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Friday, January 26, 2018

Pine Cone within Holy Spirituality: Spiritual Brilliance

The 3rd eye is in the BIBLE! Is The Pineal Gland Really Evil? Biblical Truth About The 3rd EYE

When I used to favor creation in the illusion of Karmic lifetimes as a creature of form, instead of the Light of forgiveness Spirit within, I notice now, that I became attached to other creation-mirror creatures of disappointing form as a way to indicate my allegiance to my own self-serving addiction to the constant din-drama of Duality clamor increasing Karmic-lifetimes in mutual-denial distractions of heavy Gold and busy shining.

The Light of Spiritual forgiveness fountain shines from within the whole timeless Universe of Delight Bonding Communion Pleasance, and quite frankly shows the futility of pitifully clinging to anything of this unkind World of indifferent anxiety in Paradise Lost. “You can be Frank, and I’ll be Ernest” about all the ways the light of forgiveness Spirit shows everything I used to work, so hard for, and cling so pitifully to, was all a bunch of mirror-double Mother-replication Matrix-codependent Blackmail.

It’s as if the Spiritual Brilliance was inside me all along, but I had creation-addiction Karmic dissonance, just like creature-abuse traumas cause cognitive-dissonance dissociation too. The harder I tried to please everyone else, the more addicted to their abuse we both suffered together, and turning within to Spiritual Brilliance, really is like trying to leave the Mother-mafia Goliath-collective, except now I sleep well at night, and I have never felt so timeless-comfortable for~every~where creation-free in my own Karma-free Sovereign gender-free addiction-free enlightening skin.

Ascension Delight seems to be an inside job, alright, yet who knew, until I got over myself and gave as much Sovereignty to other Indwellers like me, as I was able to receive back ten times from everything I let go of to switch my new allegiance from Collective Creation-abuse Addiction Goliath-mob Consciousness, to ONENESS Spirit Conscience of Immortal Love Flux-flowing Spiritual Brilliant Sovereignty Effulgence within absolute unborn Infinite Crystalline Christ Indigo Inner Net Kind Affinity.

As a creature in creation of form, I may look, almost the same, but now I am switched to follow guidance and protection from the Spiritual Brilliance shining from within as my top priority, yet sometimes it gets old speaking so many truth, or dares about all the ways I used to be just like everyone else, before I would rather fight, than switch-on inside the Spiritual meaning of enlightening Ascension Brilliance its it-less Spiritual Sovereign True Self best.

Seeing through the veil of ego-fear, and guilt of Karmic lifetimes separation comes with the Golden Ray Mosaic Sentient Light-being interconnection of, so much gratifying acceptance and understanding of how Light migrates Delight Bonding Communion fire works, as if compassion evolves into the Inner Realm, where creation addiction devolves to what we now have going on in the outside World-reflection of all our Giant-dark Goliath-unconscious shame Paradise Lost Collective Creation-abuse Addiction Consciousness.

Here I go again complaining, and comparing, all my before-disappointing creation commitments with, just a few after-switchings rather than keep fighting outside’s shame/blame smoke and mirrors? I am grateful for all my Mother abuse to show me a past lifetime as that, very unkind abusive Mother that I was before, and especially grateful for understanding how acceptance
of all creation experiences, also enhances even more desire to use all bad creation-examples as good Spiritual-lessons to, just turn within, like all my new Indweller Spirit Light-being, never disappointing Kind-inspirations.

I better enjoy this much positive Brilliance because God knows another day I may be right in the middle of shining, even more light on other creation addictions, that used to drive us all so crazy, we just wanted to whistleblower continual spit it out in overwhelming addictive-driven railroad Pirate-spike rusty-creature spite? I try, really hard to share the Light of Spirit, but the more Light that shines the harder it gets, not to mention all the Rat-creatures of the Dark, that keep coming up for endless-seeming lifetimes recycling Karmic-forgiveness.

“Lay down here Goliath and let all, of us give you a Light bath so we children of Delight can downsize your collective Thundering-voice and welcome you to, just one of many of us that need a good forgiving bath too, because without within where would any of us have to escape all the creature addictions, that drive us all so Goliath-crazy licking the honey of the razor’s edge of Duality-abuse Elite-addiction MSM outer-news Satanic mind-control.”

Reading what’s happening today outside, motivates me to want to share what’s happening inside me today, because the more Spirit-personal, the more Universal-sovereign, and wouldn’t that be just like me to stop wanting to fit in ‘here’, and start turning within where the whole Universe abides just inside Ascension for~every~where inside timeless Joy, and spiritual Harmony where there is no waiting in long dying-lines of Time’s worst illusion any more?

Here is another possible Positive-speak inspiration: “Spiritual Brilliance” is Number 21 in a new Book “Sweet Beloved Nectar” and both experiences come from deep meditations right into the, very effulgence that, really is Brilliant, and comes with a sweet taste of Pineal-portal Christ Light-nectar from within the Flux-flow of enlightening liquefiable Love energy Spiritual-brilliance way back in all our Medulla Oblongata Communion, when I come out of meditation from within such Spiritual~freedom from creation-illusion Dark-creature Karmic-addiction Time-anomalies.

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