarians in ACIM, that had, already been taken over by the Dark, I read, and then I could repeat, that ‘when we defend ourselves, that becomes our best tell, that we are, actually attacking ourselves’. Applying this idea after many examples proves this to be true, means we can, also try this subtle understanding on, just about every underlying 3D Blue Pill Matrix social-norm Satanic-accepted way we all remain sex-slave complicit.

Our Mother Earth female caricature defines best, what we can ‘tell’ about ‘defending is attacking’, yet we, never look with compassion, and understanding at any subtle level how much females suffer the worst immoral soul-battering of all. We, all must realize by now, that something really awful happens, so consistently to females to cause them to act like a prison gang in defense-mode to express their total victim-role demands for them to sell their Kind Spiritual Sovereign soul to Satanic-evil complicity?

We learn about family roles that when anyone in a family suffers as a victim, that no one in that same family can possibly live in a bubble of denial glamor, and this is true within our whole human family too. If females are the epitome of total victim caricatures, that consistently defend themselves(Attack themselves), then there isn’t one person alive that doesn’t suffer the same victimization, just by virtue of remaining part of unattractive female defensiveness/attacktiveness gone viral.

Our Human family has been quarantined from the whole Universe of higher Light Frequency vibration sentient beings, yet how can, only female self-hatred be the only attack-cause of our Satanic cannibalism defense? We all had a Mother, and we Earthlings call our despairing planet ‘Mother’ Earth, yet every child suffers the constant soul-battering from this female-victim caricature, that creates so much fear, that everyone one of us becomes full of Quantum expectations to have to defend/attack~co-create more sex-slave shame-quanta.

Let’s look under the physical-role deeper into the Satanic evil motives, that females suffer so much Soul violation? There isn’t one female of Mother Earth who escapes sex-slavery complicit Satanism, imbedded in every social-norm rape W-ar A-buse R-ape Usury-money motive to suffer the torture of soul-poverty, that runs rampart on Satanic Earth in Mother Earth Quarantine. No Earthling is free from this total denial consciousness, but women and children fuse together, as if our sorry precious female caricature is no less vulnerable than any Child sacrifice innocent dear.

What is the main motive ongoing in, all ego driven split-systems on Ex-father Earth, then, now, and progeny-promised? It’s impossible in a Satanic cult Earth paradigm to stop protecting children, yet the moment we transfer our own suffering onto another physical-role caricature, both roles become so fused that, just like Police protect, and project their own sex-abuse suffering onto the female population, who on Earth can enjoy one drip-pity drop of Kind Spiritual Sovereignty?

Cannibalism is, so brutal, for any human to remain connected to their Conscience, yet there isn’t one safe place left on Satanic Earth that isn’t completely corrupted to the bone with every Big Building compromised within, by defend/attack bureaucratic Satanic self-destructive homicidal/suicidal/genocidal motives, and all the while it’s our children, that suffer helplessly, as if cannibalism doesn’t bother anyone older, so nobody, really cares.

Does anyone, really doubt that female suffering doesn’t effect male Earthlings, as much as females effect our children too? Let’s see now if females are Mothers, and Quantum effect children Quanta with Primal-fear, and females partner with males a lot to, presumably survive Satanic cannibalism like little church-mice bubble-huddled in denial together, then who among us doesn’t suffer Primal-fear in family units, that also co-create the whole unrefrigerated human condition on Satanic-quarantined food-on-the-hoof Earth?

Our ‘tell’ is like all gambler’s tells, while the base underlying motive of any gambler is to annihilate themselves, and everyone else, close enough to annihilate too, via Quantum physical murder-tell Earth-hatred Science Mortality Physics. Funny thing about “Tell” is someone has to step up and Tell the Truth so we can stop defending ourselves, as if any of this preposterous malevolence is, really any benevolent human’s fault? I imagine Karmic divisive-gender role-reversal lifetimes purifies our motive to want to stop defending/attacking . . . . . ourselves, but now we are experiencing Ascension, that requires us to, actually feel what’s been going on in our inhumane Big Buildings-motif Satanic human-suffering-as-a-whole family?

I can see Love now, and I can Love now see?

Losers may be the ones who didn’t sell their soul yet, but at the, very forgiving least, maybe we can stop judging our worst sufferers, and see with enlightening compassion, how no one can exist in, any impossible-gender caricature-bubble of denial glamor?

Beast Tell Told Beauty

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